Follow Ups

A few follow-up thoughts on last night's game... Mike Breen is ridiculous. I have rarely seen such man-love from an announcer for a player as he unfailingly displays for Kobe Bryant. He's approaching Tim McCarver/Derek Jeter "calm eyes" territory here. A routine drive and layup from Bryant elicits an over-the-top "WWW-hah-hah-hah-OOWWW - a SPECTACULAR drive from Kobe" from … Continue reading Follow Ups

Approval Ratings – Tony Massarotti

Tony Massarotti, come on down... Massarotti has been with the Herald since 1989, as he joined the paper fresh from Tufts University. He was the Massachusetts Winner of the 2001 National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Sportswriter of the Year award. He's been covering the Red Sox since 1994, but in recent years has moved into … Continue reading Approval Ratings – Tony Massarotti