Monday morning links and thoughts while waiting for a Boston writer to skewer Pedro in print. Who will it be first? Should there be odds laid on this? Second, I was shocked by the Sports Final poll last night that had 62% percent of responders saying the Boston Media was fair. The poll also had something like 13% that said the media was too positive. I’m curious about the sample size of that poll, and when it was held. Meanwhile, I’m running the same poll with the same options here, just see the results. Third, what’s with this media brotherhood, they cover each other, even when the other person works for their main competition. Two examples from last week, Shaughnessy essentially lifting a Johnny Unitas story from an AP feed and not acknowledging it, and Buckley, out and out stealing a story written just a couple days earlier in a smaller paper. (The Nomar story, taken from John Tomase, Eagle-Tribune) Neither of these episodes have gotten any kind of publicity. In fact, Shaughnessy and Buckley appeared together on Sports Final last night, to scratch each other’s back and defend their honor. I’m going to have more on this later. As a tease, let me just say my moles are saying that Tomase is ticked off at Buckley and plans to confront him about this…which is similar to the sentiments expressed by the AP writer, David Ginsburg. Says Ginsburg: “I wouldn’t expect someone as prominent as Shaughnessy to throw AP in his copy.” Shaughnessy and Buckley should lose the right to ever question an athlete’s effort…

Ron Borges continues to ride on the runner board of the Brady bandwagon. Shaughnessy subtly criticizes the fans for thinking too much of this Patriots team. Kevin Mannix is panicked. (Not a single mention of the Patriots missing their top two linebackers) After a very good article Saturday, Michael Gee reverts to form and submits the theory today that it would’ve been better for the Patriots had they lost yesterday. Jim Donaldson says a sign of a good team is winning despite a “lousy” defense. Game stories were filed by Tom Curran, Michael Felger, Nick Cafardo and Alan Greenberg. Troy Brown’s day was chronicled by Paul Kenyon, Michael Smith and Mark Murphy. Michael Felger’s notebook lists out the Patriot numerous injuries from yesterday, most minor. Over at the Globe, Cafardo’s notebook looks at the thin linebacking group. Michael O’Connor and Paul Harber focus in on David Patten’s somewhat overlooked day. Priest Holmes excellence was examined by Rich Thompson and Joe Burris. Ian Clark looks at Brady to Brown.

Gordon Edes says Pedro for Cy Young, Michael Silverman says Manny is well aware of the batting race. Jeff Horrigan’s notebook has Pedro giving props to Varitek, and Grady pushing for Urbina to return next year. Bob Hohler’s notebook is similar. Hohler’s game story has a tearful Baerga saying Pedro’s comeback this year is a miracle. David Heuschkel reviews Pedro’s day and year. Yesterday, Sean McAdam looked at potential GM candidates for the Red Sox. Saturday, Michael Gee had a good article about the tendency here to drive stars out of town and blame them totally for the Red Sox failures. My only criticism with it was that he directed it towards the fans, it would be better as a swipe at the media.

NESN has Red Sox/Orioles at 7:00. ABC has Rams/Buccaneers at 9:00.