Bob Gamere Faces Child Porn Charges reports that former TV sportscaster and “Candlepins for Cash” host Bob Gamere has been arrested on charges of transporting and possessing child pornography.

The article states that Gamere “told the Globe a year ago that he was “semi-retired,” though he had been doing some announcing at Boston University track meets and was until recently calling horse races at the Brockton Fair.”

He also did a one-time fill in appearance on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan program.


Boston In The World Series

I came across a couple of pretty interesting photos that I thought I would pass along. These show crowds gathered around a high-tech “electric scoreboard” for the 1912 World Series between Boston and New York:

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Since the Washington Post was sponsoring this scoreboard, I’m assuming the photos are from D.C. Getting these type of “real time” updates must’ve been a thrilling experience for baseball fans of that era.

Come to think of think of it, this scoreboard doesn’t really look all that different from the online gamecasts that ESPN, CBS, Yahoo! and all the other online media outlets use today to pass along game information to those sitting in front of computers.

Would the crowds gathered together to watch in the streets back in 1912 be the equivalent of the Sons of Sam Horn message board?

Pats To Carry On Without Harrison

The Patriots officially placed Rodney Harrison on injured reserve yesterday, officially ending his 2008 season. To replace his spot on the roster, the team activated safety Antwain Spann from the practice squad. No move to bring a veteran such as John Lynch or Ty Law appears to be in the works.

On Patriots Daily, Tyler Carter looks at the return of the big play to Foxboro.

Mark Farinella has the Patriots players paying tribute to Harrison yesterday. David Brown has more from Harrison’s teammates on what he means to them. Christopher Price has the team trying to get used to life without Rodney. Shalise Manza Young says that Harrison is a mighty big loss to the team, both on and off the field. Rich Garven has the team already trying to move on and put Harrison’s injury in the past. Andy Vogt says that the injury to Harrison is no ordinary loss to the Patriots defense. Chris Kennedy has Brandon Meriweather sliding into the safety role left open by Harrison.

Meanwhile, the offensive backfield is dealing with its own set of injuries. Mike Reiss has this unit trying to carry on with Laurence Maroney out for the season and Sammy Morris’ status uncertain for this weekend. Karen Guregian reports that Tom Brady has had to have two more procedures on his knee to attempt to clean out infection from the ACL surgery. Robert Lee says that while the Patriots are battered, they’re not broken. Kerry J. Byrne on says that everything for the Patriots this season has been feast or famine. Glen Farley has Heath Evans talking about his personal commitment to his Heath Evans Foundation.

Kennedy’s notebook has Matt Cassel winning AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Broncos on Monday night.  Farinella’s notebook has more on Cassel’s AFC honor. Reiss’ notebook has more on the safety spot, where Meriweather will take over, but several players will need to fully fill Harrison’s role on the defense. Guregian’s notebook has more on the team trying to soldier on without Harrison. Young’s notebook looks at the suddenly red-hot Rams. Farley’s notebook has the focus now shifting to Meriweather at safety. Garven’s notebook has things looking grim for both Sammy Morris and Stephen Jackson of the Rams this weekend.


On the BSMW Full Court Press, Kevin Henkin says LeBron James needs to show Gabe Pruitt a little respect.

Paul Flannery assesses the point guard position for the Celtics, which has gone from being a question mark last season, to a strength this year. Mark Murphy has Eddie House more in control this season when he’s called on to run the point. Mike Fine has GM’s around the league picking the Lakers to beat the Celtics in the NBA finals this season. Frank Dell’Apa has more on the Lakers getting the love from the league GM’s.

Marc J. Spears looks at whether Larry Bird can bring the Pacers back to being a contender.

Michael Holley will be the new host of the weekly Celtics magazine shot on Comcast SportsNet.

Red Sox

Rob Bradford talks to Josh Beckett to find out just how much pain the Red Sox ace was in during the postseason. Michael Silverman has a postseason report card for the Sox. Tony Massarotti says that the Red Sox are not afraid to be bold, and looks at some moves they could make this offseason.  Joe McDonald has the Red Sox bringing back five of their coaches for next season.

Sean McAdam says that this season has proved that the Red Sox have a lot more than just the Yankees to worry about now. Ron Chimelis asserts that the Red Sox need to figure out what to do with Manny Delcarmen. Bob Halloran says that life has changed for Sox fans. Steve Buckley has Curt Schilling still talking to anyone who will listen.

Adam Kilgore has Scott Boras already going on the offensive and making the case for Jason Varitek, Boras states that he doesn’t feel that Varitek’s offensive woes are “anything that’s permanent.” Has he watched Varitek at all the last few seasons?

