The panic button was pushed

The panic button was pushed on Sport Final. (Literally) Borges admitted that he doesn’t like Belichick. Said he is disingenuous. The panel of Zolak, Borges and DeOssie talked vaguely about Belichick lying to the media. Then the conversation went into Brady/Bledsoe. Borges says Brady is Jeff Hostetler. The Giants didn’t trade Phil Simms after Hostetler led them to the Super Bowl. Zolak says the Patriots have peaked early, and they’re not that good. DeOssie says for a certain that the Patriots will not win next week. The other two agreed.

Felger and Cafardo were up next. Cafardo says next week could be the Patriots SuperBowl. But then Cafardo went after Felger for all the things he’s said during the offseason and up to the this point. Belichick can stop Bledsoe, more talent this year, etc. Cafardo insists that the team has tuned out Belichick. He thinks that many of the Patriots guys like Bledsoe, and won’t go after him. He puts his money on the Bills next week. Then Nick went into the whole deal about the Patriots being nuts for trading Bledsoe to the Bills. They should’ve kept him instead of trading him to a divisional rival.

Other segments: Burton on Shannon Sharpe, a segment with a Buffalo sportscaster, Shaughnessy in to talk about the MasterCard top 10 baseball moments, a Terry O’Reilly Video.

Tim Fox told Gene Lavanchy on Sports Extra that Tom Brady played his worst game as a Patriot. Very tentative, like he made a vow not to throw any interceptions. Smerlas noted there was no pressure on Griese, during the game. Then onto the Bledsoe matchup next week. After a break, back to the Patriots, Lavanchy notes that the rest of the country was right about this team last year and this. They’re not a very good team. There is a lack of hunger and intensity. No big plays being made on either side of the ball. Fox says the good news is that Belichick has had success against Bledsoe in the past.

Quick Links: Ron Borges is an objective reporter. Dan Shaughnessy compares the Patriots to past Red Sox teams. Michael Felger looks at nothing falling in place for this team. Tom Curran looks at 0-for-October. Nick Cafardo has the game story. Kevin Mannix says this is a bad team with a coach that has no answers.

During the broadcast yesterday CBS sideline reporter Armen Keteyian mentioned that there had been a fight during a Patriots practice last week, and that at one point 20 guys were involved. Did I miss the mention on this locally? I’ve been kind of out of it the last few days, so if it was mentioned in any of the local papers or news outlets, I didn’t hear about it.


Eddie Andelman was back in

Eddie Andelman was back in studio with Dave Jageler today. A typical Friday, with Patriots talk and the wiseguys. Also a promotion throughout the show was giving away $20 bets on horses for tomorrow’s Breeder’s Cup. Bob Neumeier was replaced by Scott Zolak alongside Dale Arnold. Zolak isn’t bad at taking calls and interacting with the listeners. Patriots talk here as well. It continued over to the Big Show with Ordway, Smerlas and Felger. Mike Giardo hosted the McDonough group and was joined by Ron Borges and Tim Fox. Borges was surprisingly lucid for at least much of the first hour. It seems that when teams are struggling, he can spend time analyzing what they need to get better, and he’s not angry and bitter. When the team is winning, he’s miserable because there’s not much for him to do, so he does all he can to find things to criticize about them. That’s the best I can come up with for him. In the second hour, Borges got a little more antagonistic, boasting about the silence of the callers who were all over him the first three weeks of the season.

Bill Simmons takes us behind the scenes of sports talk radio. Ron Hobson previews Patriots/Broncos. Eric McHugh looks at Broncos kicker Jason Elam. David Pevear looks at Terrell Buckley’s third game in a row against a former team. Michael Felger looks at the red zone blues for the Sporting News. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has an Eastern Conference Notebook for

Good to see former Sox 3rd baseman Wade Boggs maintaining his dignity in retirement. A couple of readers have e-mailed in to report that they saw Boggs on an infomercial as a celebrity endorser of a hair restoration product. He was even in the chair, with the “Doctor” drawing dots on his head and everything.

