I singled out WEEI and the Boston Herald  this morning for their sensationalistic and doomsday coverage of Tom Brady’s knee situation.

I should’ve also mentioned that I’m pleased with the even-handed way the Boston Globe has covered the matter. Yesterday, when WEEI was “reporting” every 20 minutes that the Patriots were upset with Brady for choosing a West coast doctor, the Globe never published that rumor on Boston.com. I applaud them for that.

Their coverage of the infection in Brady’s knee has been similarly even-keeled. The piece by Shira Springer this morning pointed out that “When doctors wash out a septic joint, a similar action often must be done two or three times to help clear out the infection.”

This is a change from most reports that just hysterically report that Brady needed multiple procedures to clear out the infection. Springer’s report points out that flushing the wound multiple times is a common practice when there is an infection. (Though I’m a little unclear about the comment about his return being delayed a couple months in the “best case” scenario.) The Reiss’ Pieces blog has only devoted one post to Brady’s knee condition in the last couple of days, and it was a post this morning pointing readers to comments by Dr James Andrew in the Los Angeles Times this morning which indicates that Brady is winning the infection battle.

Contrast that with this headline banner on WEEI.com:

I got an email from WEEI.com this morning pointing out that the screaming headline was an actual quote from the Doctor in the report.

“What will probably have to happen is that they will have to go in, remove everything–including the screws, everything—because everything has to be sterile and clean for (the repair) to take,” Kremchek said.

What does that mean in terms of timetable?

“Next year, I have to think, is seriously in doubt,” Kremchek said.

Now it becomes clearer why so many people are concerned.

Worst case?

“His career could be in jeopardy,” Kremchek said.

OK, so Dr Kremcheck did say Brady’s career could be in jeopardy.

In the Worst Case scenario.

If you read the Doctor’s comments in the report, his opinion is quite different from what others have said about the situation. More pessimistic, for sure.

WEEI.com chose to run with this approach to the story. The “worst case” angle, and play it up accordingly. That’s their perogative, and they likely will get a few more people to click over to the story by doing it that way.

Ron Borges in the Herald also chose to run with the worst case scenario, comparing Brady’s situation with a boxer who had surgery from the same Doctor that Brady did, and who never returned to the ring.

I’ll take the cautious, even-keeled reports in the Globe yesterday and today over the panic-mongering style shown in this incident by WEEI.com and the Herald any day.


19 thoughts on “Kudos To Globe For Brady Coverage

  1. Didn’t Borges write that the boxer did return to the ring three years later?

    “Ron Borges in the Herald also chose to run with the worst case scenario, comparing Brady’s situation with a boxer who had surgery from the same Doctor that Brady did, and who never returned to the ring.”


    1. Borges said:

      Klitschko, for reasons unknown, didn’t fight again for more than three years, choosing to retire instead.

      He apparently just came out of retirement and fought for the first time since that surgery on October 11th. For some reason, Borges doesn’t mention that.


  2. Doom & gloom fear mongering from a right wing tabloid and a radio station that airs 4 hours of Sean Hannity w/ a sprinkling of sports every morning? Shocking.


    1. Maybe President Obama will close all of Golf Boy’s favorite courses and BC football will find a competent announcer? Can’t think of a more just scenario for that show…


    1. 100% agreed. I’d wait until spring 2009 before making this a media circus. By then, we’ll know whether this was a botched procedure or this setback (no denying it is just that) was much-ado-about-nothing.


  3. The goal of tabloids/talk shows and other non-mainstream media is to get noticed and drive traffic (which drives revenues). The best way to get noticed is to make a far-out prediction and have it come true. The next best way is to make a far-out prediction and have people discuss it and maybe get some mainstream authority to acknowledge it is possible. As the saying goes” even a blind squirrel can find an acorn once in a while”.


    1. WEEI.com is in the position right now of trying to establish its identity. I suppose if the tone of its programming is any indication, we can expect an extension of the Big Show. Good for a chuckle, but not to be taken seriously. What’s the point of establishing a news side of your outlet if it’s going to be the equivalent of the Enquirer?


  4. It also means that the identity of WEEI.com is going to slowly morph into that of the radio station, based on that tabloid headline regarding Brady’s career.

    That’s too bad. I thought the site might try to become more of an information destination with humor and/or sensationalism sprinkled about, but I guess they’d rather sprinkle the facts and intelligent sports thought onto their big heaping pile of ignorant excrement.


    1. What the weei.com accomplished today was to give the gas bags on the Big Show an opportunity to bloviate ad nauseum about how stupid the fans are for their overeaction. Its sort of a Ying-Yang thing they have going.

      If the site continues to sensaionalize, Ordway will probably interpret that as “the voice of the dumbass fan” and spend his all air time enlightening us. Should make for some great radio.


  5. With the recent cutbacks and money issues with Entercom, WEEI is trying anything to get people to come to its site. The more hits, the more advertising $$$. From what I’ve heard, the site hasn’t been getting the traffic it thought, coupled with advertising dollars down, they are coming out with outrageous articles so people go to the site to see what’s going on. All I know is this: Big Startup $$$ – Downward Advertising = BIG LOSS!


  6. I think we just need to wait through the winter and see what his situation is by next spring. THEN we can get hysterical…or not. It’s a roll of the dice for the ‘screamers,’ because they either get boiled in Lard for their hysteria or get to trumpet that ‘They were there first!’ Either way, it makes me despise the sports media cabal even more than I do now.


  7. Well all you rose colored glasses types can keep your heads buried in the sand as long as you want, but Hector Longo has told me that I should panic so panic it is.


  8. There is nothing wrong with worst-case scenario analysis. People do it in business and their personal lives every day. It is relevant and it is news-worthy.

    Although we might not like the message, why go out of our way to shoot the messenger and call this type of reporting irresponsible?

    It is perfectly responsible to report what could happen if the worst comes to pass.

    The same was done with Ben Roethlisberger. It was not iressponsible then, and it is not irresponsible now.




  10. Please. For anyone here to pretend that the “talent” on WEEI knows anything more than the average New England sports fan is ridiculous. Actually, my neighbors have forgotten more about sports than anyone at WEEI will EVER know.

    But, of course, THE RATINGS! THE RATINGS!


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