Shots: Bradford Leaving Herald for

Rob BradfordDavid Scott on Scott’s Shots reports that Rob Bradford will be leaving the Herald at the end of this month to join WEEI full time – working on the all new

I’ve got to applaud the move by Entercom/WEEI to make this jump, you’re going to see more of this going forward, trust me. The print/radio/web/TV lines will all continue to be blurred more and more as we move into the future. Also, Bradford is the perfect guy to make this type of jump, he’s got the web/blogging experience, he’s young enough not to be stuck in the “old way” of doing things, while still experienced enough to get the big stories and access for the exclusive content is seeking.

On the other hand, with all the whining and complaining the WEEI on-air staff do about blogging and the internet, (Pete Sheppard has said that credentialed reporters blogging during games is “stupid” and he can’t imagine why anyone would ever read them.) it will be interesting to see how they spin this as it happens.

It’s a Friday after an off-day, which means its time for the minor league reports in the local newspapers. The aforementioned Rob Bradford has Pawtucket’s David Pauley in line to perhaps be a member of the USA Olympic baseball team next month in Beijing, China. Amalie Benjamin reports on youngsters Josh Reddick and Michael Almanzar. Alex Speier (at least I think its him – no byline) has a look at number of recent draftees who are proving their worth.

Steven Krasner says that Jacob Ellsbury might only be a rookie, but he is the catalyst to the Red Sox offense. Mike Fine says that Clay Buchholz should be both comforted and grateful for his return to the majors. Joe Haggerty says that the years are clearly catching up with Jason Varitek.

Get the rest of the Red Sox coverage over at

Go to to check out coverage of the Bruins Developmental camp.

Steve Bulpett says that the James Posey contract situation could drag out for awhile.



WEEI Swipes “Patriots Friday” from 890 ESPN

Patriots Friday LogoEntercom announced today that they have come to an agreement with the New England Patriots to make Fridays on WEEI during the football season “Patriots Friday” to pair with “Patriots Monday.”

Patriots Friday had aired on 890 ESPN Boston last season, but now is switching over to WEEI. The first day of programming will be on August 22nd.

The lineup of guests scheduled for Patriots Friday is as follows.

  • Vince Wilfork will be a regular guest of the Dennis and Callahan program.
  • One or more of the trio of Wes Welker, Ben Watson, and Logan Mankins will be on the Dale and Holley program.
  • Mike Vrabel and Matt Light will join the Big Show in the afternoons.

Patriots Monday will be relatively unchanged from past seasons, and will begin on August 18th.

The move is yet another blow for 890 ESPN Boston, which continues to struggle to attract listeners and ratings.

Approval Ratings – Steve Buckley

Steve BuckleySteve Buckley is the original sports media mogul in Boston.

Also known as the “Old Time Baseball Dude”, both because of his proclivity for bringing up stories and stats from the olden days of baseball, but also because of his involvement with the Oldtime Baseball Game.

Buckley has been a columnist with the Boston Herald since 1995, and has a long resume of sports writing experience, including a stint at the National Sports Daily. He’s also written for the Portland Press Herald, Boston Magazine and Yankee Magazine.

Before it came into vogue, Buckley was making appearances on all different forms of media, writing for newspapers, hosting a TV show (on NECN) and making radio appearances on WEEI.



Sox Give Twins The Broom Treatment

The Red Sox finished off a three game sweep of the Minnesota Twins with an 18-5 rout at Fenway Park yesterday.

Jeff Horrigan says that the Red Sox turned an ugly game into a pleasing one at Fenway yesterday. Amalie Benjamin has the Red Sox bats pounding out 23 hits against the Twins pitching. Steven Krasner says that this was not your basic rout. Dom Amore has the Red Sox opening a floodgate of runs on the Twins. Eric Avidon has the Red Sox overcoming a sketchy start from Josh Beckett. Garry Brown has the Sox finishing off the sweep of the Twins, who had been red hot coming into this series. Paul Jarvey reports on just another crazy day at Fenway Park. Bob Stern says that this game had a little bit of everything. Joe Haggerty has the Good Ship Francona being righted yesterday.

