Steve BuckleySteve Buckley is the original sports media mogul in Boston.

Also known as the “Old Time Baseball Dude”, both because of his proclivity for bringing up stories and stats from the olden days of baseball, but also because of his involvement with the Oldtime Baseball Game.

Buckley has been a columnist with the Boston Herald since 1995, and has a long resume of sports writing experience, including a stint at the National Sports Daily. He’s also written for the Portland Press Herald, Boston Magazine and Yankee Magazine.

Before it came into vogue, Buckley was making appearances on all different forms of media, writing for newspapers, hosting a TV show (on NECN) and making radio appearances on WEEI.



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  1. just watched -11/18/09-a movie playing on comcast ondemand titled “Cooperstown. It stars Alan Arkin as an old baseball scout who is miffed that he is not in the Hall of Fame. The movie is one of the best baseball movies I have ever seen. It took me totally by surprise.
    Also one of the greatest movie lines i ever heard about sportswriters but you’ll have to watch the film itself to hear it.


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