Where do they get this

Where do they get this stuff? Today, Bob Hohler writes that Cliff Floyd “also doubled, giving him his first multihit game for the Sox.” Last night was the eighth game in which Floyd had two or more hits for the Sox. (You can look it up) He also had a three hit game August fourth in Texas. This was at the end of the otherwise alarming notebook in which Hohler informs us of Pedro’s hip soreness. How about this quote from media darling Johnny Damon in the Herald’s notebook today, referring to the incident in Anaheim where the fans threw things on the field in frustration: “Hopefully all the jealous fans who have been calling us names will take a step back now and realize how much an idiot they looked” . I sure hope Johnny was quoted out of context, because that quote put out by itself is very inflammatory. Way to put yourselves back in the good graces of the fans…

Jackie MacMullan writes how most fans are going to choose the Patriots over the Red Sox anyway. Dan Shaughnessy writes about the team that knew too much…Bob Ryan writes about Paul Pierce putting on his Superman cape last night and saving the US team.

Fox25 Has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00, TNT has the US vs China in basketball at 9:00.


Today’s Ron Borges quote of

Today’s Ron Borges quote of the day from WWZN. He claims that the Patriots in fact did complete a deal with Jamal Anderson, and that he was added to the roster, and then mysteriously dropped. (he didn’t say how) Borges accused Belichick of lying to all of us by saying the deal didn’t get done, and that they didn’t sign him because of conditioning. A caller had the temerity to assert that Borges might hold a grudge against Belichick and the Patriots. Borges denied it, saying that he is always going to report the truth, whether you like to hear it or not.

Strike updates will likely be

Strike updates will likely be forthcoming on all sports media outlets throughout the morning. WEEI has a “mole” at the park watching to see if the bus leaves for the airport. I’m listening to ESPN radio. They just reported at 11:10 this morning that three teams have told Donald Fehr that they will not strike. At 11:30 they’ve reported that people are boarding the buses at Fenway. MSNBC is reporting a deal is done.

As Gino Cappelletti said last night on the WBCN broadcast, “without the gun you can’t have fun.” The Patriots shut down the Redskins offense which has received so much attention this summer. But, as Ron Borges has to to say, “that was to be expected considering Danny Wuerffel was pulling the trigger for the Redskins.” OK. Wuerffel isn’t a top (or even good) QB, but he did burn a pretty good 49ers team with a 16-25, 269 yards, 3 td 0 int performance a couple weeks ago. (He played against the starters, too) Tom Curran gives the Patriots defense more credit. He also has the most informative notebook, which includes a story about Belichick’s father on the 1941 Detroit Lions. Michael Felger and Nick Cafardo submit their game stories without sniping at each other. Kevin Mannix fawns over the Patriots defense. Kathy Orton looks at rookie TE Daniel Graham’s nice night. Cafardo’s notebook looks at Graham, as well as the secondary and Robert Edwards. Michael Smith writes how his new contract will effect Brady. The Globe reaches back to it’s past as the greatest sports page in the country and trots out Leigh Montville for the first of a weekly series of NFL picks columns. Today is his season’s picks.

Dan Shaughnessy with another surprisingly soft column on baseball. Jim Donaldson says he’s all Patriots now. Steve Buckley says the game of baseball is pure, the people involved in it at the pro level are not.

Bill Griffith looks at the NFL pregame shows for the upcoming season. Jim Baker looks at college football.

Is it the kiss of death if I say Fox25 has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00? ESPN has college football Oklahoma vs Tulsa at 8:00. ESPN2 has USA basketball vs Germany at 8:00.

Butch Stearns has another “done

Butch Stearns has another “done deal” proclamation. He opened the McDonough group by saying his sources in NY say that the labor situation is resolved and just need Selig and Fehr to sign off on it. Jim Thome sure looks good at first for the Sox these days…Seriously though, ESPNNews is reporting that things are just about settled, and that a strike has been all but averted. The Yankees, Rangers and Dodgers are said to be the teams that would be affected by the tax, but may also include the Red Sox. Stearns is joined by Kip Lewis and Rico Petrocelli. Stearns also talked about media guys and some Red Sox players going out after the game for a guys night out.

Art Martone addresses the Grady issue and some of the guys in the lower end of the batting order. Bill Simmons reviews “The Replacements”. Michael Hiestand reports that Fox Sports Net’s new NFL pregame show — on Saturday nights — will include a band, dancers and comedy. Sean McAdam, moonlighting at ESPN.com writes about the borderline apathy in Boston about these Red Sox. Tim Kurkjian writes about the ’95 replacement players. He includes Lou Merloni on his list. Daubach gets a lot of attention in the media about his not being part of the union, somehow Framingham Lou has avoided the attention. Newest Sox Benny Agbayani is also on the list. ESPN the Magazine has its NFL Preview, and the Patriots are predicted for third in the division.

