Baseball baseball baseball. Gordon Edes and Bob Hohler decide to do some job sharing and combine to do three articles as a pair. A few relevant Red Sox items. First in the Red Sox notebook, they report on the Marlins proposing a trade for Trot Nixon and Shea Hillenbrand, and surgery for Lou Merloni. The twosome also have an article on the GM search, Jim Duquette and Ron Schueler are a couple names that might actually be interested in the position. The article also notes that Mike Port won’t be “formally” interviewed. David Heuschkel reports another name that turned down the Sox, Diamondbacks assistant GM Sandy Johnson. His exact quote when asked by his boss if he’d like to be interviewed? `It’s very flattering but not something I’m interested in pursuing at all.’ ouch. An “unnamed” source, (is there any other kind) an AL executive….called the Sox search “a mess”. Sean McAdam reports that former Rockies GM Bob Gebhard is also a candidate. Jeff Horrigan also reports on the process. Scott Van Voorhis has the Sox bringing their plans to put seats on the Green Monster to City Hall. John Tomase outlines Mike Port’s role in assembling the current Angels.

As for the World Series, Tony Massarotti says the Angels are America’s team. Steve Buckley says that the Giants are fading fast despite Bonds. Bob Ryan looks at the relentless Angels offense. Bob Hohler files a game report. Sean McAdam lauds Scott Spiezio for filling the void left by Mo Vaughn. Bob Ryan also looks at the West Coast baseball culture. Also, Buckley and Edes/Hohler have stories on Willie Mays. Dennis & Callahan spent much of the first hour lavishing praise on the Angels on their character, the way they play the game, and bashing Bonds and the Giants. It’s interesting that for years the Angels have been considered underachievers. Garrett Anderson has been called too laid back, and guys like Salmon and Erstad have been criticized in the past as well. All of a sudden, they “get it” and play the game right. D&C bashed Nomar and Manny for not playing with the attitude of these guys.

Michael Felger hopes the Patriots enjoyed their time off. (Probably not as much as you did, Mike) Felger gives us a few things to consider for the upcoming weeks. Nick Cafardo says they needs to get tough, and goes through the guys that need to step up, namely the lines. Jim Donaldson says its unthinkable to have a Belichick team that can’t play defense. Rich Thompson catches up with Deion Branch.

Dan Shaughnessy writes about Vin Baker. He gets Wallace and Papile to try to be encouraging about Baker. He also notes that Wallace’s neck is on the line for this one, which is rather unfair, since it seems pretty public knowledge that neither Wallace nor coach O’Brien wanted to make the trade. Gus Martins profiles Tony Battie who is not threatened by Baker. Shaughnessy files a brief notebook in the Globe, and Martins a little bit longer one for the Herald, in which Jim O’Brien notes that Baker’s preseason stats last year “mirror exactly what they are now”.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell examines at the Bruins fast start. Steve Conroy looks at the on-fire Glen Murray.

Before I get another 100 e-mails on the topic…the Simmons/Upton Bell/Bob Gamere thing was a JOKE. I guess I need to either add more humor, or eliminate trying it altogether.

FSNE has Celtics/Mavericks preseason action at 7:00. Fox has game 4 of the World Series at 8:00.