As Dale Arnold said on

As Dale Arnold said on WEEI yesterday, the idea of the Expos playing in Fenway next year makes too much sense to have any truth to it. I’m curious why Red Sox management and MLB officials were so quick to shoot down the idea of the Expos even playing a few games at Fenway next year. Gordon Edes has the best account of the situation, starting from getting woken up yesterday morning by his boss who is demanding why he didn’t have this story yesterday. Lucchino laughed at the story and hung up, Henry sent a one line denial via e-mail, and MLB officials were equally quick and terse. Why is it so ridiculous? Glen Ordway made the point very well yesterday that Boston would not be able to support two teams full time. He’s correct. But, why not have the Expos come in and play 10-20 games here while the Sox are on West coast trips? The Red Sox get money, and they don’t lose fans, because the West coast games are so late, most people would have time to see both games if they wanted. By that limited number of games, it lessens the strain on the ballpark and the neighborhoods, and it would still be a novelty that people would likely want to go to, especially if the opponents were attractive. Other reports on the story are from Jeff Horrigan in the Herald, Sean McAdam in the Projo, and David Heuschkel in the Courant. On second thought, I just read Michael Gee’s column today, and found out that he agrees with me. I’m freaked out now. Time for some soul-searching here. One terrific line from Gee: “Imagine the thrills as Robby strides into the WEEI studios and throttles John Dennis in mid second-guess.”

Of the accounts from Terry O’Reilly night at the Fleet last night, I enjoyed Steve Conroy’s the most. It was the only one I got goosebumps from while reading. Joe McDonald’s account was well done also. Kevin Paul Dupont gave of a glimpse into O’Reilly’s day before the ceremony, trying to put his speech together, and coming to grips with the honor. The Herald has a transcript of the speech available. Marvin Payne gets O’Reilly stories from Bruins legends. The Herald once again has a plethora of O’Reilly stories. Lenny Megliola weighs in on last night. Jackie MacMullan does a story on Terry’s son, Evan. As for the actual game, Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris have pretty concise wrapups.

Gerry Callahan writes Bill Belichick’s pregame speech for Sunday. Alan Greenberg agrees this is a game to get pumped up about. Kevin McNamara says practices have been smooth, but that means nothing. Nick Cafardo profiles a Patriots Practice squad player whose family is near to where the sniper attacks were happening. Richard Seymour knows that he’s got to step up his game, according to Michael Felger. In Cafardo’s notebook, Matt Light knows he has to improve as well, and Belichick downplays Donald Hayes’ comments from last week. Felger’s notebook also has the Hayes comments from the coach, but focuses more on possible lineup changes. Hecto Longo wonders if there is a sophomore jinx with Seymour and Light. Ian Clark’s notebook focuses on Joe Andruzzi. Leigh Montville serves up his weekly picks.

Everyone likes Mike, according to Steve Bulpett. On the other hand, ‘they killed Kenny’. Anderson is available for a trade from the Sonics. Frank Dell’Apa is told by coach O’Brien that there are some simple solutions to the preseason struggles.

Alright…I’ll hand out the World Series links. Bob Hohler and Jeff Horrigan have the game stories from last night’s rout. Bob Ryan looks at the last game of the year at Pac Bell. Steve Buckley writes about the odd couple of Kent and Bonds. Gordon Edes and Sean McAdam look at Kent finally getting out of his slump. McAdam also looks at the Angels refusal to pitch to Barry Bonds. Horrigan’s World Series notebook includes news of Lucchino conducting a GM interview yesterday. Reds assistant GM Leland Maddox was the candidate.

Bill Griffith gets into some interactive TV that you can bet on horses with. John Howell looks ahead to ESPN’s NBA coverage. Let the speculation begin about who the host will be for WWZN’s “Celtics Rewind’ show set to debut next Wednesday night. As for the Celtics PA job, former announcer Andy Jick has apparently not even been given consideration for the job. The tentative plan is to have Dave Jageler and Eric Frede alternate the duties.

FSNE has Celtics/Wizards preseason at 8:00 (ESPN has the game nationally) ESPN2 has Hawaii/Frsno State college football at 9:00. ESPN also has Kings/Lakers at 10:30. At 5:00 this afternoon, ESPN Classic has World Series film from the 1967 Series between the Red Sox and Cardinals.

Dave Jageler was joined by

Dave Jageler was joined by Mike Adams for the third day in a row. Right off the top, Sean Grande (who doubles as programming director) called in, and was talking with Adams about rumors in the media room last night at the Celtics game about who will be joining Adams on the morning show. Word was that someone would be defecting from WEEI. Adams would only say there is someone coming over to join him, but he’s sworn to the person that he would not reveal who it is. (Later, word was that former Big Show intern “Candy” would be joining Adams. What her role will be isn’t clear…perhaps a “flash girl” type role.) Ron Hobson joined Dale Arnold for three hours mostly devoted to Terry O’Reilly and the possibility of the Expos playing in Boston. At the end of the show, they had Red Sox executive vice president of business affairs Mike Dee on the show, and he dismissed the Expos rumors, citing neighborhood and operational concerns. The Big Show was Steve DeOssie and Levan Reid with the Big O, and the leadoff topic was the MasterCard greatest MLB moment. They all agreed it was a sham as well. Will McDonough and Pete Brock joined Butch Stearns on the McDonough group.

