Len Pasquarelli reports that the

Len Pasquarelli reports that the Patriots have signed fourth round draft picks Dan Klecko and Asante Samuel.

The Celtics have signed both of their first round draft picks.

Chad Finn runs down the reasons we love and hate the Sox.

Bill Simmons looks at July and August, otherwise known as the countdown to the NFL season opener.

The thing I like about writers like Simmons and Finn, is that they are fans, and make no bones about it. It makes what they write so much more enjoyable. They’re sharing with you their thoughts on something you have in common. Nothing bothers me more than a stuffy media type who says he is not a fan, and that it’s their job to report “objectively” on whatever game, sport or athlete they’re covering. Of course, “objective” in this region means knocking them whenever you have a chance. The media types will tell you that you lose credibility when you behave as a fan. That’s a an insult to the intelligence of sports fans. You can root for a team while acknowledging their flaws. You can also be objective. Simmons has never held back from knocking the Celtics or Red Sox, even though he’s an unabashed fan. He’s also been ahead of the curve of the mainstream media a number of times in forecasting events affecting the Celtics.

Lots of Red Sox griping on the air the today. Started early, with back to back callers who wanted the Sox to get rid of Pedro on the WEEI morning show with Mike Adams and Gene Lavanchy. The first caller wanted “anything” for Pedro, while the second caller wanted a pitcher who gave up more runs, but could go deeper into the game. Hmmm, what was I saying about the intelligence of sports fans? Well, callers to sports radio shows clearly are not representative of the entire audience. Manny was the next target, being called a “disgrace” for only getting a triple in the ninth last night instead of an inside the park home run after not getting out of the box quickly. Lavanchy was also all over Ramirez for his defense. Meterparel tried to defend Manny, calling his play this year in the field above average and that he’s only had a few rough incidents in the field. Lavanchy said “Oh please.” Moving along, Grady has been a major topic the rest of the day with his curious decisions in when he decides to start Pedro in the second half. With the plan he mentioned yesterday, Pedro would miss the Yankees series toward the end of the month. Dale & Neumy and their callers have been on him. Dale was looking up flights to Santo Domingo on the Internet to make the case. The Big O promised to take the torch and continue on this topic. Another hot topic was Randall Simon’s arrest for “assaulting” the sausage racer last night. Eddie knocks Grady and Pedro and the rest of the Red Sox organization.

Gotta love the implosion of the New Jersey Nets. As a Celtics fan you can hope the Nets fire Byron Scott and then Jason Kidd ends up signing with the Spurs anyway.


Hey, this newfangled idea of

Hey, this newfangled idea of having a closer is starting to grow on me. David Heuschkel reports on another dramatic Sox win punctuated by Byung-Hyun Kim striking out the two leading RBI men in the league with the tying run in scoring position. Nick Cafardo says the ninth inning had the suspense of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. Michael Silverman looks at the huge turnaround, both in the game and in the bullpen. Sean McAdam says that even through Derek Lowe was shelled pretty good, he didn’t lose faith in his teammates ability to come back. Steven Krasner says it was nice to watch another team’s bullpen implode for a change. Gordon Edes looks at Kim, who was pitching for the fourth straight day, and showed no signs of fatigue. Tony Massarotti says that is example “A” of why a good team needs a closer. It should be pointed out that even if the Sox were still using the Bill James theory of bullpen use, Kim would still have been out there for the ninth. It’s about using your best reliever at the most critical point in the game. Sunday night after the All Star rosters were announced and Jason Varitek had been left off, many media types said he would be a long shot to win the on-line voting. A tough road to hoe. The competition was too strong, and the Red Sox weren’t playing at home. I think they underestimated the tenacity, passion and determination of Red Sox Nation. I think this could become an annual thing, where the last man voted in will be a Red Sox player, if there is one on the ballot. The Sox fans showed once again how “into” this team they are that they could make this happen. It’s another example of the loyal following that this team has. They’re also online more than other fans. The Internet is full of Red Sox discussion groups and mailings lists. Edes taps into this, when he examines Varitek’s election in the Globe. Massarotti says it was the fans nationally who acknowledged Varitek and voted him in, but I believe he’s mistaken. If you could get the demographics of the internet voting and see where the votes came from, my money would be on a vast majority of the votes coming from this region. The ones around the country would be coming from transplanted Sox fans. Massarotti nails the bigger point, though, namely that Varitek has made himself into an All Star. Heuschkel also reports on the Sox catcher winning the vote. Karen Guregian looks at Shea Hillenbrand, who just can’t stop knocking the Red Sox and saying stupid things. Even Johnny Pesky is tired of it. Jim Donaldson weighs in on Dusty Baker’s comments and says we see and hear more offensive things than those comments every day. Jim Fennell looks at Rickey Henderson, who played in the Atlantic League All Star game last night. Silverman’s notebook looks at Pedro likely missing the Yankees the next time the teams meet up. Carfardo’s notebook leads with the same item. McAdam’s notebook has more on the Varitek fan voting. Heuschkel’s notebook has Johnny Damon thinking that he might be traded sometime this month.

