The Friday Megalinks. It’s About Time

Ken from the Fang's Bites blog providing your Friday megalinks technically on a Saturday morning. Work issues prevented me from putting this up at my usual time, but they're up and it's time to get to the Weekend Viewing Picks. The Patriots host the Rams at Foxboro on Sunday. Fox25 and Fox 64 will carry … Continue reading The Friday Megalinks. It’s About Time


Kudos To Globe For Brady Coverage

I singled out WEEI and the Boston Herald  this morning for their sensationalistic and doomsday coverage of Tom Brady's knee situation. I should've also mentioned that I'm pleased with the even-handed way the Boston Globe has covered the matter. Yesterday, when WEEI was "reporting" every 20 minutes that the Patriots were upset with Brady for … Continue reading Kudos To Globe For Brady Coverage

Bob Gamere Faces Child Porn Charges reports that former TV sportscaster and "Candlepins for Cash" host Bob Gamere has been arrested on charges of transporting and possessing child pornography. The article states that Gamere "told the Globe a year ago that he was "semi-retired," though he had been doing some announcing at Boston University track meets and was until recently calling … Continue reading Bob Gamere Faces Child Porn Charges

Book Review: Rebound! One of the books that has recently passed across my desk here at BSMW headquarters is Rebound: Basketball, Busing, Larry Bird and the Rebirth of Boston. Written by Boston Herald writer Michael Connelly ( who also writes the daily Connelly’s Top Ten blog for the Herald website) the book parallels the struggles of a city in … Continue reading Book Review: Rebound!