Josh Beckett gutted his way through five innings, giving up a pair of solo home runs, and the bullpen shut down the Rays the rest of the way last night, as the Red Sox beat Tampa 4-2 in game six of the ALCS, forcing a deciding game seven tonight.

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The post below this one has the details and statement from TBS on the technical snafu which resulted in viewers getting the “Steve Harvey Show” instead of the first inning of last night’s game. On my system (Dish Network) I never saw a crawl or explanation of why the game was not being shown. If they did do a crawl on the screen, it was after I was already online looking for an explanation.

The Bruins beat the Senators last night, 4-2 in Ottawa. Catch up on the game over at

The Patriots continue their preparations for tomorrow night’s matchup with the Broncos on Monday Night Football. Head over to Patriots Daily this morning for the Sunday Links, looking at all the coverage of the Pats from today.

After suffering a mild sprain against the Knicks on Friday night, Rajon Rondo’s ankle is feeling ok this morning, and the Celtics are getting ready to take on the Nets this afternoon in a preseason game. Get green over at

Nice to see former Sox and Pats beat writer (for the Hartford Courant)  Dave Heuschkel getting a front page link on

Gotta love Joe Posnanski questioning the “Big Game James” label placed on Tampa starter James Shields…in a piece written even before last night’s game.

Gordon Edes for Yahoo! Sports has a piece on Jason Varitek after the Red Sox catcher broke a series long slump with a big home run last night.


6 thoughts on “All Tied Up, Game 7 Tonight

  1. alright, as much as it pains me, we jump on the media morons all the time so here it goes. Where is the BSMW.COM Monday update?…..The day after the Red Sox get eliminated is a HUGE Boston Sports Media day, and STILL NO UPDATE??…what’s going on?

    Sorry, but I think this is one of the best sites around and I hold it to a HIGH standard. (I’m not Angry Old Bastard for nothin’)


  2. To accept a losing attitude doesn’t cut it with me. I wanted to win the whole thing. Who knows what will happen next year. I have to say holley & felger without arnold is GREAT!


  3. Another thing, Comcast has moved the home of Phantom Gourmet and Fifth Quarter to Channel 14. NECN is now Channel 6.


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