Not much memorable on WEEI today. Red Sox talk, All Star balloting, Pitching talk. Neumy and Dickerson talked to Chicago Tribune writer Phil Rogers about Carl Everett and whether Colon and Gordon are going to be available in a few weeks. Rogers could not see a scenario in which the White Sox traded Colon, unless they just totally collapsed before the trading deadline.

Spent a few minutes listening to radio. They questioned Charlie Weis’ commitment to the team with his seeking out other jobs this close to training camp. They also dropped the tidbit that Weis’ house is up for sale. Conjecture is that this might be Weis’ last year with the Patriots.

Eddie Andelman continued his nonstop attacks on the Red Sox ownership. “The worst thing that has ever happened to the Boston Sports Fan is having these guys own the Red Sox.” he added that they have no money, no staying power, and are picking on the little guys. Claims that “most of the people in the State House are laughing at them.” Says the owners expect the state to give them $100 million for a new stadium.

I’m beginning to suspect that large segments of the Eddie Andelman show were taped previously, months ago, and are just being replayed every single day. Is this the way for the station to save money? Just get a bunch of cuts of Eddie ranting against the “carpetbaggers” in the can, and then play them for at least a segment every day. Along with the above statements is the need to proclaim that he, Eddie, is not in the Red Sox pockets like the rest of the media in this town. A few shots at the “boy wonder” are also obligatory.

I wasn’t pleased with how the sale of the Red Sox went down, either. But I’m warming up to John Henry. His group has made some nice improvements to Fenway, and try to connect with the fans. I guess it must be different when you have friends, as Eddie did, who bid for the club but were denied their chance to own the team. This has clearly clouded Andelman’s view of the team and prevents him from speaking with any hint of credibility or objectivity.

The Zone had a chance to be relevant in this town. I wanted them to succeed. An alternative to WEEI is needed. This is not working.

A slow day even in the secondary links…a couple more tributes to Pete Farley have been penned. Mark Farinella remembers his friend. An uncredited tribute to Farley also appears in his old paper, the Brockton Enterprise.

Will Rickey Henderson show up for the Atlantic League all star game? That’s the question on Tom King’s mind. Jose Offerman has already said he isn’t going…

Tim Daloisio hands out first half grades for the Red Sox.

SI’s Marty Burns thinks that the Knicks might just be floating the Walker/Spreewell rumors out there to increase Spreewell’s value in future trade talks

Lesson for the day: Avoid arm-wrestling your girlfriend, especially if she is going to win. It just leads to trouble…