Jackie MacMullan says Walter McCarty actually does want to come back to the Boston Celtics, but not for the minimum. He also says it’s not about the money. Steve Bulpett has more on the situation. Danny Ainge would like to have Walter back. Walter says he has to do what is best for his family, and how great Boston has been to him and how he loves it here. In the same breath he’s saying he might take the minimum from another team. How would that be doing what’s best for his family, is Boston is his home?

Michael Smith looks the supplemental draft today in the NFL with Tony Hollings being the top prize and the Patriots possibly interested.

Steve Conroy looks at Don Sweeny heading out the Dallas Stars. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says it’s all about a chance to win a cup.

Aaron Harlan says that UMass is looking to possibly upgrade its football program to Division 1-A in coming years.

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NESN has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00.

Today’s Eddie Andelman whopper was

Today’s Eddie Andelman whopper was that Len Bias was manipulated by some big time illegal gamblers that got him hooked on drugs so that he would provide them inside information once he turned pro. When questioned on it by an emailer, Eddie simply said: “That’s what goes on all the time.” A little evidence or confirmation, please?

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From this morning, after the Herald got the rest of its articles on-line, is a piece by Tony Massarotti, who goes after the Yankees for whining about Pedro pitching inside, after Roger Clemens threw at Kevin Millar’s head. “New York Sissies” he calls them. Also, Michael Silverman has Damian Jackson reacting to the comments of Dusty Baker from a few days ago. Kevin Thomas reports on Casey Fossum’s rehab stint in Portland.

Todd Jones files his first Sporting News column as a member of the Red Sox.

Al Pike has more on the newly dedicated Jerry Azumah Performance Center at the University of New Hampshire.

The resilient Red Sox do

The resilient Red Sox do it again. Michael Silverman says last night was a playoff worthy performance by the pitching staff. Nick Cafardo notes that despite being dropped in the order, Johnny Damon was able to be the deciding factor in the game last night. Interesting about Damon…there is quite a number of fans that are starting to turn on the centerfielder for his lack of performance. You’ll be hard pressed to find whole souled criticism of him in the papers. A few radio hosts have started to turn on him, but the guys who deal with him everyday don’t knock him. These days many references to him still start with “nice guy” Johnny Damon…Sean McAdam points out the important part of getting that win last night…the Sox gained a game on the Yankees. David Heuschkel points out the Sox 9-3 record this year after what could be termed “stomach turning” losses. Gordon Edes has an interesting story of what happened when the media corps descended on Pedro yesterday afternoon so he could answer to the charges put forth by George Steinbrenner. Kevin Millar stepped forward and pointed out that George’s Yankees threw the first purpose pitch of the series, and then made stupid comments about. (Thanks, Roger.) A good piece by Edes. Tony Massarotti says the bullpen is showing signs on a resurgence. Tom E. Curran gives us his efforts to explore the “land of Baldelli.” No Pete Sheppard sightings…The Herald had not updated its webpage as of this writing, so all articles from it’s writers that have been mentioned so far are from the MetroWest Daily News site, which carried a few of them. I’ll have to look later at what I’ve missed. Heuschkel also looks at when Pedro had his say about Steinbrenner’s comments. Pedro says George might have enough money to buy the whole league, but he’s not going to instill fear into him. Let’s hope there’s some hard feelings here, and Pedro won’t consider offers from George when he becomes a free agent…yeah right. Edes also has a look at Todd Jones, who picked up the win last night, and who would’ve penned the headline “Bullpen lives to see another day” had he been writing about the game. Interesting to note that Fox wants Roger Clemens to be on the All Star team. Let’s see how Bud and the boys make it happen to satisfy their television partners. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the gutty performance of Tim Wakefield, who battled a migraine all day and hadn’t been able to eat. Silverman’s notebook looks at Johnny Damon’s breakout from the # 8 slot in the lineup. McAdam’s notebook has more on that topic, and a note about the Blue Jay’s making a move that might prove critical in the AL East race. They picked up former Boston fan favorite John “way back” Wasdin…Heuschkel’s notebook looks at the change in the top of the order.

