Last night made it three rough nights in a row for Boston sports fans, with the Patriots losing badly Sunday night to the Chargers and the Sox losing Saturday night in Tampa and getting pounded last night at Fenway 9-1 by the Rays.

Amalie Benjamin has the Rays continuing their home run-happy ways against Lester and the Red Sox. Michael Silverman has the Sox now two loses from starting winter vacation. Joe Haggerty has the unthinkable becoming reality at Fenway yesterday. Joe McDonald looks at a Fenway thrashing by the Rays to the Red Sox. Jeff Goldberg has the Rays turning the series in their favor last night. Art Davidson has the Sox in a tough hole after last night. Ron Chimelis says that for the Sox, even their cure-all elixir known as Jon Lester was not able to cure their offensive woes. Bill Ballou has the Sox facing a big dig after falling behind in the series. Kevin Thomas has this series looking like the last one between the clubs at Fenway in the regular season. Steve Krause looks at a day of disappointment for the Sox.

Alex Speier looks at how the Rays have shut down David Ortiz. Adam Kilgore has more on the struggles of Ortiz and how the Rays are pitching to him. John Tomase also looks at how Ortiz simply has not been able to get into a groove this postseason. Bill Doyle says that Big Papi has become the Big Popup this postseason. Jeff Jacobs says that the Red Sox really need Ortiz and Jacoby Ellsbury to turn things on. David Brown has the Sox bats missing in action.

Tony Massarotti says that the Red Sox vulnerabilities have become evident in this series. Steve Buckley has the Rays quieting Fenway Park. Dan Shaughnessy says that the last few nights feel like the bad old days in Boston. Bill Reynolds wonders if the sky is falling, and agrees that the Red Sox look very vulnerable this season. Daniel Barbarisi says that the Red Sox have bailed themselves out of holes before. Steve Solloway say that the Sox won’t fold in this series. Tom Caron says that the Red Sox need a rested bullpen.

Rob Bradford looks at Tim Wakefield getting the start tonight, and taking the mound pain-free, unlike his last postseason start. Mike Fine has the Sox turning their hopes to Wakefield tonight. Kilgore has more on the Wakefield and Cash battery lined up for tonight. Duggan has it now Wakefield’s turn to face the Rays. Barbarisi says that Wakefield seems to have found his match in Cash. He also has Cash positive about Wakefield’s start tonight. Dan Lamothe says that tonight is Wakefield’s chance to shine. Doyle has a well-rested or perhaps rusty Wakefield going tonight. Couture examines the postseason struggles of Wakefield over the course of his career. Krause has the Sox putting all their hopes in Wakefield tonight.

Sean McAdam looks at the dominance of Jon Lester taking a hit from the Rays. Shira Springer has two poor pitches leading to disaster for Lester. Brian MacPherson agrees that it was just two bad pitches that did in Lester. Jon Couture has Lester’s wobbles putting the Sox in a bad spot in this series. Bob Stern says that Lester’s performance was just another strange turn in a strange series. Maureen Mullen has more on the lackluster outing from Lester.  Dom Amore has the Red Sox getting the edge in developing young players.

Chimelis has Jason Varitek struggling both at and behind the plate in this series. Chris Forsberg has Varitek catching a few boos last night at Fenway. Tomase has Varitek’s postseason nightmare just getting worse last night.

Jim McCabe looks at the Rays’ Matt Garza dominating the Red Sox last night. Dan Duggan has Garza the starter who turned up aces yesterday. Reynolds says Garza was a man with a plan last night against the Red Sox.

Michael Vega looks at Rhode Island’s Rocco Baldelli hitting a three run homer in the eight inning last night, capping off a tremendous comeback this season. Kevin McNamara has Baldelli’s return to health coming full circle at Fenway last night. Barbarisi has Baldelli’s 10-year-old brother getting a thrill yesterday by being on the field with his brother. Amore has Baldelli realizing his dream of playing in the postseason at Fenway Park.

Brown has B.J. Upton’s power switch remaining “on” last night. McNamara has Upton and Longoria stealing the show from the Red Sox last night.

Benjamin’s notebook has Jacoby Ellsbury unable to get out of his slump. Silverman’s notebook has more on the hitting woes for Ellsbury. The Projo notebook has Terry Francona expecting his club to break out soon. Goldberg’s notebook has Wakefield back in a familiar role tonight. Chimelis’ notebook has Wakefield ready to take the ball tonight. Ballou’s notebook says that Ellsbury has been dismal in his second postseason. Couture’s notebook has Ortiz and other unable to cash in on key chances. Stern’s notebook has Byrd saving the bullpen for another day. McCabe’s notebook has the Rays not concerned about Scott Kazmir’s struggles.


On Patriots Daily Scott Benson says jet lag would have been preferable to how the Patriots performed with a week in San Jose.

Michael Felger has the report card for Ian Clark’s report card says that the Patriots have more homework to do. Eric McHugh’s report card says that Laurence Maroney isn’t the only Patriots with “issues.” Ron Borges is already laying on the smarm fast with plenty of “Genius” references in recent days. Today is no exception.

Christopher L. Gasper says that the Patriots are lacking in big play ability. Mark Farinella looks back at another long unproductive night for the Patriots offense.

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26 thoughts on “Rays Pound Lester, Sox in Game 3

  1. Borges can lay on all the “swarm” he wants….I wouldn’t read his column if they were the last written words on the face of the Earth.


    1. Is anyone surprised by this crap from Borges?

      Why on earth would any paper give that biased idiot a forum again, after the way he completely humiliated himself at his last full-time job?

