With the score 7-0, Tampa in the 7th inning last night, and an early morning trip to Logan on tap for this morning, I sat down and wrote what I thought would be a post-mortem on the 2008 Red Sox.

By about 12:15am the Red Sox had completed one of the most remarkable single-game comebacks ever seen around these parts,  my post-mortem was in the trash can, and I couldn’t be happier.

Simply amazing.

David Ortiz had a three run blast, J.D. Drew hit a two run homer and then had the game winning hit in the bottom of the ninth to complete the comeback and give the Red Sox a 8-7 win and send the series back to Tampa.

Catch the full coverage of last night’s game over at RedSoxLinks.com.

Over in the Metro, even with the win,  I’m a firm believer that the Red Sox need to do whatever it takes to sign Mark Teixeira and then find a place in the lineup for him.

The Celtics defeated the New Jersey Nets in preseason action last night, 111-108. Over on the BSMW Full Court Press, Kevin Henkin takes the Henry Paulson/Ben Bernanke approach to forecasting the upcoming Celtics season.  It’s definitely worth a read. Get the rest of the Celtics coverage from CelticsLinks.com.

The Bruins are off until tomorrow night when they’ll go on the road to take on the Ottawa Senators. Get your Bruins news at Bruinslinks.com.

The Patriots are getting ready for Monday night’s matchup with nemesis Mike Shanahan and the Denver Broncos. The Patriots can never seem to beat the Broncos, and even during the Super Bowl years, it was a struggle. (The all time series is something like 24-15 in favor of Denver.) The Broncos come in with a high powered passing attack, which seems like the exact wrong thing that the Patriots need to see right now. Check in at Patriots Daily and PatriotsLinks.com for all the previews and coverage.

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14 thoughts on “Not So Fast, Tampa

  1. Someone ought to call out the Herald’s Sean McAdam for his idiotic proclamation that starting Kazmir was a foolish move by the Rays. The guy clearly and completely shut down the Red Sox. Only in sports media can someone make an utter fool of themselves and then wake up the next morning and pretend it never happened. Clearly not Mensa candidates, these clowns.


    1. …Couldn’t agree more. It’s nice work if you can get it. Unfortunately, if I made as many blunders as these guys at my job I would be fired. McAdam likes to portray himself as “Mr. Baseball” so don’t dare question him, he will be greatly offended.


      1. I know! The nerve of that guy, not being able to predict the future! Clearly that should be valued over his abilities as a reporter.

        Maybe you two ought to stop heaving those stones around so freely.


        1. So maybe he should stop pontificating and stick to reporting. The guy is a gas-bag on the radio. The day they started letting writers on to talk radio was the end of good sportswriting.


        2. The problem JC, is that HE ACTS LIKE HE CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE WHEN HE GIVES HIS “OPINION”….if these blowhards showed a little humility when giving their opinion I might not be so inclined to “heave stones”….if they are going to try and act like know-it-all experts, I’m going to call them on it when they turn out to be DEAD WRONG.


  2. Bruce,

    I could not agree with you more about Texeira.

    This offense could be mediocre next season if the Sox stand pat. Lowell is a huge questionmark now (35 y/o with a hip problem?), and we really don’t know if Ortiz is just hurt, or starting to slowdown.

    Texeira is a MUST for them in my opinion, even if they have to move Youkilis to left and figure out a way to clear up the Bay-Ellsbury-Drew-Crisp logjam in the outfield.

    Besides, keeping Texeira out of the Bronx would be a good thing, quite.


    1. The only problem with Texeira is that the Braintrust is paying Lowell 12.5 mil, Drew 14 mil and Ortiz 13 mil. Texeira will cost at least 20 mil. That’s at least 60 mil for players, and each one will be playing only 3/4 of the games. Then again, with Drew, that would be good.


      1. I know.

        The money is an issue.

        You forgot to mention that when they give Lugo away for a few bats and balls, and perhaps some fermented chicken beverage at the concession stands, they’ll still be KEEPING most of his $9 million salary on their books for the next two years, because no team in their right mind is taking him at that price, or even close to it.

        I don’t know…I agree with Bruce however. We could see a LOT of 2-1 losses next season if they bring back the same exact roster. What’s the point of developing excellent and deep starting pitching if you can’t score any runs? (See: 2008 Toronto Blue Jays as Exhibit A).


  3. I see Shank Shaughnessy couldn’t resist his obligatory cheap shot at Curt Schilling. Shank’s OBSESSION with Schilling is downright scary. It wouldn’t surprise me if Shank has a “special room” in his house with pictures of Schilling plastered all over the walls.


    1. If Curt didn’t have a Blog, then none of this would happen. In my opinion, this is a ‘Hatfield/McCoy’ battle between ‘New media/Old media’ with Shaughnessy doing his best impression of Jay Marriotti. And we all know how HE ended up.


    2. Both of look ridiculous. But – despite the fact he needs a muzzle or a fatal computer virus sent to his blog – Curt Schilling is responsible for two World Series titles. Shank can’t say the same thing.


    3. Schill is right about CHB – he’s burned out and he hates everything about his job. And he was right to include Bob Ryan in that catagory. Every time I see Ryan on TV he’s bitter about something. It works great for political talk radio, but the “I’m sick and tired” attitude just doesn’t work for the entertainment business.


  4. The Yankees need Texiera more, and they never lose out when it comes to getting a free agent they want. Just make the Yanks overpay for him would be a good strategy. Then let the Jeff Bailey era at 1st base begin.


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