“Lenny Megs” is a longtime sports columnist for the Metrowest Daily News.

Megliola is a sportswriter from the old school, bringing you his observations and thoughts on sports without making himself the story.

He is a frequent guest on WEEI’s Planet Mikey with Mike Adams, and makes appearances on the weekend as well.

On television, Megliola can be seen regularly on NECN’s Sports Late Night and occasionally on other outlets.

Megliola is also passionate about the theater, having written about it in the past, and even having been a member of the Concord Players.



56 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Lenny Megliola

  1. Seems like a nice fella, but sounds disturbingly like Larry Johnson. Like LJ, adds nothing except for extremely conventional “wisdom.” Epitome of a small-time sportswriter. Should stick to his knitting in MetroWest.


  2. Aided and abetted Ted Sarandis for over a decade for little, if any, money.

    142 years old and no gray hair?


  3. Love the “right?” Big fan of the “right?” I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything by him, though.

    What are we voting on again?

  4. “Megliola is a sportswriter from the old school, bringing you his observations and thoughts on sports without making himself the story.”

    By this statement alone, Lenny Megs gets an approve.

  5. I can’t get past the regular appearances on Planet Shiitskull. He was also a regular collector of Teddy Twenties on the old Sarandis show. Maybe Lenny just likes the time slot. He writes a column?


  6. Lenny Megs? No gunt? Says Right too often like Elegant Elliot Offen.

    Tepid Guntless approve.

  7. He’s decent, right? Does a lot of Celtics stuff, but on the day after DJ passed away, he sat in with Adams and had ML Carr on. Lenny asks ML why he never got into coaching. And ML responds that Lenny should know he was coaching because Lenny wrote a story about ML being dismissed by Pitino right after Rick came to town.

    A great story, riiiiiiggghhhtt?

  8. Only time I ever heard him he was going on and on about “papelbaum” which sounds like something Benedict puts on his sunburn…HEYOOO! Tip your waitresses!

    Just for the David Leisure haircut I want to approve, but the Mass. accent that makes Cliff Clavin sound like John Houseman says DISAPPROVE

    1. Chico, I think you’re the man!

      BTW was David Leisure at his best on “Empty Nest” or those classic Isuzu commercials?

  9. Turtleneck be damned, I’m voting approve! Looks like the kind of older guy you see at Dunky’s on his 5th black coffee complaining about EVERYTHING.

  10. Did serious combat time along side Ted “The Humorless Ghoul” Sarandis. Will be cashing in $20 gift certificates at the Half-Way Cafe until 2015.

    One of the few older generation writers that hasn’t morphed into an angry old sports hating dick.

    Love of local theater shows that he’s at least as well rounded as the wildly popular Craig Mustard.

    Can eat like a vacuum cleaner with teeth but never gain weight.

    Most importantly, he appears in this classic photo with America’s Slob, Pete Sheppard, and a pancake makeup wearing Steve Buckley…


  11. I’m with you on the curmudgeoney qualities, I’d also say he bears a slight resemblance to the late George Carlin minus the goatee.

    Not sure, but I think Lenny may have had a Carlinesque ‘stache back in the day.

  12. He doesn’t make himself the story, but he doesn’t seem to make the story the story either – borrr-ing! Like the kind of older guy who keeps telling you about how great Dick Raditz was back in the day. Whatever… These guys must work for bottlecaps.

  13. A real Everyman – a Jewish first name, an Italian last name, and a voice from Southie. I appreciate the longevity and all but that’s not enough to approve, and I can’t really put my finger on a serious negative, so I propose a new category: MEGLIOLA.

  14. …..Looks like one of those old, “lounge lizards” that used to hang out at discos in the 70’s….but all in all harmless….I’ll give him a lukewarm approve

  15. “Looks like I’m wearing a turtleneck under this sportcoat, right? Joke’s on you, pal….it’s a dickey. No sleeves, just neck and shoulders, which is all anybody sees anyway, right?”

    1. Maybe to try and garner the older listening demographic in Boston they should market Megliola’s appearances as “You should’ve listened to the Dickey.”

  16. David Leisure was best in Empty Nest..I was really hoping he’d get to go family style on Big Dick Mulligan’s daughters, I was in the early stages of puberty and was living vicariously…

  17. Even though he has a voice made for print, he gets an approve. He is the only thing that has made WEEI listenable at night. I am worried about his back as he has been carrying Mike Adams for years.

  18. I’m sure he’s a fine sportswriter, but his electronic media appearances are positively cringe-worthy because of that nervous tick, or whatever it is, that compels him to say “right” every 4th or 5th sentence.


  19. A dickey? I knew I should’ve listened to Dickey!

    Sorry, guess this isn’t the Boston weathermen approval poll.

