Bill BurtI’m actually starting to warm up to Bill Burt.

Burt has been on the sports media scene for nearly 25 years now, and has spent his entire career at the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune where he is now the Executive Sports Editor for the paper.

He joined the paper right out of college, and has covered events such as Marvin Hagler fights in Las Vegas, the Patriots Super Bowl trips, and even tried out for the Manchester NH Arena Football League team for a story. He also does the Burt Talks Sports blog for the paper. For a while, the blog was squatting on the domain after Rob Bradford left the Eagle-Tribune, but now the domain has been transferred back to Bradford and points at his Boston Herald blog.

He has gotten most of his biggest exposure in the region as a result of his appearances on WEEI’s Big Show, where he is forced to play a bumbling, forgetful role to make Glenn Ordway look smarter. Burt has also hosted a weekend show with Lenny Megliola on the station, one which resulted in a Pete Gustin skit which is actually funny.

He recent Celtics columns and coverage has been top-notch.





33 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Bill Burt

  1. How can I approve of a media professional who self-admitted he didn’t subscribe to NESN and only got it after the channel moved to basic cable? Stay out of the hot sun, Billy-boy…

  2. Good guy.


    By popular demand, here are the Bruins Pro Shop hours:

    Monday-Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

  3. Willing to take a paycheck from WEEI to be their whipping boy and buffoon. Rides a scooter and looks like he dyes his hair.


  4. I know Smerlas has some shady businesses, but the guy knows football and is occassionally funny – APPROVE!

  5. Bruce must have felt sorry for Bill when he wrote “He has gotten most of his biggest exposure in the region as a result of his appearances on WEEI’s Big Show, where he is forced to play a bumbling, forgetful role to make Glenn Ordway look smarter.” I assure you Bill Burt isn’t playing a roll on the radio, he really is that dumb. I delivered the Eagle-Tribune for 6 years, and my bag was noticeably lighter on the days Bill Burt wrote a column

    1. I interned for this man back in High-School and I assure you he is a very intelligent sports-writer. Perhaps a delivery boy shouldn’t be judging a mans intelligence.

  6. Gerry Callahan’s mirror image. If Burt had figured out the road to success is easier to achieve by being a chest thumping, backstabbing, ayhole he would’ve moved on from the local paper and then maybe SI and could have come back to a copycat morning radio show that was an abject failure until Stern moved to satellite, Gerry decided to go the route of race baiting, and of course the local teams took off on an unprecedented run of success. Gerry moved on from the Lowell Sun to a lucrative radio career and a McMansion with pink flamingos stuck in his front lawn. Bill chose to stay in the Merrimac Valley and now occasionally gets Teddy Twenties from Ordway and plays the fool. But he kept his dignity. Callahan was too ignorant to understand that he could have kept his dignity and end up a few miles down the road in Tewksbury.

    The recent Belichick column has me voting approve.

  7. Not funny, not informative, not original, not insightful. Brings nothing to the table and shouldn’t that be the bare minimum for approving someone?

  8. I still think his “Blame Pedro, not Grady” column after Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS remains one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever seen put forth by a local sports writer.

    Old habits die hard for me, so I vote Disapprove simply based on that column alone!

  9. Stupid like Halloran, but seems less belligerent and small minded. Still, disapprove.

    The drop in the quality of the bradfordonbaseball blog after Burt took over from Bradford is all the evidence needed that this guy is a genial schmoo with little actual talent. Also, way to eager to please his masters on the Big Show.

    1. What Rotillo wrote hit it right on the head for me:

      “Stupid like Halloran, but seems less belligerent and small minded. Still, disapprove.”

  10. Any truth to that rumor that he drunkenly badgered and belittled Bledsoe after the Pats beat the Rams?

  11. Raised by a bag of ball peen hammers…when paired with Steve Burton, extra headgear has to be brought into the studio…makes up for in circuitous logic what he lacks in book smarts…best thing to come out of Lawrence since an empty bus

  12. His bio is out of date, he is no longer the Sports Editor at the Tribune, Mike Muldoon is.

    On a random note, I played HS basketball up in the Merrimack Valley and my HS coach threw Bill Burt out of the locker room after one game over an article or some questions he was asking (can’t remember which but think it was an article). Remember my coach yelling something along the lines “Burt, who let you in get the F out of here!”

  13. You can’t role play ‘in this town out there right now’ without being condemned to a lifetime disapprove.

    He is a genial schmoo, though. I have to agree with that. And genial’s good. I vote “much bigger fish to fry than poor Bill Burt”.

  14. That photo is surprising. On the big show, he sounds and acts like he is fifteen years younger than he is. Disapprove for his big show co-hosting.

  15. His recent columns have been top notch? Try reading his stuff that comes over raw. Tons of name misspellings, incorrect facts, etc. He enjoys the spotlight, but it’s obvious he doesn’t enjoy working. DISAPPROVE!

  16. Mild Approval.

    He seems more low key than most of the guys on WEEI like DeOssie, Ordway, Dale Arnold, etc. They make him look better.

    He doesn’t come across as a swarmy, arrogant, know it all personality like a lot of those other guys. I think he does a reasonably good job with his reporting, his writing, tv/radio appearances, and his blog. Very average guy…kind of blends in with the rest of them. Dime a dozen.

  17. ‘Burt is forced to play a bumbling, forgetful role to make Glenn Ordway look smarter.’

    This is essentially the role a rodeo clown plays to the bull, right?

    The only three words Ordway seems to know are, ‘Here’s the thing…’ (said as he interrupts a more cogent train of thought from someone else).

  18. I agree with Rick…his photo is suprising. From listening to him on the Big Show and listening to his amateurish/simple minded views and thoughts I pictured him to be a lot younger…mid to late 20’s…

  19. I kind of feel sorry for him when I’ve heard him the Big Show. He takes a ton of abuse form those idiots.

    Mild approval.

  20. I myself enjoy him on the radio…..he sure plays his role well & i love the fact he doesn’t come across as an a-hole. He is very likeable. I dont ge tto read him much but i like that he is a “real” guy & you can’t say that abou tmost guys in this town. To me that counts for alot!

  21. I’ve always kind of liked him. I think he should crap all over Ordway when he goes into his obtuse mode and starts with his semantical rants. He seems to be too polite, especially for the Big Show.

    Way better than the Putrid Preacher,Smerlas, or Deossie.

  22. Unlike most of the kooks and fools on WEEI, I wouldn’t shy away from admitting that I knew and liked this guy. He actually seems like a decent fellow. In the world of sports talk that quality covers a multitude of sins and faults. Approve.

    Now then, when do we get to Craig Mustard?

  23. He seems like a regular guy…not too caught up with the “I am on the radio” feeling that Buckley and others seem to have. I generally have my doubts about guys with two first names, but I guess he is okay.

  24. Weak, lazy and pathetic … no real talent except to hang around and get abused … A total nobody, who has no problem humiliating himself for pocket change … a disgrace to his family … terrible dye job … needs to toughen up and throw a punch at Smerlas, DeOssie or Ordway.

  25. ….I agree with Fishercat, his latest column on the Patriots/Belichick swayed me to vote APPROVE, after WAITING for MONTHS, someone in the Boston sports media(other than Bruce) FINALLY wrote about “spygate” with some COMMON SENSE…. To tell you the truth I was surprised it was Bill Burt, but that in and of itself gets him an APPROVE!…. I also loved how he called out the ” holier than thou” Bob Ryan in that article..DOUBLE APPROVE!

  26. Sells his soul to take weekly beatings on the Big Show. For that alone, his gets a disapprove.

    Basically, he’s a boob.

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