A few quick links this afternoon while we all continue to lick our wounds following another ALCS beating at the hands of the Rays…

Sports Media News has a release from the SPEED network with Patriots receiver Randy Moss talking about his  NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series team, Randy Moss Motorsports. Moss talks about some of his teammates who he’s gotten interested in his venture, (though the release spells Dan Koppen and receivers coach Matt Patricia’s names incorrectly) as well as his thoughts on this season after the devasting loss of quarterback Tom Brady to the season ending knee injury on opening day.

SMN also has TBS’ notes from the broadcast of the Rays/Red Sox game four from last night.

Tony Massarotti ponders the likelihood of a Red Sox comeback in this ALCS. Michael Vega, has the Rays making the surprise announcement that the struggling Scott Kazmir will start game five tomorrow night.

WEEI came in 7th overall in the latest Boston radio ratings. I’m sure they’re still # 1 in their demographic and will be sure to tell us so.

ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber weighs in on the network’s coverage of the Vince Young situation, and the invasions on his privacy.


8 thoughts on “Moss Talks NASCAR

  1. Entercom is poised to have a major bloodletting as advertising is drying up everywhere. The delicious irony is that they are saddled with a huge, iron-clad Howie Carr contract after holding him hostage in 2007. The bloodletting will no doubt come from elsewhere in the Entercom hierarchy because they are now Howie’s hostage.


    1. Howie’s attempts to shoot his way out of town with his idiotic “Patriots fans suck!!” column didn’t work. What does he do next to irritate Boston sports fans? Light Fenway on fire? Steal the Beanpot? Kidnap Ray Allen?


      1. Howie is still a good investment for the company, so the irony is that he wants to leave and won’t go anywhere, while less fortunate folks will be shown the door in order to streamline the operation, take advantage of technology and ride out the recession. Entercom won’t choke on the Howie deal, they probably thank their lucky stars for it.

        Oh, and M18-44? I have never heard of one ad buy on that demo. 18-34 a little bit, 18-49 a little more, but 25-54 is the most important male demo. In that demo, Ordway 8.7-T & R 4.6. M18-34 T & R is in 2nd (11.5), O is 3rd (5.8) (second and third respectively behind JAMN). In the allegedly important 18-44 demo, the “trouncing” is T & R 7.7-O 6.8 (second and third respectively behind JAMN). 18-49 is almost a dead heat, with O #1 at 6.9 and T & R tied with JAMN at 6.7. Look for these numbers to tighten up further in 2009 when people meters arrive.

        Financially it isn’t even close as Ordway dominates.


        1. With the Patriots having a down year, WEEI is going to have a significant downturn. Hopefully that coupled with them throwing big $$$ at WEEI.com will cause them to puke.


      2. I think I also saw Howie chuckling and holding a lead pipe outside Mike Lowell’s house a month ago. Coincidence? He learned a lot from his near homo-erotic obsession with Whitey Bulger!


  2. “Having avoided the downsizing and cutbacks that many other groups have faced in recent months, Entercom says the time has come to make some necessary changes to weather the economic storm. A company rep says they’ll “selectively trim expenses.” That will include suspending 401(k) matching contributions and layoffs.”

    Let’s hope that several members of the on-air talent receive pink slips!


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