OK….Raise your hand if you

OK….Raise your hand if you turned off the game after the Angels put up four runs in the eighth… *raises hand*. I was so convinced there was no way that they would come back that I didn’t even flip on NESN’s SportsDesk this morning for the final. In the car this morning, I hear a Johnny Damon clip on a WEEI sportsflash, and the score hadn’t been given yet, so I think to myself, he sounds awfully upbeat after another depressing loss, then Meterparel gave the score and I nearly hit a pedestrian. So that was my morning..

So back to reality….now the newspaper stories focus on this possibly being the spark that gets the team going. I thought that Nomar’s speech in the dugout was the spark. Well, Jackie MacMullan thinks this game is the spark, and the players seemed to be in great spirits after the game. Good ol’ Pedro even used the moment to take a shot at doom and gloom Shaughnessy, though it seems in good humor: “‘What’s the headline?” asked a jubiliant Pedro Martinez. ”Where’s Shaughnessy? I scared the ghost out of the [expletive] dugout [during the rally].” Gordon Edes says this is the biggest comeback in four years for the Sox. (Opening day, 1998..Mo Vaughn grandslam wins it) Sean McAdam opines that the Sox were in danger of falling out of the playoff race without this win. Jeff Horrigan chimes in, as does Bob Hohler. Horrigan’s notebook has all the Globe’s has, and more. Mark Blaudshun, continuing to get his writing arm in shape for the college season, looks at tonight’s starter, Casey Fossum, and also gives Manny some love. After last night’s game, Manny is hitting .344 now. Jackie MacMullan also checks in with Derek Lowe, who says the labor situation is affecting his performance. From yesterday, John Tomase looks at how this Red Sox team has managed to underachieve so much.

Gerry Callahan has a biting piece about the disrespected players and the tough life they lead. Jeff Goldberg looks at how the people working at and around the ballpark will be affected by a strike.

Kevin Mannix and Michael Smith look at the snags in the Jamal Anderson deal. Mannix has Pats spokesman Stacey James quoted as saying: “There’s no certainty that it’s going to happen.” Smith’s notebook looks at “Bad news Billy”. Mannix uses his to update us on Tedy Bruschi. Tom Curran looks at cutdown day.

Jim Baker finds it funny that Terry Glenn calls Bryan Cox “an idiot”. Baker also has Callahan reupping at WEEI for a cool half million dollars.(Did he check this information? Just busting your chops, Jim) Not bad for a part-time gig. With his WEEI job, his Herald job, and the appearances he does here and there, Callahan likely makes more than some of the “overpaid” athletes he writes and talks about. At some NFL ones anyway. Bill Griffith has extensive notes and information for us, he like many of us can do without Jerry Glanville on the Patriots preseason games, he gives us highlights from the 25,000th SportsCenter, and information on projects between NESN and the Globe, and ESPN and the Globe.

Sounds like NESN had a good Extra Innings segment with Bob Rodgers asking Tony Clark some tough questions on the labor situation last night, and not getting real satisfying answers.

Fox25 has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. TBS has Braves/Pirates at 7:00.


Haven’t been able to listen

Haven’t been able to listen to WWZN on-line streaming today, but perhaps it’s just as well. Eddie has the WB56 sports team in studio, which coincidentally (or not) includes Eddie’s son, Michael. So now that’s two of Eddie’s kids that he’s managed to get onto his program in the last couple weeks. Thanks Dad.

With no streaming options available, I’m trying out the MLB game cast of the Yankees/Rangers game. You need to punch in a credit card number, even though they don’t charge anything to it, and claim that the number is not retained. This is to verify that you do not reside within one of the TV markets of the participating teams. The feed is from the Yankees YES network, annoying to hear the Yankees announcers, but the feed is clear, and image is pretty sharp. The screen size is small as you might imagine, but an interesting experiment.

Sean McAdam filled in for Dale alongside Bob Neumeier on the WEEI midday show. Much of the talk revolved around the Red Sox, and just what ails this current edition. Much finger pointing at Grady Little was done by callers, while McAdam pointed out that Jimy Williams had the Red Sox 17 games over .500 in August last year without Nomar, Pedro and Varitek, and that this team seemed to have plugged all the holes that it had, # two starter, defensive second baseman, etc, and still is seven games out of first. It is very strange that this team is at the top of all positive statistical categories, has a couple of stud starters, good set up guys in Howry and Embree, a decent closer in Urbina, has a nice lineup without any glaring holes, has speed at the top of the order and plays good defense, and yet struggles. Doesn’t make sense. McAdam again said that he thinks the labor situation will be resolved 11:30 Thursday night.

