…and the beat goes on. Today it’s Gerry Callahan’s turn to say the Red Sox need to ship Nomar out of town. You’re a little late to jump on this bandwagon in print, Gerry. The premise isn’t really out of line, but why do this column, when it’s been all the rage the last few days anyway. Lazy. Just more fodder for the radio show perhaps? Callahan also takes a shot at Nomar with the “It doesn’t matter if he sends the official scorer a Vermont Teddy Bear each time he commits a borderline error” line. I thought we established that the incident with the official scorer never happened…Meanwhile, Michael Holley attempts to calm the masses calling for Grady Little’s head. Holley’s heart is in the right place, but he ignores some of the insane decisions that Little has made during games this year, and just focuses on Grady’s personal relationships with the players.

In an otherwise excellent story by Bob Hohler on the Cy Young race, he makes this comment: “Dustin Hermanson, who was Ugueth Urbina’s setup man during Martinez’s Cy Young season with the Expos in ’97, has watched the race between Lowe and Martinez develop.” A quick look at Hermanson’s stats on ESPN.com show that he made exactly 4 relief appearances (and 28 starts) in 1997. Don’t mean to pick on you, Bob, but c’mon…also from the “don’t check it just print it” school of journalism, Steve Buckley today writes that “The Eagles have not defeated Miami since, you guessed it, Flutie connected for his Miracle in Miami with Gerard Phelan in 1984, giving the Eagles a stunning day-after-Thanksgiving victory on national television. Flutie became such a pop icon that John Belushi parodied him one night on “Saturday Night Live.” As e-mailer Walter Roach points out, that would’ve been tough for Belushi to do in ’84, since he died in ’82. ( I think it was Joe Piscopo that did the skit Buckley’s thinking of. Rich Hall also did several Flutie parodies.)

Michael Silverman has Pedro wanting to stay long term, and Dustin Hermanson likely leaving after a short stay. Hohler’s notebook looks at offseason conditioning plans. Steven Krasner checks out Jason Varitek, and Bill Reynolds looks at the pressures of playing for the Red Sox.

Paul Kenyon examines the changes in Willie McGinest’s role over time. Michael Felger looks at the Pats new “sprinkler” offense. Wonder if Nick Cafardo could keep up with the O-Line on their Thursday night excursions? Felger’s notebook looks at Adrian Klemm and others, while Cafardo’s focuses on Jamal Anderson and injury updates. Rich Thompson has Adam Vinatieri reminiscing his missed kick against Kansas City a couple years back, as does Kenyon’s notebook, and also Alan Greenberg. Thompson also looks at the challenge of Tony Gonzalez. Meanwhile, Michael Gee says everyone in the NFL is throwing the ball these days. Leigh Montville makes his picks, and I.M. Bettor takes the points this weekend.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris both look at Brian Rolston.

Bill Griffith looks at Revolution (and soccer ambassador) Brad Feldman and raises the possibility of an all-NFL channel. Jim Baker has a preview of some of the Patriot-related stuff that will be on the various national pregame shows. Ol’ Bakes takes a couple shots at NESN’s post game shows, no surprise since they’re part of the Globe conglomerate. John Howell looks at John Madden’s early effect on Monday Night Football.

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