Jackie MacMullan was “ordered” to go witness LeBron James’ NBA summer league debut in Orlando, and reports on the circus-like experience. Lenny Megliola also reports on the debut of LeBron. Steve Bulpett reports that you can say buh-bye to Waltah. McCarty said yesterday that he will not be returning to the Celtics because they won’t pay him more than the minimum. He wants to go somewhere and be “appreciated”. Good luck, no city, fans, or broadcasters are going to “appreciate” you more than they do here, Walt. Kevin Ma reports on the some of the Celtics summer league roster. Why not list the entire roster? Here it is, from the Celtics website. A few interesting names, including former high school sensation Lenny Cooke, former Indiana and Iowa player Luke Recker, Center Dan McClintock, best known for replacing Yao Ming on his Chinese professional team, former Chicago Bull Kornel David, and Martin Muursepp from Estonia.

Yesterday, Russ Conway reported that there might be an opportunity for the Bruins to talk trade with the Red Wings regarding now-spare-part goaltender Curtis Joseph. Steve Conroy takes that ball and runs with it today.

Shane Donaldson reports on the Patriots interest in running back Tony Hollings who is available in the supplemental draft tomorrow. Ian M. Clark looks at former UNH record setting running back turned Chicago Bear DB Jerry Azumah making a huge donation to his alma mater, used to upgrade the University’s poor weight training facilities and put them on a par with many pro teams.

John Molori gives us his sports broadcasting all stars. Tim McCarver and John Madden earn high praise. ’nuff said.

NESN has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. (ESPN2 Nationally) ESPN has Dodgers/Cardinals at 7:00.

Jim Donaldson shows again why

Jim Donaldson shows again why he might be the most despised writer south of Dan Shaughnessy. I’m sure it took a lot of effort to write that one, Jim. Taken directly from the Shaughnessy book of column templates, Donaldson declares the season over. Jeff Horrigan reports on the play that mattered in the game, Walker’s fumble of the double play ball that would’ve gotten the Sox out of the inning. Bob Hohler looks at an opportunity lost for the Sox. Steven Krasner looks at how the undermanned Yankees refused to let the Sox gain ground on them. Don Amore reports on the game from the Yankee perspective. Bob Ryan writes bout opportunity lost and waxes on about Steinbrenner’s tears of joy and the Yankees perseverance. Sean McAdam notes that after all the fireworks from the weekend, we’re all right back where we started. The normally solid Lenny Megliola has a little bit of Jim Donaldson in him today. Just a little. A superstitious Gordon Edes knocks the Sox for using Byung Hyun Kim in such a situation yesterday. Mike Shalin has Nomar saying the Sox just need to move onto the next battle. David Heuschkel looks at how Pedro established the inside part of the plate, to the Yankees chagrin. An uncredited article in the same paper looks at the bad feelings generated by Pedro’s inside pitches yesterday. Aaron Harlan says Pedro sent a couple messages yesterday. Howard Bryant looks at another Mussina/Pedro gem. Hohler looks at Steinbrenner’s remarks about Pedro’s inside pitches to his stars. Bryant has a pay column on the same subject. Steve Buckley looks at Pedro and his denial that he was trying to hit anyone. Buckley has a pay column on the impact of the loss yesterday, interested to see how the Sox bounce back from it. John Wallach looks at a lost weekend n NY. Shalin looks at another rough outing for Kim at Yankee Stadium. The Globe notebook looks at Mussina’s gem of a performance. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Varitek’s pessimism that he can win the on-line voting for the final AL roster spot. Krasner’s notebook says his teammates are starting the campaign for the Sox catcher. Amore’s notebook looks at George’s happiness yesterday. Heuschkel’s notebook says Kim is undaunted by what happened in the ninth inning.