Tony Massarotti examines the Red Sox balanced lineup, with no league leaders, they still have the most wins in the American League. Jim Donaldson says that this was the type of game in which managers get gray hair. Or lose it altogether. Bill Burt has a look at the new and improved Jon Lester.

Michael Silverman has Jacoby Ellsbury getting back into a groove at the plate. Barbara Matson has Ellsbury picking up four hits in the effort yesterday. Baxter Holmes has Jason Varitek barely escaping a triple play. Massarotti also has a look at the red-hot Dustin Pedroia, who continues to hit everything thrown to him. Krasner says that Manny can still be Manny.

Buddy Thomas says that Derek Jeter could end up being the Yankees fall guy.

Horrigan’s notebook has J.D. Drew’s back acting up again. Benjamin’s notebook has the Red Sox offense spreading the wealth yesterday. Krasner’s notebook has some minor league awards. Amore’s notebook has the Red Sox looking forward to the day off today. Brown’s notebook has Varitek glad that the umpires reversed the call on the would-be triple play. Burt’s notebook has Beckett barely good enough yesterday.


Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins have big plans for their first round draft pick, Joe Colborne, and pens a mini-feature on the 18-year-old, six-foot-five centerman. Douglas Flynn has more on Colborne, who will play for the University of Denver this winter. Stephen Harris has a look at defenseman Andrew Bodnarchuk.


Steve Bulpett says that the price for James Posey appears to be going up. Jim Fenton says that Posey’s status should be cleared up in a day or two. Jeff Howe has Celtics first round pick J.R. Giddens grateful for his father’s sacrifice. Marc J. Spears says that the Atlantic Division just got a whole lot tougher with the additions of Elton Brand and Jermaine O’Neal.

If you haven’t already, check out Scott Benson‘s thoughts on Ben Coates’ election to the Patriots Hall of Fame, over Jim Nance.  Hector Longo says that Coates was a great tight end, but he was no Russ Francis.


Approval Ratings – Cedric Maxwell

Cedric Maxwell“I got the ball!”

With those words, Cedric Maxwell interrupted the call of broadcast partner Sean Grande as the Celtics clinched their 17th World Championship just a few weeks ago.

After an 11 year NBA career with the Celtics (who retired his number 31 in 2003), Clippers and Rockets,  Maxwell joined the Celtics radio broadcast team in 1995.

He’s developed his own signature style over the years, including the “Quack…quack…QUACK!” after a big play. This call originated while the broadcasts were on AM 1510 the Zone, which had a signal that went straight out to the ocean. The call is said to be a reference that only the ocean birds and ducks could hear the call.

Maxwell got in some hot water last year with a comment he made about referee Violet Palmer. This controversy went national in scale, and caused much discussion around various blogs on the internet and in the media. The remark was actually a dig at the style of Celtics TV announcer Tommy Heinsohn, but those who weren’t familiar with the reference assumed the worst of Maxwell.

With the Celtics resurging to a championship level this season, Maxwell has been a frequent guest on WEEI’s Big Show. He seems to have something of a beef with former teammate Larry Bird, as not a show will go by without some reference (usually initiated by the host) by Max about Bird.



Sox Come Back Late Against Twins

You know, these links aren’t all that easy to do with a newborn in your arm…

Rob Bradford has Manny Ramirez’s eighth inning home run leaving he and rest of the Red Sox all smiles as the team erased a 5-2 deficit coming into the frame and pushing them towards the eventual 6-5 Boston victory. Nick Cafardo has Manny changing the game with one swing last night. Bob Ryan also offers up a rundown of last night’s events. Joe McDonald has more on Manny and Moss bringing the Red Sox back in the eighth. Dom Amore has the Red Sox getting a huge lift from Manny’s homer last night. Garry Brown has the Red Sox benefiting from their return to Fenway this week. Paul Jarvey has another Manny moment at Fenway. Joe Haggerty has Manny hitting the big blast last night.

