Reiss’ Pieces “Live Blog” on Sunday Night announced today that they will live blog Sunday night’s Patriots/Colts game using the Cover It Live software. (BSMW’s David Scott was an early adopter of the technology) They say this will allow for much quicker updates, while also allowing readers to interact with the writers during the game itself.

It’s an interesting experiment and might be worth checking out.

I do see a downside to doing it this way, and it goes like this: Oftentimes, if I’m out watching the game at a friend’s house, or even at home and I see something that I might want some more information on (an injury, or incident during the game), rather than going to a computer, or pulling out the laptop, I’ll often grab my phone and pull up Google Reader Mobile, where I have subscribed to the Reiss’ Pieces RSS feed. Then I can see on my phone what information Mike, or the other writers might have about the situation. I don’t see a way to do this with this way of blogging the game.

This brings me to another item that I’ve noticed that has changed recently. Apparently they have turned off full feeds in their blogs, at least the ones that I’ve noticed (including Reiss’ Pieces). This is incredibly annoying. Readers now only receive a headline and perhaps one sentence summing up the entry, and are forced to click through to read the entire entry.

While I understand the reasoning behind this (more click throughs=more page views=more advertisements being shown) it is still an inconvenience, especially when we go back to the cell phone user. Before, in Google Reader Mobile, I could read the entries right in the application, and get the information I was looking for, now they require a click-through, and a whole new page – not always formatted optimally for the cell phone – has to be loaded, which giving the connection speeds, can take quite a while.

Not really the “instant information” fix I’m looking for in those situations.

Finally, I understand that online video is the hot thing right now, but I don’t always want it. I know some readers have complained about the videos, noting that they can’t view them from work,  (or from cell phones again) or the computer they’re using can’t view them. For me, it’s a time thing. I don’t want to sit through a 3 minute video when I can read the same thing in 30 seconds. With some of the videos I simply don’t understand the appeal. Why do I want to see Dan Shaughnessy or Tony Massarotti from the Garden giving their views on the just-completed Celtics game? These videos are also being shoehorned into the blog entries, and while there are a few that are informative, for the most part, would be better served just putting the material into text.

I like a lot of what is doing to bring sports fans the latest information, these were just a few things I’d like to see improved.


Bruins Cooled Off By Flames

Coming off back-to-back 1-0 wins on their road trip, the Bruins fell last night in Calgary 3-2 to the Flames. Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins falling short in the final game of the road trip. Stephen Harris has the Bruins unable to erase a bad first two periods.

Dupont’s notebook has Bruins center Stephane Yelle returning to his professional home of five years in Calgary. Harris’ notebook has the league considering a ban on all hits to the head.

Check more Bruins blog and messageboard coverage at


Two more articles from Patriots Daily today, first in previewing this Sunday’s game with the Colts, Brit Schramm says The Old Gray Mare, She Ain’t What She Used To Be. Then, I’ve got a look at the Patriots Defense In Transition, as it is being remade right before our eyes.

Christopher Price has the Patriots not buying into Indy’s tales of woe. Christopher L. Gasper has a look at how Adalius Thomas figures to play a much larger role against the Colts this year. Shalise Manza Young says that Thomas will in fact likely be an important player in this game.  Ron Borges says that this game is about two hard-luck teams trying to show that they have some fight left. Jennifer Toland says that this Sunday night showdown lacks glamor. John Powers says that Peyton Manning has been subpar this season, just like the rest of the Colts.

Karen Guregian says that the Patriots need to pound the ball on the ground against the Colts.  Mark Farinella has Dallas Clark again a prominent figure in the Patriots preparations. Eric McHugh has Clark saying that the Patriots are going to miss Rodney Harrison. Jim Donaldson wonders how long the Patriots reserves can keep it going. Robert Lee has a piece on Richard Seymour and how it is hard to keep the big man off the field. McHugh says that Stephen Gostkowski‘s job is pretty secure.

