Today’s Eddie Andelman whopper was that Len Bias was manipulated by some big time illegal gamblers that got him hooked on drugs so that he would provide them inside information once he turned pro. When questioned on it by an emailer, Eddie simply said: “That’s what goes on all the time.” A little evidence or confirmation, please?

I added these Google Ads to the left side below, after they were brought to my attention, and I read this extremely long but interesting four part article on them. Bottom line, they’re pay per click, and each click could bring as much as 40 cents. They’re supposed to serve up ads that are relevant to the site, I expect a lot of Red Sox ticket ads. Don’t overdo it and click over and over again, as Google will figure it out the “insincere” clicking. I figure if each person could click a couple ads a day, that would make them more than worth it. Helps me out, and doesn’t cost you a penny.

From this morning, after the Herald got the rest of its articles on-line, is a piece by Tony Massarotti, who goes after the Yankees for whining about Pedro pitching inside, after Roger Clemens threw at Kevin Millar’s head. “New York Sissies” he calls them. Also, Michael Silverman has Damian Jackson reacting to the comments of Dusty Baker from a few days ago. Kevin Thomas reports on Casey Fossum’s rehab stint in Portland.

Todd Jones files his first Sporting News column as a member of the Red Sox.

Al Pike has more on the newly dedicated Jerry Azumah Performance Center at the University of New Hampshire.