Sean McAdam says that if the Red Sox choose to make a trade this month, they have plenty of bait available in the minors. Tony Massarotti says that Barry Bonds could present a certain value to the Red Sox – as long as he is kept in check. Jon Couture says that Bonds is not worth the headache. Mike Fine says that Bonds is unlikely to be walking through the Red Sox clubhouse door.  Steven Krasner goes inside the game and tells us that the little things that Dustin Pedroia did last night factored big into the win. Alex Speier says that the Red Sox are confident in Jon Lester and happy to have him even without Johan Santana.

Lenny Megliola has Brandon Moss playing hero alongside Manny last night. Massarotti also has a look at Brandon Moss, who capped off the comeback last night, and continues to impress at the major league level. Baxter Holmes has more on Moss, who as a member of “El Bencho” came through when called upon. Krasner reports on Kevin Cash, who got the start behind the plate last night in place of the slumping Jason Varitek. Bill Burt says that saving Julio Lugo is becoming more and more difficult

Ryan examines the Minnesota Twins as a whole, noting how they keep contending after losing big names year after year.

Tom Kielty talks to Craig Hansen about his lack of musical taste.

Bradford’s notebook looks at the innings piling up for Jon Lester, who will now get an extended rest over the All Star break. Cafardo’s notebook has GM Theo Epstein looking to boost his club from within this month. Amore’s notebook has Terry Francona remaining calm over his team’s hitting slump. Brown’s notebook has the bullpen making some strides for the Red Sox. Jarvey’s notebook says Epstein isn’t ready to make a deal. Burt’s notebook has the Sox getting minimum salary and maximum effort from Moss.


Fluto Shinzawa has Patrice Bergeron and Manny Fernandez returning to the ice for the Bruins in their developmental camp yesterday. Stephen Harris has the two Bruins veterans standing out among the youngsters in camp. Bud Barth has Bergeron saying that he feels great, while Mike Loftus says that the pair can’t wait to get their comebacks underway. Loftus has draftee Jamie Arniel vowing to learn from his recent arrest. Shinzawa’s notebook has more on Arniel.


Steve Bulpett and Marc J. Spears give us the latest on the James Posey contract situation.

Jeff Howe has Gabe Pruitt looking forward to a new opportunity with the Celtics. Baxter Holmes has a mini-feature on C’s first round pick J.R. Giddens who insists that his troubles are behind him.

Christopher L. Gasper has Kevin Faulk pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of simple marijuana possession.

Mark Shanahan has WHDH-TV sports reporter Julie Donaldson testifying against her abusive boyfriend and detailing the incidents of violence against her.


Approval Ratings – Lenny Megliola

“Lenny Megs” is a longtime sports columnist for the Metrowest Daily News.

Megliola is a sportswriter from the old school, bringing you his observations and thoughts on sports without making himself the story.

He is a frequent guest on WEEI’s Planet Mikey with Mike Adams, and makes appearances on the weekend as well.

On television, Megliola can be seen regularly on NECN’s Sports Late Night and occasionally on other outlets.

Megliola is also passionate about the theater, having written about it in the past, and even having been a member of the Concord Players.



Approval Ratings – Craig Mustard

Craig Mustard is co-host of the weekend “Mustard and Johnson” program (aka The Preacher and the Teacher) on WEEI.

During the week, he is also a Wellesley High School English teacher.

Mustard was one of the original crew of WEEI, back when the station first went to the all sports format. In fact, he was one of the “stars” of the station, teaming with Tom Doyle for the Mustard and Doyle show.

Known as a huge Roger Clemens fan, Mustard severed his allegiance with the Red Sox and became a Yankees fan. His program with Larry Johnson on the weekends is dominated by Yankees talk, with Yankee fans calling into the program constantly.

He was also a Drew Bledsoe fan, but didn’t switch over to following the Bills when Bledsoe was traded.



Sox Fall In NY

Yankee rookie Brett Gardner plated the winning run last night in the tenth inning with a two out single off of Jonathan Papelbon to give New York a 5-4 win over the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

Gordon Edes is upset that Manny Ramirez didn’t swing at any pitches from Mariano Rivera during a pinch hitting appearance in the ninth inning. Michael Silverman has the Sox stumbling on the final game of their road trip. Joe McDonald has the details of the Yankees win, which earned them a split of the four game series. Jeff Goldberg has the Red Sox road trip ending in disappointment.