      I’m still waiting for him to admit that he was wrong about ripping BB for Seymour over David Terrell over in 2001. I don’t think he ever admitted it.

      What a joke.


      1. Well, I really had the typos going in that last reply.

        Here’s what it was supposed to say:

        “I’m still waiting for him to admit that he was wrong about ripping BB for drafting Seymour over David Terrell in 2001. I don’t think he ever admitted it.”


    1. yeah, you have a point. That being said, The Sox better win tonight. You can’t count on miracle comebacks EVERY year.


  2. I guess I was wrong, and all of the Lucchino mouthpieces were right; “Francoma” is awesome and can do no wrong. Pitching Beckett second and Lester third was definitely the way to go.


    1. Nobody wins every year (unless it’s BU in February. Okay, almost every year). I’ll take WS in two out of five years even if it means suffering through 2005, 2006 and maybe 2008.

      I’m sure you want to get rid of Belichick this year and you wanted Doc Rivers out last year, right?


      1. No, not at all. I just think that just because you are a successful coach/manager does not mean that your choices are not up to being scrutinized. Ted Williams was the greates hitter of all time, but he was wrong over 60% of the time. Terry Francona is a good manager, he makes mistakes. Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time, he makes mistakes. Just because I question their moves doesn’t mean I think they’re shit; it just means I don’t agree. From the sounds of it, a lot of people share my beliefs. If you want to drink the Lucchino/WEEI kool aid, that’s fine with me.


        1. Will, I don’t think it’s so much “drinking the Kool Aid”….It’s the fact that people like you try to act like you had all the answers AFTER THE FACT….I mean really, how hard is that?…anybody can look like they had all the answers after THE GAME IS OVER…..please


        2. When he announced the rotation, I questioned it, and when I heard Francona’s press conference and he basically shit all over the reporter who dared to ask him why Lester wasn’t pitching games 2 and 6, I thought he was trying to act like the big tough guy. I still think he’s a good manager, I just think that he maskes mistakes, just like everybody else.


        3. Sure he makes mistakes like every manager does Will, but when you and the idiot sportsradio callers want to start calling him ‘Francoma’ you’re either just trying to stir the pot or you choose to ignore all his positive accomplishments. Either way you come off as a yahoo.

          No guarantees that Lester would’ve pitched any better in Game 2 if his arm is fatigued and the same goes for the ailing Beckett, so the results could have very well been the same anyway.


        4. My Apologies will, I didn’t realize someone already used the ‘yahoo’ term on you. Guess I’ll just have to change my response to ‘dummkopf’.


    1. Sorry, but I’m not buying that. I don’t think the Patriots are “rolling over”…I think it’s that little thing called TALENT. #1) obviously Brady is OUT….#2) They tried to replace Asante Samuel with flotsam and jetsam. #3) They have had several POOR Drafts. #4) They are getting OLD in several spots (Bruschi, Harrison, Vrabel) #5) Big Free agent pickup Adalius Thomas looks very average…..The EFFORT is there the TALENT is NOT.


  3. Do you think Dan Shaughnessy was smiling broadly, or just merely grinning, when he penned today’s piece. There has to be complete joy inside Mr. Nappy Head today. Interestingly, readership goes down in direct proportion to the success of the teams. Who wants to re-live a disaster all over again through Shaughnessy’s words? So, in an irony that only Shakespeare could fashion, Shaughnessy will probably get fired from the Globe if the fortunes of Boston’s teams continue to plummet. “Dan, people just aren’t buying the newspaper any more. They aren’t reading the sports section and they’ve turned a deaf ear to what you say. We’re going to have to let you go.”


    1. Could not agree more…This just reaffirms what we already knew. Shank’s whole game is “tweaking” the fans. Just look at the HEADLINE to his article. “Rays Bring Sox AND FANS down to earth”…..Then he throws the Patriots struggles in there, THEN he goes on to COVER HIS ASS..

      >>>> “This is not to overreact to the Red Sox’ plight. The Sox last year trailed the Indians, 3-1, in the ALCS, then roared back to win the next three and sweep the Rockies in the World Series”

      LMFAO!….he writes that AFTER HE “overreacts”….Shank is the ultimate second guesser. He’s a no good piece of CRAP


  4. Will,
    You are correct. No one in sports is above being criticized. I was stunned when Beckett came back into the game the other night.

    Now, the way you do it with smarmy postings is just weak. Calling the guy “Fancoma” and sarcastic “drinking the kool-aid” comments makes you sound like a yahoo.

    You are like the comic book store guy on the Simpson’s just not funny.


  5. The Summer Arbitron ratings are out, and Toucher and Rich claim that they trounced The Big Show in men 18-34. Something like double the numbers. Any verification? I can’t find anything at or


    1. The donkeys at WEEI will just spin it that they are #1 in 18-54, or whatever the next age range is. They’ll claim that 50-year olds buy more than the 20 and 30-somethings. Typical spin from those who put out the Lucchino spin. Hopefully with the Pats down season, they’ll see a drop in their ratings. Not enough bad things can happen to those fools.


    2. WEEI dropped from a 4.8 to 4.4 . Overall the station finished 7th. The ratings I saw didn’t break it down by hours, demographics, etc…Fall ’07 6.0 Winter ’08 5.3 Spring ’08 4.8 Summer ’08 4.4 . Note that Summer ’07, they had a 4.9 rating. I love seeing them fail.


    3. No surprise there:
      Rich > the Giant Forehead
      Fred > Mikey Adams
      Crash > Ordway
      Adolfo > Dale Arnold
      Chili Guy > everyone because he’s the richest guy in the country, baby


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