The Big Show was hosted by Greg Dickerson, and was broadcast live from Gillette Stadium as part of Patriots Monday. Dickerson was joined by Steve Nelson and Fred Smerlas.

Art Martone is back from vacation and breaks down some numbers on the Sox. ESPN.com has the first of its NFL Preview section up, with articles on Drew Bledsoe, and also team chemistry. Rob Bradford from the Lowell Sun checks in with Antoine Walker. E-mailer Kirk sent that article on to me and noted: “Not that this is the greatest story ever written, but compare it to the Globe on Sunday and it’s horrifying how bad Shira Springer is.” John Molori’s Media Blitz has Patriots prognostications, Radio rants and info on Jay Mohr’s departure from ESPN.

Mixed bag this morning. Sean

Mixed bag this morning. Sean McAdam thinks that if the Red Sox aren’t focused on these games because of the strike, then shame on them. The headline writer at the Projo must’ve gotten some extra caffeine in. Some titles of other articles: Execution kills the Sox and Irony of the situation: Lowes highs were lows. The Herald devotes two articles to Chone Figgins today, one by Rich Thompson and another by George Kimball. Meanwhile,Dan Shaughnessy focuses on the plethora of hits that Lowe gave up and pulls a Buckley, comparing his performance to others in Red Sox history, like when Reggie Cleveland scattered 18 hits in a 12-5 victory in ’77, or when Luis Tiant used 163 pitches to beat the Reds in the ’75 World Series. When I’m their age am I going to be looking back at the day Derek Lowe gave up 13 hits and the manager left him in the game in the ninth inning back in ’02? Jeff Horrigan also looks at Lowe’s performance. Horrigan has an extensive notebook, as does Bob Hohler.

Nick Carfardo tosses around a Belichick/Spurrier matchup. Michael Felger says the O-line is still being shuffled, and concludes with some highlights of Steelers quotes from this summer directed at a the Patriots. Both Notebooks from the Globe and the Herald are rather brief today and both mention Jamal Anderson. Tom Curran has a longer notebook with Tedy Bruschi thinking that he’s going to be alright. Among all the talk about Vikings and fried food in Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column, is his opinion that the Patriots have “hit the jackpot” at tight end.

The Eddie Andelman page is up. It’s turned out to be more about your thoughts on Eddie, rather than specific tales about his gaffes and weird segments. (though there are quite a few of those, too.) It will be an on-going collection, so if you think of anything else you’d like to see added, send it in, and it’ll likely be appended onto the page.

NESN has Red Sox/Angels at 7:00. ABC has Browns/Packers at 8:00. (Terry Glenn hoping to play tonight) ESPN has Diamondbacks/Dodgers at 10:00. At 1:00 this afternoon, you can also watch the Yankees and Rangers live on MLB.com for free. The entire game is to be streamed on the Internet, the first time this has happened in baseball. The coverage can’t be accessed if you’re in the home television markets of either of the teams.

Butch Stearns led off Sports

Butch Stearns led off Sports Sunday by wondering if Antoine Walker taking up golf was a good thing. He then went into the Red Sox, saying that while your head looks at the schedule and says they still have a chance, we know they don’t. After the Sox video from the day, Stearns again talked about the Yankees being vulnerable. Update on the strike talks, footage from Tony Clark saying the issues aren’t affecting performance on the field. Levan Reid filed a report from Williamsport, one tidbit was that both Trot Nixon and Manny Ramirez had promised to hit home runs for the team the other night and they both did.

News of the BC Eagles naming their starting running back led into a bit on the Patriots running game and offensive woes. Charlie Weis chewing out the team at halftime was discussed, Belichick and David Patten spoke on the topic. Stearns then looked at the Cy Young race, which is a three way between Lowe, Martinez and Barry Zito. Pedro’s overall stat package give him the edge. Pedro shown talking about trying to push Lowe and make him better. Another factor Stearns says is upcoming schedule, Zito has to face the Angels and Mariners, Pedro has two upcoming against the Yankees, while Lowe (Pedro called him D-Lowe) gets to face more patsies down the stretch.

