If you tuned into TBS tonight expecting to see the start of ALCS game six between the Red Sox and Rays, you instead got an episode of the Steve Harvey show.

Apparently there is a power issue that is affecting the router between Tampa and the TBS broadcast center in Atlanta.

Unbelievably, they have decided to start the game anyway, without the national TV audience. This is going to get ugly, folks.

You can try to view the game online with MLB.com here.

Update: at 8:28 pm, the game was restored…

Here is their official statement on the outage:


Two circuit breakers in our Atlanta transmission operations tripped causing the master router and its backup – which are necessary to transmit any incoming feed outbound – to shut down. This impacted our live feed from being distributed to any of the other networks in the Turner portfolio and caused the delay in our coverage. Both our primary and backup routers were impacted by this problem. We apologize to baseball fans for this mishap that caused a delay in our coverage.


2 thoughts on “TBS Outage Means No TV For Start of Game 6

  1. Tomase’s blog ORIGINALLY had this on it:> “For those of you wondering why Good Times re-runs are airing instead of the Sox game, TBS is experiencing router failure in Atlanta.”

    How can you confuse “Good Times” with the “Steve Harvey Show”???…..Oh that Tomase, he’s a never ending sorce of blunders and boners.

    he did eventually correct it>>> :NOTE: This post originally said that Good Times re-runs were airing until some very nice posters noted it was actually the Steve Harvey Show.


  2. This was inexcusable. Are we in the 50’s or what? I tuned in at 8 pm and except for one very fast-moving scroll across the screen, there was no indication on what was happening and why there was no game showing.

    To me, the fact that they were able to flash that message, indicates negligence on top of the readily evident incompetence! I thought the broadcast team sucked also.

    TBS should never be allowed to broadcast a playoff game again. Ofcourse these days money talks, so MLB might be giving them another shot…


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