Mike Fine reviews last night’s Celtics/Mavs game. Peter May writes about Vin Baker for Jonathon Comey says the Pats are in awe of the Broncos. Eric McHugh says the game will be won in the trenches. His notebook updates us on Leonard Myers and other injuries. Tom King has more on the Patriots finding their way. Mike Loftus asks some current Bruins about Terry O’Reilly. He also provides some injury updates.

HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” next week will have the “coming out” of former NFL defensive lineman Esera Tuaolo. I’d never heard of the guy before. ESPN’s Sterling Sharpe, a former teammate of Tuaolo was interviewed for the show, and says: Had he come out on a Monday, with Wednesday, Thursday, Friday practices, He’d have never gotten to the other team.” Asked if his own guys would’ve cheap-shotted him, Sharpe went on to say “He would have never gotten to the game on Sunday.” “He’s done.” Other segments include features on former boxer Rodney Cummings, who rose from a life of youth crime to become a Prosecuting attorney, a look at the just how overweight American kids are, and why, as finally a sitdown with Johnnie Cochran and Cyrus Mehri, who recently released a report criticizing NFL hiring practices and threatening the league with a lawsuit unless more minority candidates are given opportunities. The show airs for the first time next Tuesday, Oct 29 from 10:00-11:00 PM

How about this story from

How about this story from the NY Daily News today that claims discussions are underway for the Expos to play a certain number of home games at Fenway next year. Is this another NY fantasy story, like Pedro’s sore shoulder? How come no one in the Boston papers has run with this? This could be another way for the Red Sox ownership to raise some money, getting some of the gate when the Red Sox are out of town.

Terry O’Reilly gets his number

Terry O’Reilly gets his number retired tonight. The papers devote much coverage to the affable and humble Bruins legend. John Powers and Stephen Harris have features on his career. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the famous O’Reilly intensity. Steve Conroy looks at his roots and upbringing. Jim Hoban collects some of his most memorable battles. Karen Guregian has a Q&A session with O’Reilly. The Herald has an immense collection of other articles today. Yesterday, The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune ran a first-hand account written by O’Reilly talking about the honor of getting his number retired.

Tony Massarotti and Jeff Horrigan get Dan Duquette to endorse his cousin Jim for the Red Sox GM job. David Heuschkel has a more extensive account on Jim Duquette. All you hear about is that he’s more affable and friendly than his cousin. It gets annoying. During every update on 1510 yesterday, Debbi Wrobleski made sure to say something along the lines of “Don’t worry, MLB sources say Jim is much more personable than his cousin Dan.” I think I’m safe in saying the average fan couldn’t care less how the GM treats the media. They care if he puts together a championship team, period. The needless, continued shots at Dan Duquette are petty and disgusting. I don’t mean to single out Wrobleski here, she’s just the one that caught my attention yesterday by saying that same line probably about 15 times over the course of the afternoon. I’m sure Duquette wasn’t fun to cover, and didn’t make their jobs any easier. He even admitted in the Herald piece today that Jim is “more outgoing”. So he is. It doesn’t mean he’d be a better GM than Dan was. It only means maybe he’ll make the media’s job easier, and ultimately, that’s what they care about.

Bob Ryan is still obsessed with Francisco Rodriguez. Ryan also disagrees with the MasterCard top 10 baseball moments and says the younger fans have no sense of history. Steve Buckley agrees with Ryan and lectures us on the difference between an “event” (Ripken) and a “moment” (Bobby Thomson’s 1951 “Shot heard ’round the world”) Tony Massarotti gets some Mo Vaughn bashing out of the Angels locker room. Jeff Horrigan and Bob Hohler report on the Giants evening the series last night. Good thing there was an arrest in the sniper case last night, D&C would’ve been totally miserable today otherwise. Yesterday Chad Finn had a nice article on the late Lyman Bostock, an rising Angel cut down before his prime.

