Yankee rookie Brett Gardner plated the winning run last night in the tenth inning with a two out single off of Jonathan Papelbon to give New York a 5-4 win over the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

Gordon Edes is upset that Manny Ramirez didn’t swing at any pitches from Mariano Rivera during a pinch hitting appearance in the ninth inning. Michael Silverman has the Sox stumbling on the final game of their road trip. Joe McDonald has the details of the Yankees win, which earned them a split of the four game series. Jeff Goldberg has the Red Sox road trip ending in disappointment.

Bob Ryan is ready to hit the panic button, as he says this trip sowed seeds of doubt that this Red Sox team will bring us another duck boat parade in October. Bill Ballou says that this road trip likely shook the Red Sox confidence.

Amalie Benjamin examines the seven All Star selections from the Red Sox roster. John Tomase also has a look at the magnificent seven for the Sox. Sean McAdam looks at how a second-place team can have Seven All-Stars on its roster. McDonald says that selecting the stars was no easy task for Terry Francona. Jason Dachman has a look at a few of the Sox left out of the festivities. Ballou has more on the seven selections for Boston.

Tony Massarotti has Jason Varitek making the squad despite his lengthy slump. McDonald has Mike Lowell disappointed he didn’t make the club. McDonald also has Dustin Pedroia as a deserving selection. He also talks to J.D. Drew and Jason Varitek about their selections.

Benjamin also has a look at the poor outing from Jonathan Papelbon, which earned the Sox closer the loss last night. Tomase says that the loss didn’t sit well with Papelbon, who thought he had strike three on Gardner two pitches prior to the winning hit. Sean McAdam has Papelbon discussing his frustrations. Massarotti is also scratching his head over the Ramirez at-bat against Rivera.

Peter DeMarco has a feature in the Globe about the guy who does the Red Sox laundry. Yes, you read that right.

McDonald has a look at Joba Chamberlain throwing at Youkilis again. Massarotti has more on Kevin Youkilis and Chamberlain crossing paths once again. Meanwhile, McDonald, continuing his All Star series, has Youkilis being named to his first All-Star team. Massarotti says that the Red Sox could be looking for a catcher or shortstop at the trade deadline.

Nick Cafardo has a look at Mike Mussina, who didn’t make the All Star team despite 11 wins to this point in the season. Ryan points out that the ballpark being closed at the end of this season is actually the ‘second’ Yankee Stadium, not the original, where Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle played. Cafardo has a look at last night’s hero, rookie Brett Gardner, who is filling in for Johnny Damon. Mitch Abramson says that Gardner was an unlikely hero for the Yankees.

Edes’ notebook has Terry Francona giving Ramirez the night off against Joba Chamberlain and the Yankees. Silverman’s notebook has Mike Lowell being left out of the All Star mix. McAdam’s notebook has more on Manny’s lifeless at-bat. Goldberg’s notebook has the Youk-Joba grudge alive and well.


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  1. There is a chance–probably a modest (but growing) one–that neither the Red Sox nor the Yankees will be among the American League representatives when the Playoffs commence. Looked at with complete gloom by folks in both cities, this likelihood is probably a good thing for baseball in general because it diffuses the notion that Major League baseball is all about Boston and New York. Too many wheels have fallen off the Red Sox wagon for our fortunes to magically ignite. Waiting for some ‘inevitable’ fall from grace by the Tampa Bay Rays is probably going to be a fruitless exercise as well.


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