Tony Massarotti, come on down…

Massarotti has been with the Herald since 1989, as he joined the paper fresh from Tufts University. He was the Massachusetts Winner of the 2001 National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Sportswriter of the Year award.

He’s been covering the Red Sox since 1994, but in recent years has moved into more of a general columnist role. With a few exceptions, his columns on sports outside of baseball usually tend to be on the negative side, and his recent column attacking Patriots fans alienated many readers.

He is highly visible on the Boston sports media scene, appearing on WEEI, Comcast SportsNet, NESN and WHDH TV.



72 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Tony Massarotti

  1. Not a fan of anyone who writes “as told to” books with people they’re supposed to cover, thereby giving themselves a commercial alliance with their subject.

    However, the column on the willingness of Patsies fans to swallow the preachings of St. Bill as delivered by sycophantic sportswriters afraid to offend the coach was one of the best columns of the past year. The Pride of Epping may choose to call it a “column attacking Patriots fans,” but was nothing of the kind; it was a thoughtful analysis of what exists.


      1. well, it must be Bill Belichick and his cheating ways?

        I voted approve for Massarotti, he is one of the biggest reasons I buy the Herald every morning. Looks like people are still upset with the Super Bowl loss, where the Pats weren’t the best team on the field that day. GET OVER IT!! Enjoy the Celtics awesome run instead!! Belichick cheated, the media ran with it, he was exposed as a cheater, and the football gods made him pay with the worst 18-1 NFL season in history. End of story.


    1. Please spare me!!

      Was it also “thoughtful analysis” when he viciously lambasted anyone who disagreed with his willfully blind defense of Grady Little after Game 7 in 2003, just because Grady was his buddy?

      The entire baseball world knew that not only should Pedro have been yanked after Bernie Williams’ RBI single, but he probably never should have been allowed out of the dugout after the 7th inning.

      But Tony Mazz kept insisting that Grady was right, and when the fans disagreed with him, he stomped all over them with his stilletto heels and condescending, arrogant, elitist b.s.

      The man’s not the least bit thoughtful or analytical.


  2. WOW you guys are tough! Tony is the 1 man who brings reason to the big show when he’s on. Noone since Felger
    has dared to repeatedly stand up to the Grand O on such a constant basis. Also as a columnist, I actually like him better becaus he is not hiding behind the redsox curtain. He is freer to say what is on his mind & not worry about stepping on anyone’s toes. Again I don’t like when the media in this town take the company line and just become a schill for th eteam they are covering so they continue to have good relationships & get to continue to eat the free food! And to me….there are too many in this town who do that! Mazz’s voice is different & you people dont seem to like it. Well….I for one DO!


  3. I don’t read his columns and he is part of the reason I no longer buy the Herald.

    I love the Big Show – but turn it off when this man is on.

    What he said about “fans”, hurts and is indicative of the kind of smug, “better than thou”, media attitude that is disgusting.

    I have no interst in anything he says, writes or does.


  4. Another pompous jackass baseball writer. I can’t stand baseball writers. They always inject themselves into stories and are so headstrong with every argument or conversation. And everyone of them are pompous.


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