Gasper’s notebook has Ellis Hobbs’ return to practice a welcome sight – for his kickoff returns as much as his cornerback play. Farinella’s notebook has Gostkowski and Jerod Mayo earning some recognition for their play last week. Guregian’s notebook has Randy Moss not appearing hurt at practice. The Projo notebook has the Colts gaining two and losing one at practice this week. Toland’s notebook has the Patriots looking to get some pressure on Peyton Manning.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell talks to Cris Collinsworth about whether Matt Cassel is ready for prime time this Sunday night, and also looks at the World Series ratings for FOX.  On the page for Sunday Night Football, I’m talking with Collinsworth, Jerome Bettis and Tiki Barber about the Colts/Patriots matchup.


Scott Souza has the Celtics trying to make a return to “normalcy” now that opening night is behind them. Steve Bulpett has the Celtics looking forward to starting the “regular” season. Frank Dell’Apa has the Celtics re-focusing on defense. Mike Fine says a maturing Leon Powe is a good block for the Celtics future. Dan Shaughnessy says that Paul Pierce now belongs with the greatest Celtics.

Bill Doyle has Comcast SportsNet putting together a new Celtics road show this year.

Red Sox

Amalie Benjamin has Jason Varitek filing for free agency yesterday.  Sean McAdam has the Red Sox expected to pick up Tim Wakefield’s option for another season. Tony Massarotti says that Scott Boras is going to bore us to death this offseason. Get it? Boras = Bore us….clever! Michael Silverman says that Red Sox/Rays is the new rivalry in town.

Boston College

Mark Blaudschun and Steve Conroy say that the Eagles need more from QB Chris Cane. Conroy’s notebook has BC suspending kicker Billy Bennett. The Globe notebook has BC and Clemson starting a new rivalry, complete with hardware.

Colts Coming Into Focus

It’s a two-for-Thursday over at Patriots Daily, where Dan Snapp is getting that old familiar feeling about this Patriots team. Scott Benson goes over Five Questions that seem pertinent this week.

In the Metro, I’m hoping for steady improvement from this Patriots team as the season wears on.

Michael Felger has this week’s Patriots mailbag, there is also this week’s edition of the Ask Reiss mailbag.

Adam Kilgore has Vince Wilfork avoiding a suspension from the league. Rich Garven has Wilfork talking about his aggressive approach to the game. Karen Guregian has Wilfork escaping his meeting with Roger Goodell with just a fine. Steve Buckley has Wilfork saying that he needs to learn to play until the whistle and not after.

Dan Shaughnessy wonders if Bill Belichick is secretly enjoying the challenge of coaching without Tom Brady. Bill Reynolds says Belichick is doing one of his best coaching jobs. Bob Halloran wonders if Brady is thinking about retirement.

 Mark Farinella has Terrence Wheatley getting better with experience. Rich Garven has Wheatley facing a big challenge this week. David Brown says that the entire secondary is going to have their hands full on Sunday. Ben Swasey looks at how impressive the Patriots have been on special teams this season. Christopher Price has Stephen Gostkowski in the midst of a great season. Guregian has the young defensive backs feeling a bit more prepared for Manning after seeing Tom Brady every day during training camp.

 Andy Vogt says that the stakes are different in this week’s Colts/Patriots matchup. Hector Longo feels sorry for Peyton Manning. Daniel Barbarisi says that the Patriots won’t take the struggling Colts for granted. Shalise Manza Young says that Matt Cassel’s first seven games are remarkably similar to Tom Brady’s first seven.

Kilgore’s notebook says that just because the hype isn’t as loud doesn’t mean this isn’t an important game between the Colts and Patriots on Sunday night. Garven’s notebook has a look at Ellis Hobbs’ big year on kick returns. Glen Farley’s notebook has Wilfork avoiding a suspension. Guregian’s notebook says that with Rodney Harrison out, the Patriots will need to find a new way to cover Dallas Clark. The Projo notebook has Wheatley saying that he’s learned from his mistakes.


Mark Murphy has Paul Pierce driven to be even better this season. Mike Fine says that there were plenty of questions answered on Tuesday night. Marc J. Spears has Rajon Rondo hungry for more.

Stephen Harris says that it has been worth staying up late to see these Bruins. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the contributions of the NYT line for the Bruins.

