Terry O’Reilly gets his number retired tonight. The papers devote much coverage to the affable and humble Bruins legend. John Powers and Stephen Harris have features on his career. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the famous O’Reilly intensity. Steve Conroy looks at his roots and upbringing. Jim Hoban collects some of his most memorable battles. Karen Guregian has a Q&A session with O’Reilly. The Herald has an immense collection of other articles today. Yesterday, The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune ran a first-hand account written by O’Reilly talking about the honor of getting his number retired.

Tony Massarotti and Jeff Horrigan get Dan Duquette to endorse his cousin Jim for the Red Sox GM job. David Heuschkel has a more extensive account on Jim Duquette. All you hear about is that he’s more affable and friendly than his cousin. It gets annoying. During every update on 1510 yesterday, Debbi Wrobleski made sure to say something along the lines of “Don’t worry, MLB sources say Jim is much more personable than his cousin Dan.” I think I’m safe in saying the average fan couldn’t care less how the GM treats the media. They care if he puts together a championship team, period. The needless, continued shots at Dan Duquette are petty and disgusting. I don’t mean to single out Wrobleski here, she’s just the one that caught my attention yesterday by saying that same line probably about 15 times over the course of the afternoon. I’m sure Duquette wasn’t fun to cover, and didn’t make their jobs any easier. He even admitted in the Herald piece today that Jim is “more outgoing”. So he is. It doesn’t mean he’d be a better GM than Dan was. It only means maybe he’ll make the media’s job easier, and ultimately, that’s what they care about.

Bob Ryan is still obsessed with Francisco Rodriguez. Ryan also disagrees with the MasterCard top 10 baseball moments and says the younger fans have no sense of history. Steve Buckley agrees with Ryan and lectures us on the difference between an “event” (Ripken) and a “moment” (Bobby Thomson’s 1951 “Shot heard ’round the world”) Tony Massarotti gets some Mo Vaughn bashing out of the Angels locker room. Jeff Horrigan and Bob Hohler report on the Giants evening the series last night. Good thing there was an arrest in the sniper case last night, D&C would’ve been totally miserable today otherwise. Yesterday Chad Finn had a nice article on the late Lyman Bostock, an rising Angel cut down before his prime.

Nick Cafardo catches up with second year cornerback Leonard Myers, almost ready to come back from a double groin injury. Tom Curran examines what the Patriots offense will try to do against the Broncos. Alan Greenberg checks in with Tom Brady about what needs to be done. Mike Reiss looks at what the coaches are doing to turn things around, starting at the top. Among Michael Felger’s notes is Lawyer Milloy observing that Belichick’s smile has gone back into hibernation. In his notebook, Cafardo has the team’s intensity rising, and injury updates. In Curran’s notebook, Richard Seymour realizes the Patriots need to dominate up front. Jennifer Levitz reports on an 18 year Patriot season ticket holder who lost his tickets after selling one games worth on eBay.

Steve Bulpett reports on last night’s Celtics/Mavericks preseason game. Shira Springer says Mark Cuban has a new e-mail buddy…new Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck. Bulpett’s notebook has more advice from Cuban to the C’s new ownership, and details of some exchanges from the court and fans.

NESN has Bruins/Senators (and the O’Reilly ceremony) at 7:00. Fox has game 5 of the World Series at 8:00. TNT has an NBA preseason double header with Mavericks/Magic and 8:00 and Bucks/Lakers at 10:30. ESPN has N.C. State/Clemson college football at 7:30. ESPN2 has Canadiens/Flyers at 7:00 and BYU/Colorado State college football at 10:30. FSNE has NE Tailgate at 7:00.