Bob Ryan is ready to hit the panic button, as he says this trip sowed seeds of doubt that this Red Sox team will bring us another duck boat parade in October. Bill Ballou says that this road trip likely shook the Red Sox confidence.

Amalie Benjamin examines the seven All Star selections from the Red Sox roster. John Tomase also has a look at the magnificent seven for the Sox. Sean McAdam looks at how a second-place team can have Seven All-Stars on its roster. McDonald says that selecting the stars was no easy task for Terry Francona. Jason Dachman has a look at a few of the Sox left out of the festivities. Ballou has more on the seven selections for Boston.

Tony Massarotti has Jason Varitek making the squad despite his lengthy slump. McDonald has Mike Lowell disappointed he didn’t make the club. McDonald also has Dustin Pedroia as a deserving selection. He also talks to J.D. Drew and Jason Varitek about their selections.

Benjamin also has a look at the poor outing from Jonathan Papelbon, which earned the Sox closer the loss last night. Tomase says that the loss didn’t sit well with Papelbon, who thought he had strike three on Gardner two pitches prior to the winning hit. Sean McAdam has Papelbon discussing his frustrations. Massarotti is also scratching his head over the Ramirez at-bat against Rivera.

Peter DeMarco has a feature in the Globe about the guy who does the Red Sox laundry. Yes, you read that right.

McDonald has a look at Joba Chamberlain throwing at Youkilis again. Massarotti has more on Kevin Youkilis and Chamberlain crossing paths once again. Meanwhile, McDonald, continuing his All Star series, has Youkilis being named to his first All-Star team. Massarotti says that the Red Sox could be looking for a catcher or shortstop at the trade deadline.

Nick Cafardo has a look at Mike Mussina, who didn’t make the All Star team despite 11 wins to this point in the season. Ryan points out that the ballpark being closed at the end of this season is actually the ‘second’ Yankee Stadium, not the original, where Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle played. Cafardo has a look at last night’s hero, rookie Brett Gardner, who is filling in for Johnny Damon. Mitch Abramson says that Gardner was an unlikely hero for the Yankees.

Edes’ notebook has Terry Francona giving Ramirez the night off against Joba Chamberlain and the Yankees. Silverman’s notebook has Mike Lowell being left out of the All Star mix. McAdam’s notebook has more on Manny’s lifeless at-bat. Goldberg’s notebook has the Youk-Joba grudge alive and well.

The 4th of July Friday Megalinks

Ken from Fang’s Bites with the Friday megalinks. I hope your 4th is going well wherever you are.

Starting with your weekend viewing then we’ll see how many media columns we actually have on this holiday 4th.

Weekend Viewing Picks

Red Sox-Yankees and Breakfast at Wimbledon dominate the viewing this weekend.

The Red Sox-Yankees take precedence on the national broadcasts this weekend meaning NESN will not have any of the games. On Saturday, Fox25 and 64 will have Red Sox-Yankees at 3:55 p.m. with everyone’s favorites, Joe “I Love the Bachelorette” Buck and Tim “I love Derek Jeter” McCarver. Then ESPN’s duo of Jon Miller and Joe “The 1976 Reds were the Greatest Team” Morgan will call the Sunday night game at 8:05 p.m. TBS will have the Cubs-Cards at 3 p.m. Sunday, following the All Star Game Selection Show at 2. WGN will carry Oakland at the White Sox, Sunday at 2.

NBC has its traditional Breakfast at Wimbledon with the Ladies’ Singles Final between the Williams sisters on Saturday, then the Gentlemen’s Singles on Sunday between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Both finals will begin at 9 a.m. on 7NBC and NBC10.

NASCAR is in Daytona for its 4th of July holiday weekend race. TNT carries the Coke Zero 400 Saturday night at 8.

