NESN’s Tom Carron joined Dave Jageler on today’s WWZN afternoon show. A mixed bag of talk, from Bruins (I forgot to mention the streaker who injured himself crawling over the boards and had to be carried off the ice on a stretcher) to Celtics, Jageler was again the fill-in PA announcer last night, to the Red Sox GM, Tony Massarotti called in the from the airport to again report his disgust with the Yankee and Steinbrenner for denying the Sox permission to talk to Gene Michael. He feels strongly that Michael was/is interested in the job, despite the press release, and the Yankees are just being difficult. The McDonough group was manned by Sean along with Ron Borges and Tim Fox. Sean spent some time in the first hour sort of complaining about the station’s relationship with the Globe. He doesn’t think it’s enough of a two-way relationship, and that the Globe gets more out of the partnership by virtue of its reporters getting publicity and extra money by appearing on the show, and the station doesn’t really get enough in return from the Globe. He wants Bill Griffith to give them more plugs. He did make sure to clarify that he was speaking for himself only, and not on behalf of station management. Greg Dickerson filled in for Glen Ordway on the Big Show and was joined by Steve DeOssie and Bill Burt. Patriots talk in the first hour, with Brady/Bledsoe a hot topic.

I was able to get in touch with Michael Holley finally, and he confirmed that he is taking a year away from the Globe in order to do a book on the Patriots. He noted that he sure hopes it “will not turn out to be the inside tale of an 8-8 team.”

Scott Van Voorhis has word on a price hike on Red Sox tickets. Mike Fine reports on the Sox GM search. Gordon Edes hosted an on-line chat at And no, I am not “Media Critic”. Edes is pretty good in this chat and expressed his surprise at the headline “Duquette blew it” on his article about Eckstein yesterday.

Jim Fennell has details on the Celtics loss last night in Manchester. Gary Fitz also reports on the game, noting the NH crowd was a bit friendlier than perhaps the Fleetcenter would have been. Mike Fine loves Waltah…Rob Bradford has more on Vinnie’s struggles.

Del Jones waves goodbye to the Patriots for the weekend. Jones reports on Deion Branch in his notebook. Over at, Nick Cafardo answered his mailbag on As usual, it’s pretty entertaining, and though credit is deserved for printing the letters that are critical of Nick, his answers reflect that he doesn’t seem to take criticism too well. Take his answer to “Ed Johnson”. Johnson spent the time to write out a detailed critique of Nick, and was brushed off pretty quickly. Cafardo chides another fan for his lack of maturity. I’m not sure the hijinks on Sports Final qualify as mature behavior, either.

Because 75% of its users connect to with a high-speed connection, the site plans to launch a free video-clip service in the next few weeks. ESPN Motion, currently available for the site’s Insider subscribers, will allow video clips to be displayed on the main page.