Wednesday Quicklinks

On Patriots Daily this afternoon, Tyler Carter examines Matt Cassel’s first fouth quarter comeback.

The Patriots got two pieces of good news today, first the news came out that Vince Wilfork will not be suspended by the league and then LaMont Jordan returned to practice.

On the new-look BSMW Full Court Press, we’ve got a look at ESPN’s fascination with crowning the Lakers as NBA champs this season, and their decidedly flimsy reasons for doing so.

Brett Myers is still a scumbag, though I’m sure Dennis and Callahan still feel that Manny Ramirez is more of one.

Sports Media News has Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the Celtics/Cavs game last night. 

Tony Massarotti says that Tony Allen is very happy to put last season behind him.

Pierce Tears Up, Then Tears Down Cavs

After an emotional pregame ceremony that included the Celtics getting their Championship rings, and with Banner 17 being raised to the rafters, the Celtics were a little spent in the first half of the actual game against the Cavs. They refocused at halftime, and Paul Pierce led the way with 27 points as the Celtics came back and beat Cleveland 90-85.

Mike Fine has the Celtics taking their time, but finally finding their game and beating the Cavs. Frank Dell’Apa has the details from the Garden. Jeff Howe has the Celtics opening the defense of their title with a win. Paul Doyle has Pierce and the Celtics picking up where they left off. Mark Murphy has Pierce able to put his game face back on with remarkable ease. Robert Lee has the C’s handling their business last night. Scott Souza has the Celtics taking a slugfest from the Cavs. Bill Doyle has the Celtics dropping the Cavs after raising banner 17.

Bob Ryan wasn’t impressed with Pierce’s “rambling, embarrassing, self-indulgent speech” to the crowd before the game, but says that since the Captain scored 27 points and the team won, he will be forgiven. Thanks Bob. Paul owes you one. Bill Burt says that this night was all about Paul Pierce. Jessica Camerato has Donnie Wahlberg bringing out another side of Pierce. Lenny Megliola has more on the emotional night for Pierce. Paul Flannery says that the tears said it all for Pierce.

Steve Bulpett has the Celtics getting their title defense off to a slow start last night before turning it on. Tim Weisberg says last night was a celebration worthy of the Celtics. Daniel Barbarisi has the fans getting a big rise out the ceremonies last night.

Marc J. Spears says that the Celtics might miss P.J. Brown more than James Posey, and still might try to do all they can to bring the big man out of retirement for another midseason run. Camerato has another big man, David Robinson in the house to support his ex-teammate Doc Rivers. She also talks to Scot Pollard about his ring and his NBA future.

Ryan also gives a history lesson this morning, saying that these Celtics are good enough to win another title, and need to win another title to preserve their place in Celtics and NBA lore. Howe says that last season is now in the rearview mirror for the Celtics. Flannery explains What It All Means for Boston and the Celtics.

Steve Buckley says that last night’s production was spot-on perfect. Barbara Matson looks at the atmosphere at the Garden last night.  Mike Petraglia provides the sounds of the game. Barbarisi has Commissioner David Stern getting booed even during the ring ceremony last night. Buckley talks to Leon Powe about the final hoop of the game. Ron Borges has Tony Allen giving fans some hope with his fourth quarter play. Lee has Rajon Rondo full of confidence this season.

Ron Borges has the Cavs sitting out last night’s ceremonies. Matson has the Cavs cold shooting doing them in last night. Bulpett has Delonte West getting his life together.

Dell’Apa’s notebook has a look at Danny Ainge’s promotion to Celtics President. Jim Fenton’s notebook has the Celtics bench making an impact in this one. Murphy’s notebook also addresses Ainge’s new deal and whether he’ll turn out to be a NBA “lifer” after all. Souza’s notebook and Doyle’s notebook have more on Ainge being rewarded for the championship.


Tim Thomas and the Bruins recorded their second straight 1-0 win on their road trip last night with a win in Vancouver. Stephen Harris and Kevin Paul Dupont have the details on Thomas’ back to back shutouts for the Bruins.