Nick Cafardo couldn’t write about

Nick Cafardo couldn’t write about Tom Brady’s new contract without a subtle dig at Michael Felger. Cafardo wrote of “media reports (that) had begun to swirl, especially a recent erroneous one indicating the negotiations had reached an impasse.” This is a clear reference to an August 14th article in the Herald by Felger. This is just plain petty. Cafardo can’t admit when he is wrong about things, as he was last season about the Patriots, but takes opportunities like these to gloat when someone else may be incorrect. Or perhaps it’s just a bit of gamesmanship between the boys…Felger’s article today contains quotes from a couple sources close to the talks and to Brady. (Cafardo only had a unnamed “NFC Salary cap man”) Tom Curran also reports on the new contract. I love this exchange in Curran’s second column today about tonight’s preseason finale “Asked if there are some “unwritten rules” teams follow in the preseason (read: backing off at the end of games), Belichick said, “No, (the rules) are actually written down.” Jim Donaldson writes about Steve Spurrier. Felger’s Notebook today tells us the Jamal Anderson possibility is still alive. Cafardo’s notebook implies that the Pats Offense is under the spotlight still.

The one time we all really want Shaughnessy to unleash his venom and let the players association have it, he soft-shoes the topic and resorts to only taking a shot at Manny for leaving quickly after the game. The article is decent, but I really wish Dan went over the top on this one. Steve Buckley is a little more biting in his column today, insulted that we’ve all been strung along and played for suckers. Bill Reynolds says that strike or no strike, this season has been corrupted. Gordon Edes speculates on how much a strike would cost the new owners in terms of lost revenue. Tony Massarotti and Jackie MacMullan look at the players preparations for a strike. Does anyone on the Red Sox come off from all this looking worse than John Burkett? In MacMullan’s other article, about Pedro, the Sox ace “waved his hand dismissively” when Burkett’s name was brought up. More than any other player on the Red Sox, and perhaps more than any other superstar in the game, Pedro “gets it”. One of the priorities of the Red Sox owners needs to be to sign this guy up for life. He would great to have around for the next 50 years. Put him in a Johnny Pesky role with the club. Sean McAdam has a generic article on the strike. Michael Silverman and Bob Hohler report on the progress being made in the talks. Silverman also has an interesting account of an in-game battle between Pedro and Bernie Williams last night.

Larry Lucchino on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan this morning was clearly disturbed over both his team’s play and the labor situation. He talked about taking his dog out for the longest walk after the game last night. He was tempted to release him in the clubhouse. John Dennis interjected that then there would be 26 of them in there. Callahan added that it is clear that the team is preoccupied with Labor issue, and Lucchino agreed, for a few players probably. The team is not hitting, and you can’t steal bases when you’re not on base, it changes everything to a different style of baseball. Very few clutch hits, the Yankees score runs with two outs. The owners are also having the distraction of labor influences. Long conference calls.

Benny Agbayani has great numbers against left handed pitches, they’re still trying to improve the club. They’re not going to add him until after September 1, so he won’t be eligible for the post season. But he’s a good guy and will fit right in. Dennis pointed out that the team has not performed when they’ve had to, like last year. Lucchino says things were different them, tension, turmoil and disharmony, but this team is different, and Lucchino thinks it’s premature to make conclusions. He said if they perform in September the way last year’s team did, he’ll buy D&C dinner anywhere in New England. The team will not finish lifeless and listless. Callahan pointed out that if last night was the end, then they did end listlessly. The manager and coaches have extra ear to kick some butt and rally if it’s passion or commitment not lack of hitting… let’s just say they’ll be some strong commitment, our fans deserve better. It’s still as they say ‘momentum lasts until the next night’s starting pitcher.’ “We got an old-fashioned ass-kicking, is he allowed to say that? He’s sure it’s fine, especially on their show. The Yankees play the game the way it’s supposed to be played , they stole bases, running, very good team, let’s not take that away from them.

Callahn noted that Mussina threw four pitches in the sixth inning. Lucchino answered that they’ve got to get on base, offense, drawing walks, offensive walks are big part of team’s success. Fenway is the only place in America when you see the On Base Percentage of a guy when he steps to the plate, (Grady Little has an incentive clause in his contract tied to this.) but it’s a learning process, needing to change approach. They gave every player drafted the Ted William’s book on hitting. You don’t transfer a culture overnight. Some do believe that being aggressive at the plate more important than being patient at the plate.

Lucchino noted he used to have a bad temper, but now doesn’t talk to anyone on the day of the game, it’s a good way to calm down, simmer down. Frustration is the common phrase or emotion among the organization. When Callahan brought up Tony Clark talking about his cell phone never being turned off, and always looking at it, that his energy and attention are clearly fully dedicated to the labor issues, Lucchino says that it is a sorry state of affairs that the central activity of baseball is secondary to that of these other affairs. As for the latest, everyone should just zipping their lips and let the folks at the table do their jobs.