Mark the Bird Fidrych was interviewed by Rob Nikoleski at a Fenway charity event. Yaz invited him to come and speak to the kids, Fidrych remembered Yaz beating him with a late inning home run and extracting revenge on Yaz later at a golf tournament. He talked about the Little League world series, and how it made him feel. People always come up to him, ask him how he’s doing, he can they help him. He’s remembered.

Stearns’ Last Blast was on the topic of Jamal Anderson. Stearns says the Pats should go for it, the running game has been awful. But he commended the Patriots for sticking to their guns regarding price. The show concluded with a highlight package from the Little League World Series.

Another abbreviated version of NECN’s Sports Late night, hosted by Chris Collins. Charlie Pierce was the in-studio guest. The first topic was the possible baseball strike. Collins doesn’t think there will be, and Pierce thinks that there will be one, but it will be a short one. The owners wants a strike so that the players will get bad PR and then lock out the players and rebuild the whole system. Pierce also talked about the awful throw by Cliff Floyd to third today in the ninth allowing the go-ahead run to get to third. Pierce said how he was wrong about the Angels, he didn’t think this team had the legs. Onto the Pats, Pierce is very impressed with the Patriots defense, which alone he think will win them nine games. The secondary is tremendous. Jamal Anderson would be a great addition.

WBZ’s Sports Final was hosted by Steve Burton. Can hardly wait to hear Borges hatin’ on the Patriots for this week. The first segment was the Little League World Series. They had a live interview at 11:30 PM with the team. wonder if anyone will take them to task for keeping a group of 12 year olds up this late…Shaughnessy, Ryan and Edes were the first panel. Shaughnessy says the air is going out of this team, but this was a great game up til that eighth inning. Ryan talked about talking to A-Rod last week, and that A-Rod noted that Lowe might be showing the effects of the increased work load this year. Edes talked about Little going against his mold by keeping Lowe in the game into the ninth inning. It didn’t work. Everything the opposite dugout did work perfectly. Edes doesn’t think this is “El Foldo” though. Burton asked if we forget about the Yankees, Shaughnessy giggled, Ryan said emphatically yes. A look at the upcoming schedules for the competitors followed. Ryan talked about the team playing uner .500 for three months. Edes mentioned the lack of a winning streak, but there is a lot of time left. He thinks they can still win the wild card. Ryan and Shaughnessy have thrown in the towel. Ryan says the team can not count on Derek Lowe. Pedro is the only guy you can count on that this team has.

Strike talk, Burton says things do not look encouraging. Damon says once there is a stoppage, hopefully the sides can come together quickly and that this looks a lot like ’94 right now. Ryan left, and was replaced by Sean McAdam. Clarification on the time…no games Friday. Strike starts midnight Thursday. McAdam says it’s one chance in a “gazillion” that this thing gets done before midnight Thursday. A look at the proposed threshold for the luxury tax followed, owners want to set it at 107 Million for the next three years, players want 125, 135 and 145 next three years. Shaughnessy talked about the players never losing and that they will walk the plank for their cause. Edes says these negotiations are different, players have made concessions, McAdam says it’s the bottom of the seventh and that the owners are winning, but the owners want to go for the six run homer. He doesn’t think there are enough of these “burn the village” owners to end the season.

Daubach’s name was brought up. He and ones like him hope to be admitted to the union. (No mention of Merloni.) Edes thinks they get the deal done before Friday. McAdam contradicted his “chance in a gazlillion” statement from earlier to say the he thinks a last-minute compromise will be reached Thursday night.

Tony C’s daughter Jessica Wheaton was in studio next. She said if anyone was going to write the story, she was glad it was Buckley, he did a great job. Burton asked: “Tell us about your relationship with your father.” (Does he think we didn’t read the article?) She said she didn’t have one…first time she saw him he was in a casket. Found out about him when he had his stroke. Thinks his number should be retired. He could’ve made the Hall of fame had his career continued, and it would honor the family. Her mother didn’t her want to approach the family, but she did, and it was the best thing she ever did. His tragedy is another reason that his number should be retired. Her father did know about her, but was afraid of the papers. She hears more and more now from people who say Tony C. talked about her. Now, people on the street are coming up to her. Nothing but positive reaction. “If your dad was alive today, what would you say to him?” She says it’s too bad they couldn’t be together, on the spot question…couldn’t really answer that. Burton asked if she ever saw him play, she said she did, and sort of followed his career. Burton ended the interview with “What an amazing family.”