  20. His picture should be in the encyclopedia next to the word, ‘Uncle.’ He just looks like the prototype of what an uncle should look like…a crazy uncle or otherwise. The kind you were scared to be left alone with when you were a kid. For that reason I vote ‘Disapprove,’ even though I have no clue who he is. I refuse to listen to the shows he is on, because I think that ‘Mikey’ dude is also ‘uncle’ material.

    1. You must have had quite the uncles then. We don’t know what you mean. The rest of us are wondering about what your childhood was like!

  21. He gave Dick Williams the idea to install a volleyball court on the spring training field .. actually saw a lot of the things Buckley pretends to have seen .. breeds champion Wheaten Terriers .. wears white socks with dress shoes .. deadly from the three point line .. prefers wallpaper to paint

  22. Worked at MetroWest for five years, never once saw him in the office. Finally saw him on tv once, confirming that the man actually does exist. I previously thought he was no more than an illusion.

  23. Approved for doing time with Teddy “EIGHT!” Serandis. I mean, what are you doing in life if you aren’t at Conte Forum. Wow!

  24. little known trivia; has had a minor role in every david lynch movie since elephant man, for some reason only made it into one episode of twin peaks. best role might have been frank booth’s sidekick in blue velvet. ‘to your health frank….right?’

  25. Disapprove!!

    Bottom line- this guy shouldn’t be on the air in ANY market. I’ve never read his stuff in the paper and I’m sure he’s a decent writer…but he’s terrible terrible terrible on the radio.

    Why does he say ‘right’ so much, anyway. Can’t he stop himself?? It’s irritating as all heck. I’m sure people tell him but apparently he just doesn’t care..

  26. can someone tell Chris he needs to get a life! Unbeleivable!! Go jump into the atlentic will ya!!

  27. Never read his stuff but thumbs up for putting up with Adams on a regular basis and any man that wears a dickey is the bomb-diggity in my book.

  28. WEEI puts him on at night with Adams on the nights that the Red Sox are on ‘RKO. Is there anyone listening on those nights?

    I would guess he makes peanuts working for the MetroWest Daily News. The gift certificates he gets from ‘EEI allows him to go to the Halfway Cafe with the missus once a week.

    I don’t read his stuff, but I will give him an APPROVE, just for his years of service. Hey, what do you guys think of Craig Mustard? I hope we get a crack at Buckley soon. Those poll results should be interesting.

    Hey, has anyone heard Brian Daubach on the Big Show yet? If you hear him speak on the air it will be the first time. I listened for an hour in the car and didn’t hear his voice once.

  29. That guy chris keeps on writing just so he will be number one in this poll for most comments. Trouble is its all mumbo-jumbo!! he is the ultimate “get-a-lifer”!

  30. Growing up I had no cable or Boston Globe subsription, so I had to rely on Lenny Mags in the Middlesex News to get all the pertinent information on Carlos Quintana’s gunshot wound or Nick Esasky’s vertigo. 20 years in the making…approve!

  31. Lenny is a good guy! Doesn’t that count for anything in this town? He is real….and definitley not a fake. That means something to me, I don’t know about the rest of you lynch mob personas!

    1. It apparently counts for an approval rating above 70 percent. Not sure what more you want, Duke.

  32. I always thought he was big time because he was so visible at the scorer’s table during the Celts heydey. Didn’t make sense that he wrote for a dopey afternoon local.

  33. Despite his affinity for All Things Flutie (at least in print), I like the guy. Approve.

  34. I rarely listened to Ted Sarandis and never listen to Adams, so I have limited exposure to Lenny. When I have listened to him, he seems like a decent, innocuous fellow. Approve.

  35. Con: Sounds like LJ. Pros: Everything else. Approve, and would love to have a beer with the guy.

  36. Good guy and a legend that’s covered nearly every Boston sports event that’s mattered over the last 25 years. That’s enough for me to approve…all the haters need to pick on somebody else, because LennyMegs stands for everything that’s right in the sportswriting business.

  37. Approve. Considering all the media creeps in this town, a decent guy like Lenny deserves some credit. That picture does give one pause, though. Kind of reminds me of what Michael J. Pollard, that weird actor from the ’60s, might look like now.

  38. Disapprove…..He’s a huge Flutie suck up who doesn’t miss a chance to write about any Flutie offspring from Doug to his 2 year niece.

    He’s a Flutie PR machine.

  39. Seems like a kind old gentlemen. I’d rather have him as my grandfather than as my radio sports talk entertainment. Never read any of his stuff at the MetroWest. From what I understand, he’s a good writer.

    One thing that I can’t stand is guys on the radio with absurd Boston accents. It just sounds like someone handed a 40 year old hack a microphone. Not to say Lenny is a hack I just like to listen to people who make articulate arguments and sports conversation with a nice broadcasting voice. Not “pehhhrkins is a great playa”

    1. come on—dont tell me you a fan of the vanilla espn or fox sports drones–those goons couldnt buy a personality if they tried

  40. Hey you knuckleheads stop dissing LJ–

    Lenny is a bit of a company man and does not take a stand or offer anything beyond the ordinary

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