Len Pasquarelli reports that the Patriots have signed fourth round draft picks Dan Klecko and Asante Samuel.

The Celtics have signed both of their first round draft picks.

Chad Finn runs down the reasons we love and hate the Sox.

Bill Simmons looks at July and August, otherwise known as the countdown to the NFL season opener.

The thing I like about writers like Simmons and Finn, is that they are fans, and make no bones about it. It makes what they write so much more enjoyable. They’re sharing with you their thoughts on something you have in common. Nothing bothers me more than a stuffy media type who says he is not a fan, and that it’s their job to report “objectively” on whatever game, sport or athlete they’re covering. Of course, “objective” in this region means knocking them whenever you have a chance. The media types will tell you that you lose credibility when you behave as a fan. That’s a an insult to the intelligence of sports fans. You can root for a team while acknowledging their flaws. You can also be objective. Simmons has never held back from knocking the Celtics or Red Sox, even though he’s an unabashed fan. He’s also been ahead of the curve of the mainstream media a number of times in forecasting events affecting the Celtics.

Lots of Red Sox griping on the air the today. Started early, with back to back callers who wanted the Sox to get rid of Pedro on the WEEI morning show with Mike Adams and Gene Lavanchy. The first caller wanted “anything” for Pedro, while the second caller wanted a pitcher who gave up more runs, but could go deeper into the game. Hmmm, what was I saying about the intelligence of sports fans? Well, callers to sports radio shows clearly are not representative of the entire audience. Manny was the next target, being called a “disgrace” for only getting a triple in the ninth last night instead of an inside the park home run after not getting out of the box quickly. Lavanchy was also all over Ramirez for his defense. Meterparel tried to defend Manny, calling his play this year in the field above average and that he’s only had a few rough incidents in the field. Lavanchy said “Oh please.” Moving along, Grady has been a major topic the rest of the day with his curious decisions in when he decides to start Pedro in the second half. With the plan he mentioned yesterday, Pedro would miss the Yankees series toward the end of the month. Dale & Neumy and their callers have been on him. Dale was looking up flights to Santo Domingo on the Internet to make the case. The Big O promised to take the torch and continue on this topic. Another hot topic was Randall Simon’s arrest for “assaulting” the sausage racer last night. Eddie knocks Grady and Pedro and the rest of the Red Sox organization.

Gotta love the implosion of the New Jersey Nets. As a Celtics fan you can hope the Nets fire Byron Scott and then Jason Kidd ends up signing with the Spurs anyway.