The football panel was up next and the usual suspects were trotted out. Borges, Carfardo and Felger. Cafardo led off talking about Tony C. being his boyhood hero, and that he’s disappointed that he wasn’t a father to her. Borges said she handled herself very well, but there’s no way to get around it, he didn’t do the right thing by her. Burton says we don’t know, he might’ve supported her. Onto the Patriots. Cafardo is concerned with the play of the O-line, but says the strength of this team is the defense first, then special teams and then whatever the offense can give them. Felger says you should be in the press box when Brady struggles, Borges and Cafardo are giving each other high-fives and whooping it up, and then he comes out in the second half, does well, and there’s silence. Borges says that is a flat-out lie, he didn’t think Felger would be the type to make stuff up like that. Running game struggles are a result of the O-line. Woody hasn’t played at center all pre-season, Felger thinks he’ll open at center. Borges says he won’t, that unless the smartest coach in football is an idiot, which he doesn’t think he is, that Woody won’t be at center. Secondary talk…Knight looks to be out, Leanord Myers is impressive, Otis Smith survives again, Borges says that is a testament to Smith. Borges talked to Spurrier today, after they scored 41 on Tampa Bay, asked about running up the score, Spurrier says they don’t run it up, they’re just playing ball. They’re going to just play ball against the Pats too. This might affect how much the starters play Thursday, as Belichick isn’t going to want to have the score run up on him as well. The group was surprisingly well-behaved tonight. Borges was especially sanguine.

WHDH’s Sports Xtra with Gene Lavanchy also talked Little League to start off, and also had an interview with a coach and two players. This did not appear to be a live shot. Lavenchy threw some tough questions at the youngsters. (Name the defining moment when you knew you could go far) Tony Massrotti and Jackie Macmullan were in to talk Sox, and question Grady’s decisions today, and to lament the loss of David Eckstein. I’ll have to review this show when it is put on the WHDH website.

Just wondering…a couple weeks ago

Just wondering…a couple weeks ago Buckley made such a big deal about the Derek Lowe/Barry Zito matchup as being the best at Fenway in 30 years. Tonight’s matchup might be better. Pedro Martinez (16-3, 2.20) against Jarodd Washburn (15-4, 3.24) Not a word of it.

WEEI’s Jimmy Fund event has been entertaining as well as moving with a plethora of guests and stories being told. Buckley and Radatz are on the Big Show. With Eddie off today WWZN had Jageler and Tony Massarotti talking mostly little league baseball. The McDonough group with Sean joined by Butch Stearns and Michael Smith also talked little league.

Bill Simmons rambles. Michael Silverman gives an updated Red Sox report for The Sporting News. Leonard Shapiro and Rudy Martzke as well as Fritz Quindt look at ESPN’s Sportcenter in preparation for Sunday’s 25,000th episode. Tonight, on the 6:00 PM Sportscenter, look for a segment on Top 10 All-Time Best Pitching Seasons, I have a feeling a Pedro season will be in there. Somehow I missed Peter King’s postcard from Patriots Camp last Monday.

WEEI is having its all

WEEI is having its all day Jimmy Fund radio marathon today.

Steve Buckley has the intriguing story of the daughter Tony C never knew. Gerry Callahan looks at the fear that the players have of crossing Don Fehr, and what he means to them. ($$) Michael Gee uses a golf analogy to tell us why the Red Sox have a better chance of catching the Yankees than they do the Wild Card.

Sean McAdam recaps the “pumped” Sox win last night. Gordon Edes looks at Hermanson’s performance last night. Bob Duffy writes that Manny wasn’t really exerting himself in a “lollygagging” performance last night. Jeff Horrigan’s notebook has some more Everett quotes. Tony Massarotti says Damon’s injury is bad news and weaves the name of Dave Stapleton into the column. David Heushkel also has fine story on the game last night. Mike Fine reports from the country-western bar that is the Red Sox clubhouse.