McAdam’s notebook has Luis Alicea out as first base coach for Terry Francona.


Matt Porter has Zdeno Chara working hard on his off day.  Stephen Harris says that the shootouts are the true hole in the Bruins game right now. Mike Loftus has a look at Manny Fernandez, who has split time with Tim Thomas in net thus far for the Bruins. Loftus’ notebook has the Bruins shoring up their defense in front of the net.

Book Review: Rebound! One of the books that has recently passed across my desk here at BSMW headquarters is Rebound: Basketball, Busing, Larry Bird and the Rebirth of Boston.

Written by Boston Herald writer Michael Connelly ( who also writes the daily Connelly’s Top Ten blog for the Herald website) the book parallels the struggles of a city in crisis during the tumultuous 1970’s with a once-great sports franchise in decline. Drawing upon his own experiences as a youth during that decade, Connelly presents a compelling social history of Boston.

With forced desegregation polarizing the city, the Celtics were in decline following their 1976 NBA championship over the Suns. Both the city and the team had histories of liberty, greatness and pride which were severely tested during the decade. The chapters alternate between events in the city, such as Judge Garrity’s 1974 decision on desegregation and the history of the Celtics through the years, and into their tough times in the late 1970’s. Tales of Red Auerbach talking to both the 76ers and Knicks about taking over those clubs because of his disgust with the owners of the Celtics are discussed.

Then, as Auerbach drafted Larry Bird and then maneuvered meddling owner John Y Brown out of town, the Celtics fortunes turned around. Events in the city, such as the senseless shooting of high school football player Darryl Williams rallied communities into taking action and galvanizing the city. When the Celtics won the 1981 championship, the team and city celebrated together, marking a change in both.

The book is due to be released on December 12th, but is available for pre order through (Click on the image of the book to be taken to the Amazon order page.)

Bruins Fall in 2nd Straight Shootout

For the second night in a row, the Bruins battled hard, only to fall in the shootout portion of overtime, this time 3-2 to the Buffalo Sabres.

Fluto Shinzawa has head coach Claude Julien happy with his club’s effort, but feeling as if he’s living the movie Groundhog DayStephen Harris says that the Bruins shouldn’t feel that badly about last night’s loss.

Shinzawa’s notebook has rookie Blake Wheeler still adjusting to his role. Harris’ notebook has Manny Fernandez continuing his upward trend in goal for the Bruins.


On Patriots Daily, Scott Benson has A Cautious Optimism about this team after Monday night.

So what was with the trashing of Matt Cassel yesterday on the Big Show? Yesterday’s script for the show must’ve included making sure to downplay and ridicule the quarterback’s performance in any way possible. We know the guy will never be Tom Brady, but give him some credit when he plays well, ok?

With the Patriots having played Monday night, Wednesday becomes report card day. Michael Felger offers up a uniformly positive report card while also asking what happened to the Broncos. Ian Clark has high marks all around for the Patriots. Even Ron Borges is hard pressed to find too many negatives from Monday night. Robert Lee says that the Patriots made a statement with their win over the Broncos. Ben Swasey looks at what a difference a week can make.

Christopher L. Gasper says that what could be Rodney Harrison’s final season in the NFL didn’t end on his own terms. Karen Guregian has the Patriots losing the Tom Brady of their defense with Harrison sidelined for the season with a torn quad. Mike Reiss looks at just what a huge part of the Patriots defense Harrison is and how the team will try to cover his loss. Hector Longo has the Patriots starting life without Rodney today. Rich Garven reports on the Patriots losing their defensive leader.

I’ll give you all you need to know about the column from Mark Farinella this morning:

Of course, the “In Bill We Trust” crowd will see this as just another example of the media whining and crying about how it gets no cooperation from the best coach in the league.

That’s because that’s exactly what your article this morning is, Mark.

Jim Donaldson would like the real Patriots to step forward. David Brown has a look at the dominant running game on Monday night. Lenny Megliola says that in this crazy season, the Patriots are as viable contenders as anyone else.

Guregian’s notebook has a look at the suddenly thin running back position. Lee’s notebook looks at the mounting injuries for the Patriots. Garven’s notebook says that BenJarvus Green-Ellis looks like a keeper.

Red Sox

Michael Silverman has Terry Francona and the Red Sox battling adversity this entire season. Adam Kilgore looks at just what a grind 2008 was for Francona. Bob Stern has more on the upcoming offseason for Francona, which includes back surgery and plenty of rest. Jeff Goldberg has more from the Red Sox skipper. Joe McDonald notes that the players weren’t the only battered ones at the end of the season.