Dupont’s notebook has Milan Lucic returning to his native area last night, while Harris’ notebook has the city giving Lucic a warm welcome back.


On Patriots Daily, guest poster Kevin Henkin says that the Patriots need to steal Condoleeza Rice away before the 49ers can get her.

Mike Reiss and Shalise Manza Young report on Vince Wilfork being called to the commissioner’s office to answer for a hit on Denver’s Jay Cutler. The incident could result in a one-game suspension for Wilfork. John Tomase says that the Patriots are still wary of the struggling Colts. Sarah Green says that Patriots/Colts has lost a little something. Christopher Price has Bill Belichick talking about Matt Cassel’s improvement.

Kerry J. Byrne says that the Patriots are second-to-none in big games.

Reiss’ notebook has Sammy Morris saying that his injury is not season ending. Tomase’s notebook has more on Wilfork’s meeting with the commish.

Jon Couture and Amalie Benjamin have Fort Myers making a move to ensure the Red Sox keep their spring training site there.

Three Year Extension For Ainge –

From the website: and’s Jeff Goodman is reporting that Danny Ainge, who received a promotion to President of Basketball Operations Tuesday, has been given a contract extension which will lengthen his deal until the conclusion of the 2011-12 season. It adds three years to a contract which would have expired after this season. — Rob Bradford (Oct. 28, 9:28 a.m.)

Good scoop for Rob Bradford’s crew.

Banner Night On Tap For C’s

The Celtics will raise banner # 17 to the Garden rafters tonight as they tap off the new season against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mark Murphy looks at the challenges that a title defense will provide for the Celtics.  Frank Dell’Apa has the Celtics ready to take on the challenge of defending their championship, starting tonight. Tim Weisberg looks at how things will change for the Celtics this season with a championship under their belt. Paul Doyle has the Celtics eying their place in NBA history. Bill Doyle notes that the greatest Celtic of all will be missing from tonight’s ceremony. Robert Lee has the Celtics confident that they have what it takes to repeat.

Bob Ryan looks at the new NBA season, which kicks off in glorious fashion tonight at the Garden. Steve Bulpett says that the party will be over at tipoff tonight with LeBron in town. Gerry Callahan says that the Celtics are the true definition of a team. Very good column from Callahan. Bill Reynolds insists that the big three of these Celtics need to win another title in order to truly be great Celtics. Scott Souza has the Celtics ready to get things started.

Marc J. Spears says that it is more about the feeling of winning and being champions than getting the actual rings themselves. Jeff Howe has the Celtics excited to ring in the new season. Bulpett looks at the top threats to the Celtics in the East. Paul Flannery says that the Celtics are still the class of the East.

Bulpett has expectations growing this season for Rajon Rondo in his third year in the league. Dan Duggan looks at the young guys Danny Ainge added to the bench in the offseason. Weisberg also has a look at how Ainge spent the summer rebuilding the bench. Murphy has a look at the chemistry that Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett have in the paint for the Celtics.

So what are the odds that Wyc Grousbeck says or does something embarrassing tonight in his exuberance? Bulpett has the Celtics three big stars looking to be even better this season. Murphy looks at Tom Thibodeau‘s role as secretary of defense. Ron Borges says that Doc Rivers has always been a winner, even when his “internet critics” said otherwise.

Dell’Apa’s notebook has a look at the detail that goes into making the championship banners. Bulpett’s notebook has Pierce thinking Red tonight. Lee’s notebook has Sam Cassell reflecting on his third championship ring.


It’s report card day for the Patriots. Michael Felger has praise for the defense and generally high marks all around. Ron Borges isn’t quite so generous with his grades, but the marks are still passing. Ian Clark has a big “A” for Matt Cassel.

John Tomase has Adalius Thomas getting more into the mix for the Patriots defense, right at the perfect time. Christopher L. Gasper notes that the depleted defensive secondary has a tough task on tap this week against the Colts. David Brown says that the Patriots defense bent on Sunday, but held when needed. Christopher Price has Bill Belichick talking about Matt Cassel’s improvement. Glen Farley says that the Patriots depth has been a key to their success this season. An article with no byline in the Telegram & Gazette says that the Patriots have a blueprint to success that they’ve been working from for nine years. Shalise Manza Young says that the Patriots proved that a penalty free game can have an impact on the outcome. Daniel Barbarisi says that coaching played a huge role in the win over the Rams.

