A few follow-up thoughts on last night’s game…

Mike Breen is ridiculous. I have rarely seen such man-love from an announcer for a player as he unfailingly displays for Kobe Bryant. He’s approaching Tim McCarver/Derek Jeter “calm eyes” territory here. A routine drive and layup from Bryant elicits an over-the-top “WWW-hah-hah-hah-OOWWW – a SPECTACULAR drive from Kobe” from Breen – even as the Lakers are in the process of coughing up the 24 point lead.

Coming back from a commercial break at a key point of the game, ABC was determined to make get thoughts from Breen, Van Gundy and Jackson on camera before turning their attention to the game. The only problem was that the game had started, and Van Gundy could be seen pointing at the court, twice, in an effort to get the cameras focused on the game and not them.

Ray Allen has gotten some love on the radio and TV commentary, but I was surprised there were no feature stories on him in the papers this morning. He played all 48 minutes, and because the Celtics played a good chunk of the game without a true point guard his ball handling was crucial. He scored 19 points, had 9 rebounds and 3 steals. It was the latest and perhaps greatest effort in an immense series from Allen.

The Comcast SportsNet postgame was very good once again, with Gary Tanguay, Donny Marshall, Mike Gorman and Greg Dickerson all in Los Angeles, and Michael Felger, Tom Heinsohn and Ryen Russillo back here in studio. Even Felger could recognize a historic NBA performance when he saw it.

They’ve been solid all postseason and I’ve failed to give them a proper plug, but if you get a chance go over today and download the latest Celtics Stuff Live podcast from after last night’s game.

Bill Simmons also did a running diary of last night’s game.

I can watch this all day long:


5 thoughts on “Follow Ups

  1. I have to admit, Mike Felger appeared to me to be smiling and actually enjoying something positive that had just happened for a Boston team. I did not think that was possible. As opposed to his Pats pre and post game radio work, I love Gary Tanguay’s work on Celts postgames. Tommy Heinsohn was so spot-on sarcastic and pumped up about last night’s win it made somehow just a bit sweeeter. Last night was one of the great nights I’ve had as a fan of Boston sports. Amazing.


  2. yeah… those guys on Celtics Stuff Live really know what they are doing. Especially The Duke.


    Thanks Tall Man. Keep spreading the Breen hate. DISAPPROVE!


  3. One more thing. Check out the NBA TV coverage because Peter Vecsey is at his all time worst and Gail Goodrich looks like he doesn’t want to be bothered with his nap.

    Kamla and David Aldridge are great, but the real treat is seeing the reporters in the postgame press conference. They have also shown video feeds from the media availability periods on off days. Great stuff.


  4. Yeah, I was looking for the Ray Allen feature, too.

    He plays the whole game and when it comes down to the final minute and, with Pierce gassed (justifiably so), Allen keeps the ball because he wants to be the guy to shoot foul shots, waives off KG’s screen because Allen’s got the matchup he wants, and makes the defender look like the windmill hazard at a mini-golf course…

    No story there.


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