Alan Greenberg has an occasionally hilarious look at Patriots offensive lineman Grey Ruegamer. Jim Donaldson tries to be cute and say that Patriots should’ve traded Brady and kept Bledsoe. Kevin Mannix assesses the changes that the Patriots need to make. Nick Cafardo looks at the status of possible additions to the Patriots, and emphasizes the importance of the QB coach position. Jon Couture is a Bledsoe guy.

Steve Buckley takes his usual look at history, and goes back to the last bay area World Series. He mentions the earthquake and that “Those of us in the pressbox who had never experienced an earthquake feared for our lives.” Can’t you picture Buckley diving under the nearest table and cowering in fear? Gordon Edes looks at the series shift back to Pac Bell park and how that will effect scoring. Bob Ryan is infatuated with Francisco Rodriguez. He compares him to Pedro in the article, among others. Tony Massarotti looks at the amazing postseason records of the Hernandez half-brothers. Bob Hohler looks closer at Livan Hernandez, who will face Ramon Ortiz in tonight’s game 3. Allen Lessels has the story of two Concord, NH guys playing big roles in the Giants’ World Series run.

Dan Shaughnessy throws his support behind candidate Port in the race for Sox GM. If he gets the job, does this mean shank won’t rip him when Nomar and Pedro leave as free agents in a couple years? In talking about the qualities needed for the job, Shaughnessy mentions the perils, including, “Add intense media scrutiny to the mix. Check the clip files of Lou Gorman and Dan Duquette, both of whom were royally roasted by the knights of the keyboard and nitwit radio.” Dan also introduces a phenomena he refers to as “Gammons youth”. Apparently any young baseball executive who knows prospects and likes to build a farm system is a member of this club. Finally, Dan did make me laugh by referring to Philadelphia’s Mike ”Don’t Call Me Fatty” Arbuckle. I was gonna use that line…speaking of Arbuckle, Bob Hohler and Gordon Edes combine with Associated Press reports to craft the Globe’s notebook, which has the latest on Arbuckle and other notes of interest. David Heuschkel also has a brief piece on the GM search and a possible explanation why the A’s owner hasn’t returned calls. Meanwhile, the Newark Star-Ledger speculated yesterday that the real reason that the Red Sox haven’t been able to contact Billy Beane is because he actually has an interest in trying to put together a group to buy the A’s.

Sunday, Charlie Pierce had a lengthy piece on Celtic Kedrick Brown in the Boston Globe Magazine. Rich Thompson reports on Tony Delk’s transition to point guard. Shira Springer looks at Jim O’Brien’s lineups and attitude in her notebook. Thompson also touches on this in his notebook.

Steve Conroy and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell report on the scorching Bruins win last night in Toronto. Conroy wins the notebook battle.

Jim Baker looks at Fox’s World Series coverage. Bill Griffith suggests a couple additions to The Place’s Boston sports video, and confirms the Michael Holley book story first reported here. John Molori catches up with Mike Adams for a preview of what his morning show is going to be like. Referring to the still unannounced 10-12 show, Adams says in the article that he heard the show was going to be Bill Simmons and Gene Lavanchy. How many people are going to be speculated for that gig? Simmons, Lavanchy, Steve Burton, Ron Borges, Debbi Wrobleski, Greg Dickerson… OK, I was told not to reveal this, but one of my 1510 sources says that Simmons is a mortal lock to host a 10-12 show on 1510 with Upton Bell and Bob Gamere…

FOX has World Series game three at 8:00. Tuesday night means ESPN’s EOE block…