Eddie and Jags were joined by Nick Cafardo for much of the program. Vin Baker was among the guests, and Baker reported that he is weighing in at 253 lbs right now, he said that’s the lightest he’s been in at least seven years. He’s been working with the coaches for the past month and a half. Tebuckey Jones’ name was raised by Cafardo as a past opponent of Vin’s on the basketball court. Jones claims to have stuffed Baker in a game. He still hasn’t even talked to Antoine or Paul. They’re due to be coming in soon and they’ll sit down and talk. He’s very excited and is here to win a championship. He’s already marked the date of the first Seattle game on the calendar. Ron Borges and Tim Fox were the co-hosts of the McDonough group. A hot first topic was the incident last night with the Royals’ coach getting attacked by a couple fans. Kansas City backup QB and Massachusetts native Todd Collins was a guest. Michael Felger and Fred Smerlas joined Glen Ordway for the Big Show, and thankfully, Patriots talk was hot. Will Bill Belichick attempt to establish the running game this weekend? Felger and Ordway feel that he will, and that he needs to do that to preserve the balance that the team has. Smerlas feels there isn’t an urgency to have to go out and do a certain thing like establish the run.

Dan Pompei writes about Tom Brady. Greg Garber gushes over “first ballot hall of famer” Drew Bledsoe. A number of Celtics-related chat transcripts, first Larry Bird, then Vin Baker, as well as Red Auerbach and also Chris Wallace. Michael Silverman files a Red Sox report and Michael Felger a Patriots report for The Sporting News. Mike Fine looks at the important thing about Manny…his bat. Eric McHugh tells us about the Patriots road ahead to win the division. From yesterday, Hector Longo looks at Post-Pats depression. Ian Clark looks at the Pats defensive preparation.