Another new trend in sports radio seems to be the expanded show. No longer is one or two guys on a show simply enough. The Big Show was the first locally to go to a “Bigger” format, (thus its name) bringing in a group of three to debate and engage in arguments and get the show rolling. The trend picked up steam with the advent of Sunday football shows and with the panel type discussions of Sports Final, Sports Xtra, New England Sports Tonight and even The Best Damn Sports Show Period. These shows all featured a bigger “roundtable” type discussions. Now on sports radio, shows that have traditionally been twosomes are being expanded more and more. Dale & Neumy have Kevin Mannix and Ron Hobson in on Tuesdays, as they did today, and add Scott Zolak on Fridays. Eddie and Jags’ show often adds the third man in the booth, usually either Nick Cafardo or Tony Massarotti. The McDonough group, which has been composed of three panelists since its beginning in a Big Show type style, has occasionally in the last few weeks gone to four panelists. Today was the “Young Guns” threesome of Mike Giardi, Bill Simmons and Michael Smith. The Big Show was made up of Ordway, Steve DeOssie and the newlywed, Michael Felger, freshly back from Mexico.

Bill Simmons and Glen Ordway may be polar opposites on most levels. On their opinion of the Celtics and Vin Baker, they are identical twins. Both today talked about how terrible Baker has looked, both stated that he looks like the worst player on the Celtics roster. Both expressed a gloomy outlook for the season. They also both talked about Gaston and how he will not pay for a player to take Kedrick Brown’s roster spot and allow him to go on the disabled list. It was eery. Speaking of Simmons, John Molori is reporting that 1510 has him paired with Grace Jones for a new 10-12 morning show….

Eric McHugh addresses 10 questions for the final 10 games of the Patriots season. Gregg Easterbrook tees up Tuesday Morning Quarterback. Bill Simmons rambles and still hates Vin Baker. Mike Fine looks at J.R. Bremer. Sean McAdam says he’d rather watch David Eckstein than Barry Bonds. Michael Felger submitted a Patriots report card to the Sporting News while on his honeymoon.