In a somewhat – strange – column, Shira Springer says that short athletes like Wes Welker are an inspiration.

Tomase’s notebook has victories, not style points important to the Patriots. He also has Mike Vrabel preparing to school the younger Patriots in the ways of Peyton Manning. Gasper’s notebook says that success in the Red Zone – on both ends – was the key to the Patriots win on Sunday. The Projo notebook has Belichick praising the onsides kick by the Rams.

The Bruins picked up an overtime win in Edmonton last night, 1-0 over the Oilers. Get the details at

“Celtics Stuff Live” Joins CSN

Proving once again that BSMW is a stepping stone to media greatness, former BSMW Full Court Press lead writer Jon Duke and his partners on the popular internet radio show “Celtics Stuff Live” have moved their show to Comcast SportsNet.

From the CSN announcement:

The “Celtics Stuff Live” guys will now bring their Sunday night podcasts, postgame podcaps, and written commentary to the “Wicked Good Sports” blog section on Comcast Jughead and The Duke will also be frequent guests during our “Live Game Chats”, which will return for every Celtics game this season.They will continue to bring you the same unique fan perspective they have always brought to their shows, and the same great guests every Sunday night.

This comes on the heels of the announcement that Is Joining SBNation

Congrats to Jon and the guys!

Pats Ram St Louis

The Patriots improved to 5-2 and moved into a first place tie in the AFC East yesterday with a 23-16 win over a surprisingly plucky St. Louis Rams team, who have shown great improvement since Jim Haslett took over as interim head coach three weeks ago.

On Patriots Daily, Chris Warner has a look back at yesterday’s win, and looks at candidates to provide some unexpected help for the Patriots later this season.

Chris Price has his 10 Things We Learned Yesterday column.

Karen Guregian has the Patriots answering to adversity with this win. Christopher Price has Matt Cassel engineering his first fourth quarter comeback. Mark Farinella says that we should accept that the days of the 40 point wins are over (last week’s 34 point win wasn’t good enough?) and that the games are going to look a lot more like yesterday this season. Christopher L. Gasper has the Patriots back in their rightful place atop the AFC East. David Brown has New England’s resiliency – combined with its weak schedule – keeping them afloat in the AFC playoff picture. Eric McHugh has the Patriots with some bad moments, but still coming away with a win. Shalise Manza Young has the battered but unbowed Patriots moving back into first place. Chris Kennedy says that there was plenty of good and bad for the Patriots yesterday. Andy Vogt has the Patriots silencing the Rams at Gillette. Matthew Roy says that the Patriots were good when it counted yesterday.

Bob Ryan has Matt Cassel making improvements in his game week-by-week, and turning in a pretty decent performance yesterday. Michael Felger says that this Cassel kid might be OK after all. Brian MacPherson says that yesterday was a step forward for Cassel in his development as an NFL QB. Hector Longo demands to know why the Patriots were so “giddy” with Matt Cassel’s performance yesterday against the “bottom feeding” Rams. Price has Cassel showing signs of promise in the win yesterday. John Tomase says that Cassel just keeps on improving and impressing. Brown has Cassel having to go out and win a game for the first time yesterday. Jim Donaldson says that Cassel graduated from game manager to game winner yesterday.

Mike Reiss has Mr Clutch once again stepping forward for the Patriots yesterday. Farinella has Kevin Faulk riding to the rescue yesterday for the Patriots. Bill Burt has a look at how valuable Faulk is to the Patriots, and how a lot teams wish they had this versatile performer. Dan Ventura has Faulk once again picking up the slack for the Patriots on offense. Tim Weisberg has the versatility of Faulk shining for the Patriots again. Glen Farley has Faulk turning it on for the Patriots when in counted. Robert Lee has Mr Dependable coming through again. Jennifer Toland says Faulk is always putting the team first.