The U.S. Olympic Trials in both swimming and track & field resume. NBC has primetime coverage of swimming throughout the holiday weekend at 8 p.m. ET. They’re also streamed on The track & field trials are on USA tonight at 11, then on NBC Saturday afternoon at 5 and again Sunday at 7 p.m.

The Tour de France begins this weekend and Versus has all day coverage Saturday and Sunday of the month-long bike race.

The PGA Tour heads to Congressional in Maryland for the AT&T National. CBS has weekend coverage beginning at 3 p.m. Saturday. CBS also carries the LPGA Tour stop in Arkansas at 1 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.

Formula 1 racing stops for the British Grand Prix which Fox has at 1 p.m. Sunday.

The Indy Car series is at Watkins Glen on ABC Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

And boxing fans can watch the WBO Jr. Welterweight title fight on Showtime this Saturday at 11 p.m.

Now to your links.


Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch talks with TBS MLB analyst Cal Ripken, Jr.

Let’s go West to East today.


We’ll start with Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News who likes FSN’s new Baseball’s Golden Age series which premieres this Sunday (check your local listings). Tom also has his extensive media notes.

In the Los Angeles Times’ Sound and Vision column, Larry Stewart says Baseball’s Golden Age is must-see viewing.

Jim Carlisle of the Ventura County Star writes that TBS got it right this year by putting the All Star Game Selection Show before its MLB game.

John Maffei of the North County Times says baseball isn’t your only viewing option this weekend.

Jay Posner from the San Diego Union-Tribune says Baseball’s Golden Age is very enjoyable.

Scott D. Pierce of the Deseret (UT) Morning News writes ESPN gave Utah a nice showcase during last weekend’s Arena Football League playoff game.


Paul Christian in the Rochester (MN) Post-Bulletin says FSN’s Baseball’s Golden Age is worth watching.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes that FSN North is trying out a new center field camera for Twins games.

Ted Cox of the Chicago Daily Herald says his readers are split over former WSCR host Mike North.

Teddy Greenstein from the Chicago Tribune wonders why the World Series of Poker is going to take a four month break for the finals. Teddy has his Weekend Viewing Picks.

Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says Americans prefer watching international soccer than MLS.

Michael Zuidema of the Grand Rapids Press also likes Baseball’s Golden Age.

In the Akron Beacon Journal, George M. Thomas raves about Baseball’s Golden Age.


The Daily Oklahoman’s Mel Bracht says Sonics’ radio announcer Matt Pinto will be moving to Oklahoma City with the team from Seattle. Mel does a Q&A on where the new Sonics will be heard and seen. Mel also discusses FSN’s new series on Baseball’s Golden Age. And Mel has his weekend viewing picks.

Ray Buck of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram talks with ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst and former Texas Rangers manager Buck Showalter.

David Barron of the Houston Chronicle warns not to sound the death knell for NFL Films just yet. And David writes that the radio rights for the Astros are in play.

Dave Darling from the Orlando Sentinel also gives a good review to Baseball’s Golden Age.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald talks with Fox Sports’ Joe Buck who’s now backtracking on his comments that he doesn’t watch baseball and prefers watching “The Bachelorette”.

Doug Nye of the State wonders why the TV networks won’t show baseball on the 4th of July.

East and Mid-Atlantic

Tim Lemke of the Washington Times wonders why NBC has to tape delay the Wimbledon men’s semifinals.

Ray Frager of the Baltimore Sun also writes about Joe Buck’s anti-baseball comments on ESPN Radio earlier this week.

Bob Smizik of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes that 1250 ESPN is doing a parade of hosts auditioning for Mark Madden’s chair including Andy Gresh, formerly of the Score in Providence.

The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick wishes SNY would stop sugarcoating Mets’ losses. And the Post has five questions for TBS’ Harold Reynolds.

Richard Sandomir of the New York Times has Joe Buck backtracking even further on his comments that he dosn’t watch baseball.

Newsday’s Neil Best has video of Whitney Houston lip-synching her stirring rendition of the National Anthem during Super Bowl XXV.

That’s going to do it. Enjoy your holiday weekend.