The Herald has a one man staff of George Kimball covering the Pats. Hey it’s only preseason still, right? Don’t want to waste the starters. Kimball also considers the upcoming cutdowns on this pretty deep roster. Ron Hobson puts the preseason in perspective. Nick Cafardo looks at some positional battles that may be determined tonight. Cafardo provides another article on Jamal Anderson, but doesn’t really provide any new information. He does give us an update on Bob Kraft’s condition. Tom Curran asserts that the offense has something to prove tonight. Curran’s notebook looks at the running backs glancing over their shoulder at Anderson.

Erick Strickland wants more than the minimum salary, says Joe Vieira. Meanwhile, in preparation for the World Championships, Peter May writes about the first look at Yao Ming in an exhibition.

Bill Griffith writes about today’s WEEI event as well as speculation D&C signing long term deals. He mentions rumors of WWZN’s interest in Callahan for their own morning show. I’ve been given indications that Callahan has fans over at WWZN, and was courted by them, but he did agree to a new deal with WEEI. John Dennis isn’t too popular over there though. Griffith also mentions AT&T3’s new Patriots Weekly show.

The Globe also has a college football preview section. In it, Michael Holley looks at Notre Dame and its new coach. Mark Blaudschun answers 20 questions about the National College scene.

NESN has Red Sox/Angels at 7:00. Channels 5 (WCVB) and 9 (WMUR) have Patriots/Panthers preseason at 8:00. TBS has Braves/Dodgers at 10:00. ESPN2 has the Patriots 2001 yearbook at 6:00. ESPN Classic has Vintage NBA -Dennis Johnson at 3:00 this afternoon.

Pedro Martinez will not be

Pedro Martinez will not be starting tonight. Dustin Hermanson will be the starting pitcher instead. The move was made because the team is worried about rain wiping out the start tonight, losing a Pedro effort. Pedro will pitch tomorrow, and is still in line to pitch against the Yankees next week. Let’s hope Hermanson doesn’t slip on a wet mound tonight…

An E-mail by a John in Cambridge to WWZN criticizing the media was read by Sean McDonough. The letter was very articulate and thought out, talked about all the time there is to fill on radio and TV on this town by sportswriters, talked about Carl Everett’s comments yesterday about the media’s role in this town stirring up the fans and actually making it hard for teams to win here. Kevin Paul Dupont and Steve Burton disagreed with the e-mailer. (John, if you happen to be reading this, could you send me a copy of that e-mail?)

WEEI has launched its “Audio vault” where you can listen to recent interviews that have been encoded and archived. It’s not live streaming, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Bill Simmons drools over a Patriots Super Bowl ring. Chad Finn looks looks at a clutch hitting Red Sox team with heart that he watched on TV the other night. Jim Caple goes behind the Green Monster. The Union Leader has a story where you can exchange your Red Sox tickets for a Nashua Pride game as a way of striking back at a work stoppage.

E-mailer Jason takes time out of his busy day at one of the largest papers in the country to write:

As for all the Manny bashing, those morons don’t get this:

OBP .432 Best in AL
SLG .576 7th in AL (same as Giambi)
OPS 1.007 4th in AL (Same as Giambi)

So Nomar finally did what

So Nomar finally did what the fans and media have wanted him to do. Showed some leadership. Tony Massarotti applauds. While Tony does mention in passing that Pedro had a role in the incident, Bob Hohler in his game story, tells us a little more about what Martinez did, “cheering wildly” and remaining for the entire game rather than leaving early to rest for his start tonight. Sean McAdam notes that if things don’t get turned around soon, Grady Little will consider wholesale lineup changes. Bob Duffy is able to write an entire article on another hot topic on sports radio in recent days…Nomar actually took a first pitch last night. Michael Silverman looks at the slump-entrenched Johnny Damon, as well as Bobby Howry’s effort last night. Bob Hohler’s Notebook also looks at Howry, while Horrigan’s says Grady might use Embree in save situations down the stretch. Speaking of Embree, Bob Ryan has a column of Embree’s one-pitch outing the other night and examines how the role of the bullpen has changed over the years, even from Bob’s glory days in the 1970’s.

Tom Curran has details on the Jamal Anderson reports. Paul Kenyon looks at Steve Martin. Martin was talked about some by Kevin Mannix and Dale Arnold yesterday, noting that he has a “little” brother who is seven feet tall and about 355lbs. Michael Smith reports on the injury-riddled Tom Knight. George Kimball writes about the possibility of future training camps in Foxboro. Kimball also looks at Jimmy Hitchcock.

Peter May is cranking out articles from San Francisco, where the US team is training for the World Championships.