Farinella has the Patriots’ defense hanging in there despite all the injuries. Adam Kilgore has the Patriots calling all hands on deck in the secondary after a rash of injuries yesterday. Chris Forsberg has the front seven, led by Adalius Thomas and Richard Seymour helping out the secondary by finally getting some pressure on the QB. Tomase has the Patriots defense answering the call yesterday when a play was needed. Daniel Barbarisi has the secondary tightening in the end when needed. Young has the Patriots’ pass rush a key to the win. Farley has the defense scrambling to put bodies on the field yesterday. Kennedy says that Belichick was a secondary mover and shaker during the game.

Ron Borges seems impressed with the Patriots ability to hang on until the end in this one. Steve Buckley has the Patriots feeding off their rallying cry that no one gave them a chance after Tom Brady went down. Farinella has the Patriots feeling pretty good about themselves and their 5-3 record to this point. Lee has Wes Welker proving the doubters wrong once again. Toland has Randy Moss coming up big on the winning drive.

Peter Gobis has the Rams looking good, but not quite good enough. Michael Vega agrees that the Rams were tough, but just didn’t have enough in the end.

Borges goes through the best and the worst from yesterday. Lee also offers up some postgame analysis from both sides of the ball. McHugh figures out who was hot and who was not yesterday. Mike Petraglia wraps things up from Gillette with soundbites from the locker room.

Gobis’ notebook has Wes Welker still Cassel’s go-to guy yesterday. Gasper’s notebook has the Patriots turning in the first penalty-free performance in franchise history. Guregian’s notebook has the shelves empty at cornerback by the end of the game. Weisberg’s notebook has the depleted secondary making a big play when it counted. McHugh’s notebook says Cassel had game when it counted.

Probably the best thing about FOX doing the games yesterday was that there was not a single reference to the CBS Scene at Patriots place…

Patriots Items on NFL Pregame Shows

A couple of notes from the NFL Pregame shows today involving the Patriots.

From the NFL Network NFL Gameday Morning:

Adam Schefter had the following report:

Based on the hard-line stance the league is taking on cheap shot and Vince Wilfork’s prior record of controversial hits, the New England defensive tackle is staring straight at the possibility of being suspended for next Sunday night’s game at Indianapolis for a hit he delivered Monday night vs. Denver. During the first quarter of Monday night’s win over the Broncos, Wilfork threw a blatant elbow at Jay Cutler after Patriots S Rodney Harrison knocked down the Denver quarterback. As Cutler attempted to get up, Wilfork drilled the quarterback in the head with an elbow that caught the attention of the Broncos and the NFL. Ironically, the only penalty called on the play came against Broncos OT Ryan Harris – who defended Cutler, knocked down Harrison and drew a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness. ESPN cameras failed to capture Wilfork’s hit. But the coaches’ tape caught it and the league noticed it. Disciplinary action against Wilfork could come as early as this week for a player who has another controversial hit on his resume. Last September, the NFL fined Wilfork $12,500 for landing his right elbow on Bills QB J.P. Losman’s left knee. The elbow drew a penalty and knocked Losman out of the lineup, paving the way for Bills QB Trent Edwards to take over and the league to be monitoring Wilfork. This time Wilfork could be facing a fine and or a suspension.

On CBS’ The NFL Today, Charlie Casserly had the following to say on reports this week that Tom Brady’s knee surgeries weren’t going well:

I talked to someone who is very familiar with the specifics of the surgery. They told me first of all, he had his ACL repaired using his own patellar tendon. An open repair on the MCL, just like Carson Palmer had. Five days after the surgery, there was swelling around the MCL incision. A few days later the whole knee swelled up. They then went in and flushed out both incisions. The second flushing out was just precautionary. Right now everything looks like it’s a go for next season for him to be able to play. Now if the graft doesn’t take and they have to redo the surgery, that would happen in January. We had a player with the Texans, exactly the same time frame. October surgery, graft doesn’t take. January surgery, he played that year. All is not lost if Brady has to have another surgery. I believe he will play next year.