Donny Marshall Today we’re looking at Comcast SportsNet Celtics analyst Donny Marshall.

After a playing career at UConn and a five year stint in the NBA, Marshall is now in his second season at CSN.

Marshall is the primary studio analyst alongside Gary Tanguay on the pregame, halftime and postgame shows, and also traveled with the team on several of their longer road trips this season, serving as the in-game analyst filling in for Tommy Heinsohn alongside Mike Gorman.

Marshall also serves as co-host of the Celtics Now weekly magazine show with Laura Behnke.

Marshall’s previous TV experience includes color commentary on ESPN NCAA telecasts and appearances on Hartford area network affiliates.



34 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Donny Marshall

  1. Fills his lane. Checks out Laura Behnke on the sly.


    “Kraut Line”–

    Center Milt Schmidt, left wing Woody Dumart, and right winger Bobby Bauer.

    Also “Approve!”

  2. Claims he invented the t-shirt under the basketball jersey look while at UConn. Clips of him “fake” researching during promos for his Celtics pregame show make me angry. Too cool for his own damn good. Better looking than Laura Behnke….


  3. Again, completely confused by this. Can anybody explain why every thread here begins with a pitch for the Bruins? The posts themselves don’t even refer to the Bruins.

  4. Can’t hold a candle to Tommy Heinsohn in the color role, but who can?

    Donny has done a hell of a job improving over his time at CSN and seems to have hit his stride over the playoffs.


  5. Hmm, now that I’m out at the Globe, Celtics analyst sounds like a good job.

    The sharpened food tray shiv, or the razorblade stuck into a toothbrush shiv .. oh I’ll never decide

  6. He looks like he could really, really–and I mean REALLY–kick Tanguay’s ass just by LOOKING at him. Which is my long-winded way of saying, ‘APPROVE!’

  7. definitely a rising star…really not much to complain about here…solid, if a little vanilla…I was going to recommend that he develop more of an edge, but if it’s not in his nature then it wouldn’t work, and he’d be just like the rest, forcing some kind of ‘attitude’ on us.


  8. Seems to have a good grasp of the game. Likes the team and watches most games. Seems like a ladies man.

    Oh, I thought your were talking about Donnie Wahlberg, CSN analyst. Or at least I thought he was b/c he was on the damn show for ten of the longest minutes of my life last night.


  9. Solid approval.

    His ability to draw on his college and NBA experience really makes him a solid pre and post game analyst for the Celtics on Comcast. He’s slightly homerish but overall does a really good job. Doesn’t seem to be afraid to criticize the team or players and offers good insight when analyzing games, plays, opposing teams, defenses, etc. Does a good job filling in for Tommy on the longer road trips.

  10. He seems to actually put thought into his analysis and predictions, which is grounds for immediate approval. He’s shown much improvement in his role over the last two years and I think he can only get better.

  11. I could see a scenario where he and Tommy switch roles next season since Tommy is getting older and is traveling less to take care of his ill wife. What do you figure will happen to Dickerson once the season is over since he lost the co-host job to Felger?

  12. Isn’t he the same kid that clanked two game-winning free throws in the NCAA championships his senior year that I think sent UConn home?

    Doesn’t matter. Approve.

  13. I’m pretty sure you are confusing him with Donyell Marshall who clanked the free throws against Florida in the Elite 8 to send UConn home.

  14. YES I am wondering about Dickerson’s role as well. I wonder how he really feels about going from the A team to the B team?
    And i can answer the bruin question. Because as long as that cheap bastard owns this team…..any chance we can let him know how we truly feel- we will! Its ONLY 36 YEARS & counting now for our local ice hockey team! (yes dripping with sarcasm)

  15. I’m gonna be honest with oyu here. Hey me and Ray Allen are friends. Whenever I shut down Jordan I knew he was gonna come back and have a big game. Hey me and Ray Allen are friends. Mike Fratello ruined my career. Hey me and Ray Allen are friends. I was hanging out at UConn the other day and Rip Hamilton called and we all sat around on speaker phone and talked to him. Hey me and Ray Allen are friends.

    1st quarter when Portland was killing the Celtics: “The Celtics better be careful here. Young teams like Portland don’t know they’re not supposed to be killing you and might not let up the whole game.

    4th quarter when the Celtics were now killing Portland: “With a young team Mike, they just don’t know how to play with a lead. They get satisified with their lead and let up.”

    I won’t even get into the fact that he is in the process of Ordwaying Heinsohn.

    Strongly Disaprove this tool.

  16. …ahhh..approve…..I guess….the guy doesn’t stir any emotions ….he’s just there….like Jim Rice and Ken Macha on the Red Sox post game…..

  17. I don’t mind him. No one compares to Tommy, so it’s unfair to him. He’ll work out the kinks in his game and become a solid color guy.

  18. Why do all the losers that dont like the way a guy looks judge his talent level? If the quy went to Uconn and knows the former players stop hating on him. Mad because he has insight that Felger or Dickerson don’t have. And I never heard him say that he stopped Jordan. No one stopped Jordan. Maybe some of you clowns should get a life and listen to what the dude is saying not the way he looks. and when was being a ladies man a bad thing? maybe some of you should take some lessons. If you like listening to an 80 year old talk about what he did in his day then more power to you but its a new era of basketball. an era that your grandfathers no very little about. Marshall is no Heinsohn but why would he want to be? With all this said, go listen to Mark Jackson. Now thats a real analyst. DISSAPROVE.

  19. Donny is a bum. He has no connection the the Boston Celtics. Looks like I will be muting all road games this year. Fire him and bring in an ex-Celtic for the job.


  20. Will someone PLEASE tell Donny Marshall to STOP saying, “MIKE” after and before every comment he has on the game. Everyone knows who he is talking to!!! Mike knows it too! He says Mike way too much It is extremely annoying!!!

  21. Oh one more thing! I DO think he is a FANTASTIC broadcaster. He just needs to give up that annoying habbit of saying mike all of the time. It has gotten to the point that my friends and I do not watch the Celtics games when Tommy is’nt there!

  22. Donny Marshall is a joke.
    he is just a disgruntled ex player who couldn’t cut in the league and loves to reminisce about his College glory days. He hates on most of Celtics except for his idol Ray Allen and his old bench buddy Scal.
    He has no business doing Celtics telecasts. MY Celtics experience is significantly tainted every game he does Color for the games. at least i can just fast forward my DVR when he is on at halftime.

  23. hey –he's articulate–kinda rare for basketball player–cut him some slack–he does a good job and is not grating to the ear–like a lot of former NBA players–eg charles barkley, cedric maxwell, et al

  24. Approve! Donny is bright, thoughtful, comfortable in front of the camera. I enjoy listening to his comments. I'm surprised he hasn't risen higher in the ranks of NBA coverage.

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