Nick Cafardo catches up with second year cornerback Leonard Myers, almost ready to come back from a double groin injury. Tom Curran examines what the Patriots offense will try to do against the Broncos. Alan Greenberg checks in with Tom Brady about what needs to be done. Mike Reiss looks at what the coaches are doing to turn things around, starting at the top. Among Michael Felger’s notes is Lawyer Milloy observing that Belichick’s smile has gone back into hibernation. In his notebook, Cafardo has the team’s intensity rising, and injury updates. In Curran’s notebook, Richard Seymour realizes the Patriots need to dominate up front. Jennifer Levitz reports on an 18 year Patriot season ticket holder who lost his tickets after selling one games worth on eBay.

Steve Bulpett reports on last night’s Celtics/Mavericks preseason game. Shira Springer says Mark Cuban has a new e-mail buddy…new Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck. Bulpett’s notebook has more advice from Cuban to the C’s new ownership, and details of some exchanges from the court and fans.

NESN has Bruins/Senators (and the O’Reilly ceremony) at 7:00. Fox has game 5 of the World Series at 8:00. TNT has an NBA preseason double header with Mavericks/Magic and 8:00 and Bucks/Lakers at 10:30. ESPN has N.C. State/Clemson college football at 7:30. ESPN2 has Canadiens/Flyers at 7:00 and BYU/Colorado State college football at 10:30. FSNE has NE Tailgate at 7:00.

Baseball baseball baseball. Gordon Edes

Baseball baseball baseball. Gordon Edes and Bob Hohler decide to do some job sharing and combine to do three articles as a pair. A few relevant Red Sox items. First in the Red Sox notebook, they report on the Marlins proposing a trade for Trot Nixon and Shea Hillenbrand, and surgery for Lou Merloni. The twosome also have an article on the GM search, Jim Duquette and Ron Schueler are a couple names that might actually be interested in the position. The article also notes that Mike Port won’t be “formally” interviewed. David Heuschkel reports another name that turned down the Sox, Diamondbacks assistant GM Sandy Johnson. His exact quote when asked by his boss if he’d like to be interviewed? `It’s very flattering but not something I’m interested in pursuing at all.’ ouch. An “unnamed” source, (is there any other kind) an AL executive….called the Sox search “a mess”. Sean McAdam reports that former Rockies GM Bob Gebhard is also a candidate. Jeff Horrigan also reports on the process. Scott Van Voorhis has the Sox bringing their plans to put seats on the Green Monster to City Hall. John Tomase outlines Mike Port’s role in assembling the current Angels.

As for the World Series, Tony Massarotti says the Angels are America’s team. Steve Buckley says that the Giants are fading fast despite Bonds. Bob Ryan looks at the relentless Angels offense. Bob Hohler files a game report. Sean McAdam lauds Scott Spiezio for filling the void left by Mo Vaughn. Bob Ryan also looks at the West Coast baseball culture. Also, Buckley and Edes/Hohler have stories on Willie Mays. Dennis & Callahan spent much of the first hour lavishing praise on the Angels on their character, the way they play the game, and bashing Bonds and the Giants. It’s interesting that for years the Angels have been considered underachievers. Garrett Anderson has been called too laid back, and guys like Salmon and Erstad have been criticized in the past as well. All of a sudden, they “get it” and play the game right. D&C bashed Nomar and Manny for not playing with the attitude of these guys.

Michael Felger hopes the Patriots enjoyed their time off. (Probably not as much as you did, Mike) Felger gives us a few things to consider for the upcoming weeks. Nick Cafardo says they needs to get tough, and goes through the guys that need to step up, namely the lines. Jim Donaldson says its unthinkable to have a Belichick team that can’t play defense. Rich Thompson catches up with Deion Branch.

Dan Shaughnessy writes about Vin Baker. He gets Wallace and Papile to try to be encouraging about Baker. He also notes that Wallace’s neck is on the line for this one, which is rather unfair, since it seems pretty public knowledge that neither Wallace nor coach O’Brien wanted to make the trade. Gus Martins profiles Tony Battie who is not threatened by Baker. Shaughnessy files a brief notebook in the Globe, and Martins a little bit longer one for the Herald, in which Jim O’Brien notes that Baker’s preseason stats last year “mirror exactly what they are now”.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell examines at the Bruins fast start. Steve Conroy looks at the on-fire Glen Murray.

Before I get another 100 e-mails on the topic…the Simmons/Upton Bell/Bob Gamere thing was a JOKE. I guess I need to either add more humor, or eliminate trying it altogether.

FSNE has Celtics/Mavericks preseason action at 7:00. Fox has game 4 of the World Series at 8:00.