It’s the slow time of the sports year. Only baseball in the papers. However, things aren’t as slow as David Stern would likely prefer for his league, with the arrests of pretty high profile players in the last few days, two coming yesterday with Darrell Armstrong pushing a female cop, and Damon Stoudamire trying to bring an ounce and a half of marijuana through an airport. In a little more positive vein, Celtics second round pick Brandon Hunter sees himself as another Malik Rose.

Michael Felger has a brief blurb on the Pats signing seventh round pick Ethan Kelley.

As if to accentuate my point about it being a slow time of year for sports, Bill Griffith writes about poker on TV. Jim Baker knocks the NESN Extra Innings crew for making excuses for Todd Walker yesterday in his pay column.

NESN has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00.

Andy Pettitte…the pitcher I fear

Andy Pettitte…the pitcher I fear most going against the Sox each time…did it again yesterday, shutting down their white hot slugging bats. Jeff Horrigan gives Pettitte his due. Bob Hohler points to John Burkett and David Ortiz, both of whom were among the particular Sox bested by Pettitte yesterday. Sean McAdam says the odds favored the Sox coming down to earth at some point. Jack O’Connell looks at Pettitte doing what was expected of him. Don Amore says the Yankees just had enough of being battered by the Sox. Bob Ryan looks at Pettitte’s Harry Trumanesque career, which has inspired a lot of faith from his manager. Steve Buckley looks at more first inning troubles for Burkett. Steven Krasner says the bigger the stage, the better Andy Pettitte is. Mike Shalin looks at Byung-Hyun Kim, who has not been fazed by the razzing he’s received from the Yankees fans. Alex Speier looks at Gabe Kapler, answering questions that have become commonplace to him. Dan Shaughnessy says despite yesterday, it’s still been a great holiday weekend for Sox fans, he can’t be all positive though, as evidenced:

But then you worry. Yankees fans remind you that the Red Sox have been trying to bash their way to a world championship for 84 years without success. What's your answer to that? You know that if the Yanks beat Pedro today, your Sox are four games behind again, back where they started before those home run festivals Friday and Saturday.

I’m still waiting for the retraction column, or even an apology from Shaughnessy to David Ortiz after calling him “a huge sack of you-know-what” numerous times on-air before the season. That was above and beyond the usual Shaughnessy attacks. Aaron Harlan looks at the Yankee debut of Curtis Pride. All Star selections…and snubs…are a hot topic today. Gordon Edes looks at the effect on the Red Sox. Shalin also gets All Star reaction in the Sox locker room. McAdam notes that Sox are a little miffed to only have two representatives on the AL squad. Manny likes the idea of building a legacy for his children to see. Krasner looks at how RI’s Rocco Baldelli didn’t make the squad either. Buckley’s pay column says that Varitek’s omission just shows that the whole voting process is a joke, even the players can’t get it right, instead voting for Ramon Hernandez over Varitek. Howard Bryant has a pair of pay columns, in the first, he says the Sox need to make a statement today, or else it’s just like always, they won’t have shown they can beat the Yankees when it absolutely counts. In his Boston Uncommon column, Bryant touches on topics such as closer by committee (don’t call it dead yet), the “disabled lists” vs the “injured list”, “October Men”, By Roger Kahn, and how technology has ruined the All Star game. Hohler’s notebook looks at today’s pitching matchup, and has some Sox still chirping at Clemens. Horrigan’s notebook has David Ortiz not backing down from subtle threats from the Rocket. Krasner’s notebook looks at more first inning woes for Burkett. David Heuschkel’s notebook looks at Kim and Millar enduring taunts at Yankee Stadium.

A couple of coverage notes from the weekend. WBZ’s coverage of the July 4th game included some hilarious seventh inning banter from McDonough and Remy. Bill Meuller’s second home run of the day ended up near several, shall we say large, Yankee fans. The Sox broadcasters then launched into a series of doubletalk that had me rolling. McDonough started it while the camera was still on the people, by simply saying “Wow’ and pausing. He then added something along the lines of “Some big, BIG…blasts by the Red Sox today…”, Remy could be heard to stifle a laugh in the background and then sputtered, “yes, very large”. McDonough also mentioned about the Red Sox “feasting” on the Yankees.

In the Fox broadcast of Sunday’s game, Tim McCarver launched into an ignorant, clueless rant about Bill James and how James doesn’t feel a team needs a stopper in the bullpen. He went on and on, naming all the stoppers on the good teams, and became very sarcastic and even nasty towards what he perceived James’ theories were. It became obvious that McCarver has not read anything that James has written, and was just spouting off something he had likely picked up from someone else. James of course, does not object to having a stopper in the pen…in fact he encourages it. How James differs from traditional baseball thinking is “when” the stopper is used. He suggests using it at the key juncture of the game, be it the seventh inning or the ninth, rather than just trotting the guy out at the very end of the game.