John Tomase says that the Red Sox starters are fine, but that the club will still look to improve the rotation in the offseason. He also tosses out a few names that will be available. Steve Buckley says that the Sox better not trade Kevin Youkilis if they decided to bring in Mark Teixeira. It would be crazy to trade Youkilis, but I haven’t heard a single person suggest it. Most scenarios that have Teixeira coming here (including mine) involve keeping Youkilis.

Bill Doyle says that FOX can’t be happy with a Rays/Phillies World Series.

Shira Springer looks at the difficult job of baseball authenticators.

Silverman’s notebook has Francona explaining how he handled Jason Varitek in the postseason. Kilgore’s notebook looks at what the Red Sox would’ve done had they needed a closer in game 7.


Marc J. Spears has his NBA preview, with the Celtics trying to repeat, and many of the top contenders making moves in the offseason to try and catch up. Spears focuses in on the New Orleans Hornets, who many feel are ready to make the leap this season.

Mark Murphy looks at Leon Powe and Bill Walker as players who underwent multiple knee surgeries before even getting to the NBA.

We want to be sure to remember Harry Mangurian, who passed away on Sunday. Mangurian had been a part-owner of the team with John Y. Brown, and then bought the rest of the team from Brown after Red Auerbach threatened to leave for the Knicks if Brown didn’t sell his stake in the team. The team came back to glory and won the 1981 championship under Mangurian’s ownership.

Murphy’s notebook has the Celtics ready to get the season started for real. Frank Dell’Apa has Gabe Pruitt once again impressing in his time on the floor.

Will Leitch has his mailbag for

Pats Rout Broncos on MNF

Note: To those who expressed dismay or concern over the lack of a post yesterday, I had some family matters to take care of. Yes, it was the day after the Red Sox were eliminated, and some of you commented that you hold the site to a high standard, but I hope you can also understand that I run this site by myself, around a full-time job and sometimes I just can’t do as much as I would like here.

When I saw last night that the Patriots were wearing their dark jerseys at home rather than the white, and that Bill Belichick had on his familiar gray cut-off sweatshirt, for some reason I immediately felt better about their chances. When they forced a couple of early turnovers and converted them into field goals, I felt even better.

Last night was a badly needed win for the Patriots, who made the Denver Broncos look as bad as the Patriots themselves had looked last week against the Chargers. The only concerns coming out of last night’s game were the injuries. After piling up 138 yards in the first half, Sammy Morris didn’t come out for the second half. Ellis Hobbs left the game with an injury, and Rodney Harrison had to be carted off the field with a knee injury that even Bill Belichick said after the game “doesn’t look so good”, which to me spoke volumes and is about the most he’ll ever say about the severity of an injury.

Head on over to Patriots Daily, where Chris Warner has your first look at last night’s win.

Christopher L. Gasper has the Patriots bouncing back strong from their defeat in San Diego last week. Karen Guregian has the aforementioned injuries marring an otherwise great night for the Patriots. Shalise Manza Young has the Patriots having fun last night at Gillette. Mark Farinella looks at a reversal of form for the Patriots. Chris Kennedy has the Patriots flexing a bit of their old muscle last night. Jennifer Toland has the Patriots defense putting on a show last night. David Brown says you might need to rethink your ideas of these Patriots. Steve Krause has everything going the Patriots way last night.

Mike Reiss looks at the return of smashmouth football to New England. Ron Borges wonders if the thrill of victory will be worth the agony of the injuries. Farinella says that a key last night was the Patriots being able to convert opportunities into points. Rich Garven has the Patriots putting it all together last night. Hector Longo says that there is no middle ground with these Patriots.

Dan Shaughnessy says that this game said more about the state of the NFL than it did the Patriots or Broncos. Jim Donaldson has the Patriots going from terrible to terrific in just one week. Prior to the game though, Donaldson had a much more pessimistic view of the Patriots, especially after they placed Laurence Maroney on IR earlier in the day. He then changed his view after the strong first half from Sammy Morris. Did he change it again after Morris got injured?

Christopher Price lines up the 10 Things We Learned from last night’s game. Dan Duggan lays out the Best And Worst from last night. Robert Lee offers up some post game analysis from both sides of the ball. Garven has notes and figures from last night’s win.

Brian MacPherson notes that last night was a good night for fancy footwork on the Gillette Stadium turf.  Chris Forsberg has Randy Moss having a big night in the short-passing game for the Patriots.

