On every sportsflash on WEEI today and on many other outlets nationwide, a report from ESPN was parroted regularly that said the Patriots were displeased with Tom Brady’s choice of a Los Angeles surgeon “because they wanted Brady’s surgery done under the direction of doctors of their choosing in Boston.” The Patriots released a statement tonight:

“Today, ESPN cited an unnamed source who supposedly expressed the feelings of the Patriots ‘organization.’ This unsubstantiated report does not represent the team’s views whatsoever. We have supported Tom Brady one hundred percent from day one of this process and will continue to do so. We issued a statement last Saturday expressing our complete organizational support for Tom. That support includes all aspects of the process. Unfortunately, our statement was not mentioned or referenced in ESPN’s report. Today, we reiterate our total support for Tom as he recovers from his injury.”

This is a separate issue from the speculation over the infection in Brady’s knee, which is a legitimate, if not unknown, issue. There is reason to be concerned about the reports we’re hearing about the multiple procedures needed to clear the infection, though Will Carroll on WEEI today did attempt to calm things down some.


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  1. And yet they didnt want to mention the Brett Favre story because they couldn’t “substantiate” it… hahahhaa


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