Craig Mustard is co-host of the weekend “Mustard and Johnson” program (aka The Preacher and the Teacher) on WEEI.

During the week, he is also a Wellesley High School English teacher.

Mustard was one of the original crew of WEEI, back when the station first went to the all sports format. In fact, he was one of the “stars” of the station, teaming with Tom Doyle for the Mustard and Doyle show.

Known as a huge Roger Clemens fan, Mustard severed his allegiance with the Red Sox and became a Yankees fan. His program with Larry Johnson on the weekends is dominated by Yankees talk, with Yankee fans calling into the program constantly.

He was also a Drew Bledsoe fan, but didn’t switch over to following the Bills when Bledsoe was traded.



129 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Craig Mustard

  1. From Wikipedia:

    A pedant [is] a person who is overly concerned with formalism and precision, or who makes a show of learning.

    Mustard is the most pedantic personality on the radio.

    My most hearty disaproval yet for this pseudo-intellectual claptrap that passes for sports radio.

  2. I wouldn’t mind Craig, except for the condescending attitude. That I can’t forgive. I can understand it — because, let’s face it, the people who are calling in to that graveyard shift of a show are the hard core people-who-just-like-to-hear-themselves-talk, so I can see how it would drive any semi-intelligent person nuts. But I don’t excuse it, and don’t want to listen to it.

    1. You’re calling Mustard ‘semi-intelligent?’ Wow…that’s a step up for him. Also, Best metaphor BY FAR: ‘Teeth like niblet corn.’

      1. You are incorrect, Chris. “Teeth like niblet corn” is a simile and not a metaphor. Mr. Mustard would be quite disappointed.

  3. Disapprove.

    Gets his marching orders directly from the Mass. Teachers Assn. and puts in a solid 8 months of work a year.

    Craig teaches a FILM class. In what Motherf*&^ing alternate universe did FILM class become part of the high school curriculum?

    He’s the reason I vote against every Prop. 2 1/2 override I can.

    Constantly picks on Catfish (that’s sort of like picking on Corky from Life Goes On) for not being able to think outside of Route 495.

    I think it was Woody Allen who once said, “Those who can’t teach.”

    Mr. No Child Left Behind quickly left the gritty inner city and Charlestown High for the greener pastures of Wellesley.

    I’m sure that Craig we’ll be moving from Canton to say, oh Mattapan or Dorchester so his spawn can enjoy the magic and multi-cultarism that is the Boston Public School System.

    1. Not quite. Liberal activists want YOU to move to Mattapan or Dorchester while they stay in Canton. It’s a massive collection of ‘don’t do as I do; do as I say’ folks.

  4. Tree hugging , member of peta whose saturday morning show is like slicing your wrists and laying in a hot bath. Plus his teeth rival Austin Powers

  5. Approve–WEEI is like Howard Stern was 10 years ago; no one admits to listening or enjoying the show, but the ratings prove otherwise. There must be at least ten comments a day claiming they don’t listen anymore—admit it; WEEI is mindless radio, and Mustard and Johnson have carved out a niche for themselves that some enjoy. Rooke and Halloran would not last one month(yes, I listened this morning and they suck, especially Halloran–he is without a doubt the dumbest of the dumb.

    1. Cam…..the ratings at ‘EEI are all about the insane sports run this town has been on this decade and the profound lack of competition, not the “talent” at ‘EEI.

      1. Agreed. Whenever I get to listen to National shows, I am struck by the absolute quality difference. The teams run this town, not the media.

        1. WEEI’s ratings are about as good in the down times as they are when things are good. Something about “The Fellowship of the Miserable”. Agree that there are some good national shows, but WEEI will always be more popular, and sorry, it does have to do with the hosts. I agree with the guy who made the Stern analogy. Whenever I am out with a group of guys and a sports discussion ensues, it seems like multiple people offer perspectives they can attribute to WEEI personalities. Lots of people are listening and lots of people like it.

      2. absolutely. if you could train monkeys to talk, let them host, keep the whiner line & interview guests regularly, the ratings would not be any different. That’s why Ordway’s (et al) ivory-tower arrogance is baffling.

