Hey, this newfangled idea of having a closer is starting to grow on me. David Heuschkel reports on another dramatic Sox win punctuated by Byung-Hyun Kim striking out the two leading RBI men in the league with the tying run in scoring position. Nick Cafardo says the ninth inning had the suspense of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. Michael Silverman looks at the huge turnaround, both in the game and in the bullpen. Sean McAdam says that even through Derek Lowe was shelled pretty good, he didn’t lose faith in his teammates ability to come back. Steven Krasner says it was nice to watch another team’s bullpen implode for a change. Gordon Edes looks at Kim, who was pitching for the fourth straight day, and showed no signs of fatigue. Tony Massarotti says that is example “A” of why a good team needs a closer. It should be pointed out that even if the Sox were still using the Bill James theory of bullpen use, Kim would still have been out there for the ninth. It’s about using your best reliever at the most critical point in the game. Sunday night after the All Star rosters were announced and Jason Varitek had been left off, many media types said he would be a long shot to win the on-line voting. A tough road to hoe. The competition was too strong, and the Red Sox weren’t playing at home. I think they underestimated the tenacity, passion and determination of Red Sox Nation. I think this could become an annual thing, where the last man voted in will be a Red Sox player, if there is one on the ballot. The Sox fans showed once again how “into” this team they are that they could make this happen. It’s another example of the loyal following that this team has. They’re also online more than other fans. The Internet is full of Red Sox discussion groups and mailings lists. Edes taps into this, when he examines Varitek’s election in the Globe. Massarotti says it was the fans nationally who acknowledged Varitek and voted him in, but I believe he’s mistaken. If you could get the demographics of the internet voting and see where the votes came from, my money would be on a vast majority of the votes coming from this region. The ones around the country would be coming from transplanted Sox fans. Massarotti nails the bigger point, though, namely that Varitek has made himself into an All Star. Heuschkel also reports on the Sox catcher winning the vote. Karen Guregian looks at Shea Hillenbrand, who just can’t stop knocking the Red Sox and saying stupid things. Even Johnny Pesky is tired of it. Jim Donaldson weighs in on Dusty Baker’s comments and says we see and hear more offensive things than those comments every day. Jim Fennell looks at Rickey Henderson, who played in the Atlantic League All Star game last night. Silverman’s notebook looks at Pedro likely missing the Yankees the next time the teams meet up. Carfardo’s notebook leads with the same item. McAdam’s notebook has more on the Varitek fan voting. Heuschkel’s notebook has Johnny Damon thinking that he might be traded sometime this month.

Jackie MacMullan says Walter McCarty actually does want to come back to the Boston Celtics, but not for the minimum. He also says it’s not about the money. Steve Bulpett has more on the situation. Danny Ainge would like to have Walter back. Walter says he has to do what is best for his family, and how great Boston has been to him and how he loves it here. In the same breath he’s saying he might take the minimum from another team. How would that be doing what’s best for his family, is Boston is his home?

Michael Smith looks the supplemental draft today in the NFL with Tony Hollings being the top prize and the Patriots possibly interested.

Steve Conroy looks at Don Sweeny heading out the Dallas Stars. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says it’s all about a chance to win a cup.

Aaron Harlan says that UMass is looking to possibly upgrade its football program to Division 1-A in coming years.

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