Larry Lucchino made his weekly appearance on Dennis and Callahan this morning, He re-emphasized the message management has for the team, that they have done their job, now it’s time for the players and coaches to step up. He wouldn’t say they have all the pieces, but he did mention the great effort by Bobby Howry last night. They’ve met about September callups, who is out there on the waiver wire and still looking at relief pitching. When asked about the team’s record in one run games, Lucchino said there is a randomness to the this game, that accounts for a lot of things.

He gets as disappointed as anyone, and feels the game is about two out hitting, if not about pitching. He can’t fault Grady’s Strategic decisions at all. He was though a bit bothered about taking Embree out after one pitch the other night, but understands it’s a rest issue, didn’t want to stretch it out. He noted that the team will celebrate the Worcester Little Leaguers when they return from the series.

About Nomar’s actions last night, Lucchino also wants to give credit to Merloni, for clutch hits, playing with intensity, you need guys wearing the uniform like him. Nomar and Manny have been the least of this team’s problems. Nomar has in the past called meetings, and spoken out on team issues, but it’s more in private.

Onto strike issues, Lucchino thinks that it’s possible a strike will be averted. Issues are not philosophical, they’re talking about two issues, the Luxury tax 34 or 35 percent, and revenue sharing with a certain structure. It still needs to be improved and fine tuned. John Henry siding with the Yankees has been mischaracterized. They work with baseball to consider the view of the Red Sox. The headlines are misleading. Callahan said perhaps both sides should change their front man, especially Selig, let him go behind the scene more. Lucchino agreed that demonization of Selig is easy, cheap and misses the point. He is masterful behind the scenes. Callahan suggested Lucchino should be out front. Lucchino said a leader can be effective even if his hair is messy and his posture isn’t good.

There are only a few owners willing to burn down the village, but the current system works for one of the 30 teams. One team can make money. The sport should be competitive and profit making for all. People in other sports shake their heads in puzzlement because of how involved this players union is with everything. Lucchino doesn’t think the urgency of this has penetrated the top of the association like it has the rank and file. If there is a strike, baseball is not going to just bounce back. When asked if Tony Clark’s role with the Players Association has affected his role on the field, Lucchino said “No comment”.

Fox25 has Red Sox/Rangers tonight at 7:00. At 9:00 tonight, ESPN Classic has game 7 of the 1988 Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Celtics and Hawks. CBS has Chargers/Rams preseason football at 9:00.

John Tomase has a terrific

John Tomase has a terrific interview and article with Carl Everett. I wish the Eagle-Tribune would post its stories for the day earlier in the day.

All Manny radio, all the time, at least in the early afternoon today. Both WWZN and WEEI appeared to have the Red Sox outfielder squarely in their sights. Dale Arnold was joined by Kevin Mannix today, and despite Dale’s insistence that Manny alone is not responsible for the teams struggles, callers wanted blood. Mannix talked about Manny loafing in the outfield and wants an injured Cliff Floyd out there instead. On WWZN, Eddie in all seriousness said that the Red Sox should file a lawsuit against Manny for non-performance. Grady Little was also a big topic there, and Jimy Williams supporter Tony Massarotti continued to sing praises to Jimy on the show today. Ron Borges was with Kip Lewis on the McDonough group. Borges continued to do all he can to discredit Belichick and Brady. His latest is that Brady failed on the winning drive in the Super Bowl last year. He should’ve gotten them much closer than in range for a 48 yard field goal. Field goal attempts from that distance fail more often than not. If the kick is missed and then the Rams go and score as soon as they get the ball in OT, which Borges says we all know for sure they would have, then no one thinks Brady or Belichick is any good. WWZN also pushed an exclusive interview with Carl Everett, which I didn’t get to hear.

Steve Buckley says his article today about the QB controversy was just meant to goof on those who really think there should be a controversy. He and Steve DeOssie teamed up on the Big Show with Glen Ordway.

Chris Mortenson and Len Pasquarelli team up to report on Jamal Anderson visiting the Pats, being “intrigued” and the Pats preparing a contract offer for him. Peter May reports for ESPN.com from the World Championships. A feel-good story this week involving the Red Sox? Well, Pete Thamel reports on the Worcester Little Leaguers link with the Red Sox. Mike Fine with a story on how A-Rod has connections with the Red Sox.