  6. my dad did the same thing (switching from Red Sox to Yankees) after the 2003 series and I didn’t start talking sports with him until this year when the Celtics picked up.

    Disapproved of it when it was my own father.

    Mustard doesn’t stand a chance.

    1. ….sorry but anybody who “switches” from Red Sox fan to Yankee fan (or vice-versa for that matter) was never really a baseball fan to begin with…

  7. Having regular callers reflects positively on the hosts. Craig Mustard actually develops rapports with his callers and rarely shouts them down.

    Plus, he’s a good guy. Ask any kid or parent at Wellesley High. He’s got a very good name in that town.

    Other than Dennis and Callahan, Craig’s is the only show I listen to, because he understands Red Sox/Yankee history better than anybody on radio.

    To describe the rest of the programming on that radio station as “awful” would be unduly complimentary.


    1. Mitch, since when did the acceptance of parents in a local community rule you an effective sports radio personality? Uh, since never. Don’t get caught up in mixing the issues. He can be Mr. Perfect in his local town. That doesn’t mean his awful approval rating as a sports jock isn’t well desereved.

  8. How does this guy qualify as a sports radio host? Being an English teacher, I understand it’s an all consuming job that leaves little free time for yourself during the week. That said, when does this t-shirt do his “research”? He doesn’t…he skims the Herald and watches 10 minutes of Sportscenter, thus qualifying him as a radio host. For that, he fails.

    Also, he disagrees just for the sake of disagreeing. That makes him disingenuous at best. This is why Saturdays are the days I like to pop in a new CD in my car stereo.

  9. I need more mustard! more mustard!! I so looooook 4ward to saturday mornings. Come on you spineless jason wolfe. Get him back on sundays too. Give the people what they want(#1 weekend show on all of radio in boston 25-49)

  10. Any man that can recite beatle songs, shakespeare, newest words in Webster & the date & inning something happened from 1978 has to be the best sportstalk show host in this city! he is the best by far! HE IS FAR SUPERIOR to be just a sportstalk show host! That sure does prove it…….

  11. A pompous jerk teaching the sons and daughters of pompous jerks to grow up to be pompous jerks.


  12. I don’t know what’s scarier: the knee jerk teacher bashing on this comments section (which is probably one reason why this country gets progressively dumber every year) or the fact that people actually LIKE Mustard and Johnson. It’s basically two old ladies bickering while Yankee fans call in all morning. SWAT teams should use this show as white noise to end standoffs. One second of Frank from Gloucester making nice with the “Reverand” is all you’d need.

  13. Nearly 1 out of 3 votes for Mustard is in the ‘APPROVE’ category. Yet the ratio of APPROVE comments is more like 1 out of 10. Clearly, the number of APPROVE votes is much higher than it should be (as a percentage of the total), and it should therefore be heavily discounted.

  14. Wow – This is really absurd. I don’t think I could work up this much rage against Bin Laden, let alone some guy who talks about sports on the radio. I’ll be sure to ignore the Approval Ratings from now on.

  15. THE Negative always outdoes the positive votes…on these votings-thats why i am speaking up for a change! DUKE is right…..its number 1 on weekends. We should be getting MORE of it, not less!

  16. Clamoring for MORE Mustard and Johnson on the weekends (isn’t the show 5 laborious hours already?) is akin to the kid at the front of the class reminding the teacher at 2pm on friday to assign some homework for the weekend, except the homework is to take one’s apple bag, drop it on a work bench, and go after it with a ball peen hammer like it was on fire

  17. Hey Chris……my real first name is chris too & your giving all of us with your first name a bad name! You think you are the “voice’ of all fans & you are definitley not! Tell us your favorite talkshow host?? Put your opionion out there so we know where you stand & stop hiding behind ludicrous accusations! Anybody can do that funny guy!!!

  18. Mustard always treats me with class whenever i call in unlike the other “bigshots” on that station. Even when i want to talk hockey as i did during his superb weeknight show in the early 90’s…he gave me the time. Its amazing noone gets his humour. Its definitley a cut above the others!