Dan Ventura reports on the injury to Rodney Harrison. Young has more on the ugly looking knee injury suffered by the veteran Harrison. Farinella notes that the injury cast a pall over a strong defensive effort by the Patriots.

Gasper has Hall of Famer John Hannah talking about the Patriots struggles in the passing game this season with Matt Cassel under center. Dan Duggan has Cassel getting a passing grade for his work last night. Guregian has Hannah with plenty to say about Randy Moss as well. Donaldson has Cassel finding a comfort zone last night.

Borges has a look at the big night for Andre Tippett at Gillette Stadium. Borges, of course played a huge role in Tippett getting inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with his tireless advocacy of the former Patriots linebacker.

Julian Benbow has Mike Shanahan and the Broncos at a loss to explain what happened last night.

Gasper’s notebook has the Patriots placing Laurence Maroney on season-ending IR. Guregian’s notebook has more on the end of 2008 for Maroney. Farinella’s notebook has more on Maroney being shelved for the year. Brown’s notebook has more on the disappointing running back.


The Bruins had their home opener last night, and managed to just salvage a point from the game, as they lost 2-1 in a OT shootout to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Fluto Shinzawa says that the only thing sour about last night’s game was the outcome for the Bruins. Joe Haggerty offers some postgame thoughts on the loss. Steve Conroy has the Bruins showing that they aim to keep their fans attention this season. Mick Colageo has the Bruins giving their fans everything except a win last night.

Kevin Paul Dupont has hockey crawling back into our sports consciousness with the end of the Red Sox season. Stephen Harris has Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs very gloomy about the financial future of the NHL and his team in this struggling economy. Barbara Matson has a look at Patrice Bergeron playing his first game that matters on the Garden ice since early last season.

Shinzawa’s notebook looks at the Bruins lack of opportunities on the power play. The Herald notebook has more on Bergeron getting back on the Garden ice.

Red Sox

Sean McAdam says that the Red Sox largest offseason decision involves Jason Varitek. Joe McDonald looks at the Sox to-do list for 2009. Bob Ryan deems this season a success. Jon Couture looks at David Ortiz being unable to fill the hero’s role this postseason.

Adam Kilgore has Theo Epstein and the Red Sox already looking ahead to next year. Michael Silverman says that the Red Sox will likely just do some “tweaking” but that a big move shouldn’t be ruled out either. Paul Kenyon has Theo Epstein not anticipating wholesale changes to the team. Mike Fine has more from Epstein on the winter ahead.

Bill Reynolds says that it is time to reload. Ron Chimelis says the Sox need to add some power.

Steve Buckley gives us permission to root for the Rays. Nick Cafardo tells us that the Red Sox had to trade Manny. Jeff Goldberg has the Red Sox proud of themselves.

Kilgore’s notebook has an offseason of rest ahead for Josh Beckett. Kenyon’s notebook looks at the futures of Sean Casey and Alex Cora with the Red Sox.

The Celtics cut Darius Miles yesterday. Steve Bulpett and Monique Walker report on the move.

All Tied Up, Game 7 Tonight

Josh Beckett gutted his way through five innings, giving up a pair of solo home runs, and the bullpen shut down the Rays the rest of the way last night, as the Red Sox beat Tampa 4-2 in game six of the ALCS, forcing a deciding game seven tonight.

Get all the stories and coverage this morning at

The post below this one has the details and statement from TBS on the technical snafu which resulted in viewers getting the “Steve Harvey Show” instead of the first inning of last night’s game. On my system (Dish Network) I never saw a crawl or explanation of why the game was not being shown. If they did do a crawl on the screen, it was after I was already online looking for an explanation.

The Bruins beat the Senators last night, 4-2 in Ottawa. Catch up on the game over at

The Patriots continue their preparations for tomorrow night’s matchup with the Broncos on Monday Night Football. Head over to Patriots Daily this morning for the Sunday Links, looking at all the coverage of the Pats from today.

After suffering a mild sprain against the Knicks on Friday night, Rajon Rondo’s ankle is feeling ok this morning, and the Celtics are getting ready to take on the Nets this afternoon in a preseason game. Get green over at

Nice to see former Sox and Pats beat writer (for the Hartford Courant)  Dave Heuschkel getting a front page link on

Gotta love Joe Posnanski questioning the “Big Game James” label placed on Tampa starter James Shields…in a piece written even before last night’s game.

Gordon Edes for Yahoo! Sports has a piece on Jason Varitek after the Red Sox catcher broke a series long slump with a big home run last night.