Sox pull one out for Pedro. Jeff Horrigan says the Sox have shown a remarkable ability to bounce back from hard defeats. Bob Hohler echoes that theme, and looks at Millar, Ortiz and the bullpen as heroes of the night. Steven Krasner says the bullpen finally got to function as a bullpen should. David Heuschkel says it was nice to have Kim come in and slam the door for a Pedro victory. Nick Cafardo questions Grady’s decision to pull Pedro after seven innings and 99 pitches. He says Pedro should have had a chance to decide the win for himself. One can only imagine what Nick would be saying if Grady left Pedro in for 120 pitches…likely something along the lines of “Why did he leave him in there so long and waste him against the Devil Rays?” As Grady himself says in the article: ‘I’ll be second-guessed again for some reason” Steve Buckley looks at Kevin Millar returning to Florida with a bang. Lenny Megliola says this long road trip could make or break Grady. John Tomase chronicles in detail the Sox most crushing defeats this year. Cafardo recalls with nostalgia Dave Righetti’s Fourth of July no-hitter against the Sox, 20 years ago tomorrow. Steve Buckley’s pay column is on the same topic. At least he acknowledges that is a bitter memory for Sox fans, Cafardo acts like we should be cherishing the memory. No thanks. Todd Jones is the lede topic of all notebooks. Heuschkel’s notebook has the news on Jones, and says Hector Almonte knew he was getting cut…he had a dream about it. Krasner’s notebook looks at Jones and then at the Sox facing the fearsome foursome of the Yankees staff this weekend. Horrigan’s notebook, after talking about Jones, has Tampa bakery owner Rolando Arrojo sending some goodies to the Sox clubhouse. Hohler’s notebook has some interesting words that Jones had written earlier in the season about the Red Sox and Theo.

Steve Conroy has a quick note about Mike O’Connell meeting with the agent for free agent goalie Felix Potvin.

Michael Gee’s pay column today addresses the Antoine Walker trade rumors, which he dismisses as talk from New York and Los Angeles with the purpose of stirring things up in those markets. He says even if Ainge has a strong dislike for Antoine’s game, he’d be foolish to trade him for nothing. At the very least he needs to wait and see where Jason Kidd ends up. If he bolts the Nets, the Celtics could have a chance to take the East, with Walker. Buddy Thomas once again displays his total lack of basketball knowledge by being excited by the prospect of trading Walker for Spreewell. Not to mention being out of touch, as that rumor was shot down days ago.

Jim McCabe looks at 13 year old sensation Michelle Wie, ready to take on the US Women’s open. He addresses the concern of burnout for youngsters like Wie. Jackie MacMullan has an interesting story about blind ones taking up golf.

John Molori gives out a number of sponge baths today as holiday gifts in his Media Blitz column. Sean McDonough, Pete Sheppard, and The Morning Press Box all find themselves lathered up by Molori this week. He does a good job giving CN8’s Phil Burton some well deserved props, but then mentions that Burton has always had a “rabid following”. Say what? Jim Baker’s pay column looks at WBZ’s coverage of the Sox and Yankees tomorrow along with the Boston Pops Esplanade concert and fireworks.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 6:00.