    1. That’s true Willie, in the days before Planet Mikey, Ted Nation and Guardian Jimmy Myers there was Craig doing the 7-to-midnight shift on the ol’ 590. I remember calling in one summer night when he spent five hours getting people to talk about their favorite brand of potato chips.

  19. If he professes to be such a large Clemens fan, why did his allegiances not transfer to the Blue Jays or Astros?

    Smells like poser to me.

  20. I like the guy. Does not scream and yell about nothing. I really don’t care what teams the hosts root for, it is not going to change who I root for, and the cheerleader stuff is boring. I prefer a critical voice as long as they are rational about it.

  21. I remember his night time show it was back when the celtics owned 590. I don’t know if he was still there when they flipped to the old HDH spot. The doyle show was a desperation move after Andy Moses crashed and burned. As soon as Imus went syndicated that show was going to be history.

    I think he is ok on Sat I would prefer he have a more intelligent partner. When LJ started his pro XFL stance I wrote him off.

  22. Ooooh… I’ve been waiting for this for sooooo long… DISSAPPROVE

    Outside of perhaps John Dennis, the most arrogant oaf on the station. Bashes Red Sox fans and calls himself ‘objective’ as if he’s special and we’re not. Bandwagon jumper who abandoned all loyalty to the Sox and hence should not be on a radio station in this area!!!!! Huge, huge Clemens fan for so long, even abandoned the team because of him, yet backed off so much once Clemens was revealed as a fraud.

    This guy SUCKS! 🙂

  23. Its funny how the truth hurts & people cry how arrogant he is. Have they listened to the other shows on that station, especially the weekday ones? Will the get-a-lifer chris stop writing on here & talk out of his other end????

  24. Come on….when you have to swear on here….something is wrong and the problem is you! Go listen to howard stern then “steve from yellowsone”. I will say it: Your An Idiot!!!! You dont even deserve to own a radio!!!!

  25. Am I the only one who remembers how this A-hole would ROUTINELY give Tom Spears (a.k.a. The Corpse on The Cape; I refuse to address that total scumbag phony one-dimensional script writing/reading fraud by his “tough-guy alias” nickname) 2-1/2 SEGMENTS all to himself?? As if he was some bastion of credibility that EVERYONE couldn’t do without?? I know it’s “just sports”, but I find myself using the word ‘Hate’ more & more with these jerks, but this guy fits the epitome of the word. He seems to hold on to the job like the pope, I guess he’s got pictures of Wolfie with farm animals or something, or Jason & Julie just have no interest in improving their programming. I pray nightly that some fed-up junior blasts him right in the Adam’s Apple, crushing his larynx, so we can finally have a fresh voice on Saturdays

    1. Mike Mutnansky is the closest thing you have to a fresh voice on Saturdays. He’s not bad, probably because he’s younger and less jaded than the rest.

      And unless the ratings start to drop there’s no reason to improve the programming, as you say.

  26. Sorry but have to respond & say Butch from the Cape was good radio & Mustard recognized that just as he does today with the ny guys who call in & todays best caller by far- Danny from Quincy(who wouldn’t waste his time calling the weekday shows)P.S>The Mustard condiment jokes are already ad nauseam & the sign your material is only some almost 20 years outdated if you use!!!”EIGHT DAYS A WEEK” for Mustard & Johnson……..

  27. What compounds Mustard’s problems besides just being an areslick is that many of us work all week at jobs where we can maybe just hear snippets of D&C and Big Show. So when Saturday morning rolls around and you are out doing your errands looking forward to catching up on sports talk, all we get is this sanctimonious, ill-informed Commie. Then of course you get his marble-mouthed sidekick whose “job” is to use tracing paper on Google images, color them in and then try to pass them off as cartoons. Just ludicrous for the “#1 sports station in America”. I’ll be honest, this assemblage of “talent” on Saturdays is almost the equivalent of contempt by WEEI of its listeners. If they don’t give a shet about the listeners, syndicated Fox Sports programming would be fine.

    1. mustard is kind of annoying, being a politically correct goon, but i miss Mustard and Johnson–Bradford and that other goon are pitiful–they barely have a personality between the 2 of them. How Bradford weaseled his way into WEEI is beyond me. He is witless and pedestrian.

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