Celtics first round pick Marcus Banks is expected to sign with the team today, reported the Las Vegas Review Journal on Saturday. I waited for this to get picked up by a writer around here the last couple days, and it has not been, as of yet. Yesterday, the Lawrence Eagle Tribune had a point-counterpoint as to whether the Celtics should be trying to trade Antoine Walker. David Willis says yes, Phil DiPirro says no.

Yesterday, Mike Reiss looked at the tough negotiations and decisions the Patriots will have to make on Ty Law and Lawyer Milloy after next season.

NESN has Sox/Yankees at 1:00. ESPN has Braves/Mets at 7:00. ESPN Classic has game 1 of the 1999 ALCS between the Red Sox and Yankees at 9:00.

Sox pull one out for

Sox pull one out for Pedro. Jeff Horrigan says the Sox have shown a remarkable ability to bounce back from hard defeats. Bob Hohler echoes that theme, and looks at Millar, Ortiz and the bullpen as heroes of the night. Steven Krasner says the bullpen finally got to function as a bullpen should. David Heuschkel says it was nice to have Kim come in and slam the door for a Pedro victory. Nick Cafardo questions Grady’s decision to pull Pedro after seven innings and 99 pitches. He says Pedro should have had a chance to decide the win for himself. One can only imagine what Nick would be saying if Grady left Pedro in for 120 pitches…likely something along the lines of “Why did he leave him in there so long and waste him against the Devil Rays?” As Grady himself says in the article: ‘I’ll be second-guessed again for some reason” Steve Buckley looks at Kevin Millar returning to Florida with a bang. Lenny Megliola says this long road trip could make or break Grady. John Tomase chronicles in detail the Sox most crushing defeats this year. Cafardo recalls with nostalgia Dave Righetti’s Fourth of July no-hitter against the Sox, 20 years ago tomorrow. Steve Buckley’s pay column is on the same topic. At least he acknowledges that is a bitter memory for Sox fans, Cafardo acts like we should be cherishing the memory. No thanks. Todd Jones is the lede topic of all notebooks. Heuschkel’s notebook has the news on Jones, and says Hector Almonte knew he was getting cut…he had a dream about it. Krasner’s notebook looks at Jones and then at the Sox facing the fearsome foursome of the Yankees staff this weekend. Horrigan’s notebook, after talking about Jones, has Tampa bakery owner Rolando Arrojo sending some goodies to the Sox clubhouse. Hohler’s notebook has some interesting words that Jones had written earlier in the season about the Red Sox and Theo.

Steve Conroy has a quick note about Mike O’Connell meeting with the agent for free agent goalie Felix Potvin.

Michael Gee’s pay column today addresses the Antoine Walker trade rumors, which he dismisses as talk from New York and Los Angeles with the purpose of stirring things up in those markets. He says even if Ainge has a strong dislike for Antoine’s game, he’d be foolish to trade him for nothing. At the very least he needs to wait and see where Jason Kidd ends up. If he bolts the Nets, the Celtics could have a chance to take the East, with Walker. Buddy Thomas once again displays his total lack of basketball knowledge by being excited by the prospect of trading Walker for Spreewell. Not to mention being out of touch, as that rumor was shot down days ago.

Jim McCabe looks at 13 year old sensation Michelle Wie, ready to take on the US Women’s open. He addresses the concern of burnout for youngsters like Wie. Jackie MacMullan has an interesting story about blind ones taking up golf.

John Molori gives out a number of sponge baths today as holiday gifts in his Media Blitz column. Sean McDonough, Pete Sheppard, and The Morning Press Box all find themselves lathered up by Molori this week. He does a good job giving CN8’s Phil Burton some well deserved props, but then mentions that Burton has always had a “rabid following”. Say what? Jim Baker’s pay column looks at WBZ’s coverage of the Sox and Yankees tomorrow along with the Boston Pops Esplanade concert and fireworks.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 6:00.

