Jim Donaldson shows again why he might be the most despised writer south of Dan Shaughnessy. I’m sure it took a lot of effort to write that one, Jim. Taken directly from the Shaughnessy book of column templates, Donaldson declares the season over. Jeff Horrigan reports on the play that mattered in the game, Walker’s fumble of the double play ball that would’ve gotten the Sox out of the inning. Bob Hohler looks at an opportunity lost for the Sox. Steven Krasner looks at how the undermanned Yankees refused to let the Sox gain ground on them. Don Amore reports on the game from the Yankee perspective. Bob Ryan writes bout opportunity lost and waxes on about Steinbrenner’s tears of joy and the Yankees perseverance. Sean McAdam notes that after all the fireworks from the weekend, we’re all right back where we started. The normally solid Lenny Megliola has a little bit of Jim Donaldson in him today. Just a little. A superstitious Gordon Edes knocks the Sox for using Byung Hyun Kim in such a situation yesterday. Mike Shalin has Nomar saying the Sox just need to move onto the next battle. David Heuschkel looks at how Pedro established the inside part of the plate, to the Yankees chagrin. An uncredited article in the same paper looks at the bad feelings generated by Pedro’s inside pitches yesterday. Aaron Harlan says Pedro sent a couple messages yesterday. Howard Bryant looks at another Mussina/Pedro gem. Hohler looks at Steinbrenner’s remarks about Pedro’s inside pitches to his stars. Bryant has a pay column on the same subject. Steve Buckley looks at Pedro and his denial that he was trying to hit anyone. Buckley has a pay column on the impact of the loss yesterday, interested to see how the Sox bounce back from it. John Wallach looks at a lost weekend n NY. Shalin looks at another rough outing for Kim at Yankee Stadium. The Globe notebook looks at Mussina’s gem of a performance. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Varitek’s pessimism that he can win the on-line voting for the final AL roster spot. Krasner’s notebook says his teammates are starting the campaign for the Sox catcher. Amore’s notebook looks at George’s happiness yesterday. Heuschkel’s notebook says Kim is undaunted by what happened in the ninth inning.

It’s the slow time of the sports year. Only baseball in the papers. However, things aren’t as slow as David Stern would likely prefer for his league, with the arrests of pretty high profile players in the last few days, two coming yesterday with Darrell Armstrong pushing a female cop, and Damon Stoudamire trying to bring an ounce and a half of marijuana through an airport. In a little more positive vein, Celtics second round pick Brandon Hunter sees himself as another Malik Rose.

Michael Felger has a brief blurb on the Pats signing seventh round pick Ethan Kelley.

As if to accentuate my point about it being a slow time of year for sports, Bill Griffith writes about poker on TV. Jim Baker knocks the NESN Extra Innings crew for making excuses for Todd Walker yesterday in his pay column.

NESN has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00.