Tom Brady’s knee is the story that the media has attached themselves to this week, with reporters getting opinions from every single source they can find, relishing the doomsday predictions, and wildly speculating about the future of the reigning NFL MVP.

A lot of reporters and outlets are going for the sensational here. gave this Mike Petraglia report a banner headline of CAREER IN JEOPARDY?, Ron Borges questions the selection of Dr. Neal ElAttrache for the surgery, giving the worst case scenarios all around. Hector Longo says that it is time to panic. Eric McHugh is starting to believe in the Super Bowl loser jinx.

Karen Guregian reports that the infection is a result of having had to make separate incisions for the ACL and MCL, after the Dr found that the MCL hadn’t healed completely when he went in to repair the ACL. The Doctors consulted in that article, and the ones quoted by Shira Springer in her article are a bit more positive on the future prognosis for Brady’s knee. The doctor consulted by Shalise Manza Young says that even if the ACL has to be redone, Brady is only looking at a two or three month setback.

Meanwhile, stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Jim Donaldson says that the Patriots are way too secretive about player injuries. Mark Farinella says that the Patriots were circling their wagons to avoid inquiries from the media yesterday.

After discussing Rodney Harrison’s injury, Britt Schramm on Patriots Daily previews this week’s matchup with the Rams. Scott Benson also tied up a few Loose Ends last night.

As for the Patriots who will take the field this weekend against the Rams, Christopher L. Gasper has Matt Cassel talking about what he needs to do to avoid getting sacked so much. In the article, Gaspar consults former NFL QB and current ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer about the situation. Jennifer Toland has the ground attack led by Sammy Morris opening things up for Cassel last week. Robert Lee says that despite all the injuries, the Patriots aren’t running on empty just yet.

Mark Farinella and Robert Lee each have pieces on cornerback Mike Richardson, who finally made his NFL debut on Monday night against the Broncos after being drafted by the Patriots in 2007.

Michael Felger has his Patriots Mailbag on

Gasper’s notebook looks at the suddenly bare backfield for the Patriots. Guregian’s notebook has Cassel still getting advice from Brady about his play on the field. Toland’s notebook has more on Brady’s knee. McHugh’s notebook has Wes Welker getting back to returning punts on Monday night.


Up 2-0, the Bruins allowed four unanswered goals to the Maple Leafs and fell 4-2 to Toronto at the Garden last night.

Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins turning in their biggest stinker of the season. Bob Stern says this wasn’t how it was supposed to be after Patrice Bergeron’s first goal of the season. Bud Barth has the lethargic Bruins letting the Leafs take this one right away from them. Steve Conroy has coach Claude Julien describing the Bruins effort as unacceptable. Joe Haggerty says that it wasn’t good times for the Bruins last night.

Kevin Paul Dupont has a look at P.J. Axelsson, the longest tenured Bruin, who is scheduled to be a free agent at the end of the season. Steve Buckley has Bergeron’s first goal a highlight of an otherwise dismal night. Haggerty has Bergeron coming Full Circle with his goal last night.  O’Ryan Johnson reports on a couple fans who were injured during the game. Bob Halloran says that for the Bruins, relevance is relative.

Shinzawa’s notebook has Milan Lucic shattering the glass with a second period check. Stern’s notebook has more on the big impact from Lucic. Barth’s notebook examines Boston’s struggles in the shootout. Conroy’s notebook also reports on the glass shattering hit of Lucic.

Red Sox/Celtics

Sean McAdam has the Red Sox waiting until the World Series is over to make Theo Epstein’s new deal official. Haggerty says don’t expect many changes to the Red Sox for next season. McAdam’s notebook says that Derek Lowe’s pricetag likely got too high for the Red Sox after another strong postseason.

Marc J. Spears has the Lakers talking about and wishing for a rematch with the Celtics in the NBA Finals. Mark Murphy has the Celtics looking forward to getting their rings. Frank Dell’Apa has the Celtics trying to get their bench in order.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has Greg Dickerson talking about his role as the Celtics sideline reporter for CSN.

Laurel J. Sweet and Jonathan Saltzman have more on Boston sportscasting legend Bob Gamere’s arrest on child porn charges.


7 thoughts on “Brady’s Knee in Focus

  1. The Dickerson article was quite humorous, as he explained that he will absolutely be a ‘Yes, Master…Your Wish is My Command’ kind of guy. It must be an internal struggle for someone so outspoken, so anxious for his voice and opinion to be heard, to simply ‘toe the line’ while on-camera. But Dickerson needs his paycheck, so ‘Yes, Master’ it is.


  2. Look at the morons that are screaming doom and gloow – WEEI, Borges, Hector Longo, Metrowest Daily News and Jim Donaldson – reporters and media outlets that are either exteremly critical of anyting the Patriots do, whether it’s winning a super bowl or making a draft pick, or survive on sensationalizing a story without hearing any concrete facts. It’s all the same in Boston.


  3. At the bottom of that Globe Dickerson piece…

    “In case you haven’t had enough of Manny Ramírez, Comcast SportsNet is producing a half-hour special Wednesday at 7 and 10:30 p.m., dedicated to recapping the myriad examples of Manny being Manny. Among those interviewed are Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy.”

    Breathe deeply and smell the freshness of the angle.


  4. The coverage of this Brady story is ludicrous, and worse yet, it’s causing hysteria among Pats’ fans, judging by the “comments” section of some of the online journals this morning (I love the posters who are blaming Gisele for all this, and blaming it all on “Brady’s lifestyle choices” over the last couple of years. Oh please, somebody strangle me if I have to read another comment like that!!).

    Looks like the media has another “Spygate” on their hands. You know they’re just loving it.

    Meanwhile, I’d still lay pretty good odds on the infection being stopped, no future surgeries being needed, and on seeing #12 behind center on opening day 2009.


  5. With this current crop of sports media members makes me long for the days of Bob “Two Beer” Gamere. Too bad he really screwed up his life.


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