Not much memorable on WEEI

Not much memorable on WEEI today. Red Sox talk, All Star balloting, Pitching talk. Neumy and Dickerson talked to Chicago Tribune writer Phil Rogers about Carl Everett and whether Colon and Gordon are going to be available in a few weeks. Rogers could not see a scenario in which the White Sox traded Colon, unless they just totally collapsed before the trading deadline.

Spent a few minutes listening to Patriots.com radio. They questioned Charlie Weis’ commitment to the team with his seeking out other jobs this close to training camp. They also dropped the tidbit that Weis’ house is up for sale. Conjecture is that this might be Weis’ last year with the Patriots.

Eddie Andelman continued his nonstop attacks on the Red Sox ownership. “The worst thing that has ever happened to the Boston Sports Fan is having these guys own the Red Sox.” he added that they have no money, no staying power, and are picking on the little guys. Claims that “most of the people in the State House are laughing at them.” Says the owners expect the state to give them $100 million for a new stadium.

I’m beginning to suspect that large segments of the Eddie Andelman show were taped previously, months ago, and are just being replayed every single day. Is this the way for the station to save money? Just get a bunch of cuts of Eddie ranting against the “carpetbaggers” in the can, and then play them for at least a segment every day. Along with the above statements is the need to proclaim that he, Eddie, is not in the Red Sox pockets like the rest of the media in this town. A few shots at the “boy wonder” are also obligatory.

I wasn’t pleased with how the sale of the Red Sox went down, either. But I’m warming up to John Henry. His group has made some nice improvements to Fenway, and try to connect with the fans. I guess it must be different when you have friends, as Eddie did, who bid for the club but were denied their chance to own the team. This has clearly clouded Andelman’s view of the team and prevents him from speaking with any hint of credibility or objectivity.

The Zone had a chance to be relevant in this town. I wanted them to succeed. An alternative to WEEI is needed. This is not working.

A slow day even in the secondary links…a couple more tributes to Pete Farley have been penned. Mark Farinella remembers his friend. An uncredited tribute to Farley also appears in his old paper, the Brockton Enterprise.

Will Rickey Henderson show up for the Atlantic League all star game? That’s the question on Tom King’s mind. Jose Offerman has already said he isn’t going…

Tim Daloisio hands out first half grades for the Red Sox.

SI’s Marty Burns thinks that the Knicks might just be floating the Walker/Spreewell rumors out there to increase Spreewell’s value in future trade talks

Lesson for the day: Avoid arm-wrestling your girlfriend, especially if she is going to win. It just leads to trouble…

Red Sox invent a new

Red Sox invent a new way to lose a game last night. Who has ever seen a game lost after having picked off the runner at second? It’s probably happened, but I don’t recall it. Bob Hohler says perhaps papers should be filed with the baseball gods. Jeff Horrigan focuses on Brandon Lyon, who lost his closer job, and made the errant throw to second that Nomar couldn’t handle all in one night. Steven Krasner says the play was just another example of the charmed like of Rocco Baldelli. David Heuschkel has Doug Mirabelli saying that Baldelli must be rookie of the year, if he can come out of that situation smelling like a rose. Steve Buckley says that Grady Little is so impressed with Gabe Kapler that he thought about starting him last night. Buckley gives him credit for that. Nick Cafardo has Little and Dave Wallace raving about Ramiro Mendoza’s side session yesterday. Alex Speier looks at who could be leaving the Sox organization in trades, and who the untouchables are. Buckley’s pay column chronicles all the “heartbreaking” losses the Sox have suffered this year. Krasner looks at the first inning foul-up by the umpires that led to a Tampa protest. He also looks at Byung-Hyun Kim officially being moved to the closer role. Cafardo also looks at Baldelli’s winning mistake and the umpire error earlier in the game. Hohler’s notebook also looks at Kim’s promotion to closer. Wakefield and Lowe will each be pushed up a day, and Mendoza will start on Saturday. Horrigan’s notebook has more on Kim. Heuschkel’s notebook has still more on Kim as the closer. Krasner’s notebook looks at Mendoza being prepared for his start.

Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Flyers signing Bruins goalie Jeff Hackett. Steve Conroy also looks at the loss of Hackett. James Murphy wonders if the PJ Stock signing by the Bruins was just a PR move to appease the fans.

Tim Weisberg says the Celtics are clearly headed in a new direction and it isn’t known if Antoine Walker is going to be a part of that.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:00. ESPN has Giants/Cardinals at 7:00 and ESPN2 has Mariners/A’s at 10:00.