Rob BradfordDavid Scott on Scott’s Shots reports that Rob Bradford will be leaving the Herald at the end of this month to join WEEI full time – working on the all new

I’ve got to applaud the move by Entercom/WEEI to make this jump, you’re going to see more of this going forward, trust me. The print/radio/web/TV lines will all continue to be blurred more and more as we move into the future. Also, Bradford is the perfect guy to make this type of jump, he’s got the web/blogging experience, he’s young enough not to be stuck in the “old way” of doing things, while still experienced enough to get the big stories and access for the exclusive content is seeking.

On the other hand, with all the whining and complaining the WEEI on-air staff do about blogging and the internet, (Pete Sheppard has said that credentialed reporters blogging during games is “stupid” and he can’t imagine why anyone would ever read them.) it will be interesting to see how they spin this as it happens.

It’s a Friday after an off-day, which means its time for the minor league reports in the local newspapers. The aforementioned Rob Bradford has Pawtucket’s David Pauley in line to perhaps be a member of the USA Olympic baseball team next month in Beijing, China. Amalie Benjamin reports on youngsters Josh Reddick and Michael Almanzar. Alex Speier (at least I think its him – no byline) has a look at number of recent draftees who are proving their worth.

Steven Krasner says that Jacob Ellsbury might only be a rookie, but he is the catalyst to the Red Sox offense. Mike Fine says that Clay Buchholz should be both comforted and grateful for his return to the majors. Joe Haggerty says that the years are clearly catching up with Jason Varitek.

Get the rest of the Red Sox coverage over at

Go to to check out coverage of the Bruins Developmental camp.

Steve Bulpett says that the James Posey contract situation could drag out for awhile.



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  1. Is it true that his real name is Rob Haverhill? I don’t like people who forget where they came from. DISAPPROVE!!


  2. I think I like Bradford, but is Gary from Chapel Hill coming with him? On that abortion of a Herald blog, Bradford’s responsible for barely half of it.

    Of course, there’s also the fact that ‘EEI is throwing in the towel and recognizing “blogs” as a valuable medium. Where will Glenn direct his scorn and disgust now?


  3. Good Scott’s Shots today. How about the cushy gig Simmons has going? That cat never writes anymore. Maybe once a month, he’ll formulate a couple of half thought out opinions while sitting on the can in the morning and post them.


  4. Great move by EEI.
    And Pete says a lot of stupid things. He’s a self-absorbed, whiney moron.


  5. Seems to be a good move for Bradford as the newspaper industry is becoming extinct…although I’m having trouble picturing what he’s going to do for full time…it can’t be just blogging. I hope he continues to write a lot as a columnnist because I have zero interst in reading blogs during games…


    1. I don’t honestly know how the radio business (read: Entercomm) can afford to pay more salaries. Their business is going the same direction that the newspaper business is: South. So Bradford is likely trading one tenuous situation for another. In the end, there are no more ‘sure bets’ in the media business. Even the supposed ‘savior’ of media–the Internet–has its hits and misses. I don’t go to at all, and I’m certainly not going to visit the site now that Bradford is there. The major Internet portals rule the roost, and that’s how it’ll continue to be.


      1. As long as there are cars there is a captive radio audience. Its tough to watch tv or surf the web while driving. You only alternative is music and those formats are dying left and right. You might go mp3 or cd or something but even that is not proving to be a real threat to talk radio. Entercomm makes money hand over fist, as do Clear Channel and several other multistation/per market conglomerates. ($400 mill guaranteed to Rush Limbaugh, estimates say Sean Hanniety might get north of $100 mill) Last I checked WEEI is one of the most profitable media entities in the country. In any event, if they want to start building into an actual media property they need to have identifiable voices (writers) providing content. Bradford is as good as any I guess. What I do not understand is why WEEI or Entercomm wants to be in the news gathering or even blogging business in the first place. I do not see how it compliments its core business. If they are making the position to groom Bradford for a future prime show (they cannot get rid of Mike Holley or Mike Adams fast enough for me) then this is as good a way as any to prepare him. Seems to me there are more cost effective ways to get into the blogging business than hiring an ex major daily beat writer.. So there has to be more to this.


      2. Are you kidding? ‘EEI sells spots for at least $2,500 minute during drive times, and I am probably being totally conservative. Though the medium isn’t strong, WEEI is a giant.

        Bradford will give ‘EEI something it doesn’t have. A journalist. He will be in the locker-room breaking news for them, he’ll do hits on the Red Sox Network, he’ll continue his guest spots on the Big Show, he’ll do on-air reports on all the shows.

        WFAN has similar reporters for the Yanks and the Mets. The blogging is only a bonus.

        I’d prefer ‘EEI actually hiring people trained in radio so they have folks who know the nuance of broadcasting, but this is the next best thing.

        Between this and ‘EEI taking Patriots Friday, it looks like they are looking to throw the death-blow to 890.


      3. …ahhh, I think you are incorrect sir….I really don’t think the radio business is “going south”, at least not as far as WEEI goes…(I’m not talking about their programming)…just what evidence do you have that the “radio business is going south”??


  6. Pete Sheppard ought put down his triple-bacon, ham and cheese sub long enough to stop by a Best Buy and look at these newfangled gadgets called “cellphones.” Then he should find the person under 25 who watches TV without simultaneously browsing the Internet either on his phone or PC.

    It’s a multitasking world we live in today. Of course, Sheppard thinks the reason we have two hands is to eat twice as much and in half the time.


  7. Ordway went quiet about “guys in their mom’s basement on the internet” right about the time WEEI finally got their web site going. No doubt Jason told him to stop badmouthing internet users.


  8. Now if we can only get Jackie Mac to write about basketball on to join the other two strong in THEIR sports… will be something to be hold & we have the makings of something here……..


  9. Rob,

    I understand you are related to Governor Bradford. I am related to John Adams and Sam Adams. Any chance we might be related? Please call me at 978-549=8425, I would like to discuss this possibility with you.

    Robert Albee
    Maynard, MA


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