At the end, it was noted that some players had moving boxes in the clubhouse. Wakefield among others was packing, but didn’t want it to look like they were packing up. Grady had the boxes thrown out that the players had brought in. They talked again about Clark devoting his energies to this fight, to the detriment of his play on the field, fighting all the principles that Lucchino is into. But this is different from ’94. They’re weren’t even talking them, now there is an active dialogue. After Lucchino left Callahan asked “Could you imagine Dan Duquette coming on with his team going down the tubes and the labor crisis coming to a head? Dennis answered not even with bamboo shoots under his nails.

Away from all of this, Bob Ryan reports on the US team in the basketball World Championships.

WCVB Channel 5 has Patriots/Redskins preseason NFL at 8:00 tonight. ESPN has Mariners/Twins at 1:00. TNT has the basketball World Championships – Algeria vs. U.S. National Team at 9:00. ESPN2 has San Diego State/Fresno State college football at 10:00.

WSMN 1590 opened it’s “MT

WSMN 1590 opened it’s “MT Speakin’ on Sports” show with a report that the Red Sox clubhouse is in total disarray. The honeymoon is over for Grady Little, they have a account of Nomar rolling his eyes and muttering “expletives” under his breath at the manager, and that Grady went to Mike Port complaining that he’s being undermined. The finger pointing has begun in earnest in the clubhouse. At issue is the approach the manager takes with Manny, (doesn’t get after him) as well as allowing Lowe to complain about the strike affecting his performance. It is a cancerous place right now, and Marty Tirrell tells us you can take it to the bank that there are major troubles in there. Their sources are with the Herald, and Tirrell expects a story to run on that very soon. Mark “the bird” Fidrych joined the program after the first segment, he talked labor situation, how the game has changed since he played, both in salary and style, he had 24 or 25 complete games in his rookie year, regularly had pitch counts into the 160’s.

Tom Brady appears to have

Tom Brady appears to have a new contract with the Patriots.

WWZN has had Nick Cafardo, Jackie MacMullan, Bill Simmons and Bob Tewksbury on this afternoon, MacMullan bridged between Eddie and the McDonough group. They’ve had David Wells and John Sterling in their studio as guests. WEEI has Steve Buckley with Dick Radatz teamed with fill in host Greg Dickerson.

AM 1590 the Tiger in Nashua promises “some interesting information” from a couple sources, Red Sox related, no one else is talking about yet. You can listen to Marty Tirrell and Michael Mutnansky on “MT Speakin’ on Sports” starting at 6:00 tonight, On-line streaming is available.

Some spark. Amazing what can

Some spark. Amazing what can happen from one day to the next, yesterday, all the writers are pumped up, saying this team is geared up for a run, today, Steve Buckley, Sean McAdam, Gordon Edes, and Tony Massarotti all throw in the towel and say it’s over. Michael Holley points out that the playing the Yankees late in season has been revealing for the Sox. Get ready for an ugly strike, the players quoted in the papers are totally oblivious to how arrogant they sound. Michael Silverman has John Burkett sounding like a complete fool, Bob Hohler’s notebook has Burkett, but also Johnny Damon sounding off. It’s looking ugly. enjoy your Pedro Martinez start tonight, as it may be the last you see for some time. Steve Conroy and Bob Duffy draw the assignment of covering David Wells last night. Chad Finn touches all the bases.

Paul Kenyon looks at Damien Woody’s switch to guard. Rich Thompson writes that Tom Brady realizes there is work to do still. Thompson’s notebook looks at Jamal Anderson and the cuts from yesterday. Michael Smith gives more details on Anderson, and also looks at the cuts in his notebook. Be sure to check ESPN.com’s NFL Preview page today, and scheduled articles include extensive Patriot-related stories. The stories have been being posted later in the morning/early afternoon.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. (ESPN Nationally) Jim Baker reports Tony Clark will once again be on the post-game show. Following that, NESN will re-air the Front Row special on Doug Flutie. ESPN2 has Reds/Cardinals at 7:00.

Bob Numeier was once again

Bob Numeier was once again joined by Sean McAdam on WEEI. Baseball talk continued, trying to figure out this team, talking about the strike. Eddie Andelman had his show from Worcester to honor the Little League champions and WWZN’s new affiliate there. This show was another mostly non-sports affair. Bert Sugar was on. ’nuff said. Sean McDonough was joined by Mike Giardi and Steve Burton, and Charlie Steiner spent a good amount of time on the show waxing about the greatness of the Yankees. Quite nauseating. With the Jamal Anderson deal falling apart, (WWZN was way behind in reporting why) McDonough pointed out that the Touchback twins Borges and Cafardo had been criticizing Belichick yesterday on air for not telling the whole story about the Anderson deal. They were insisting that it was all a done deal yesterday and that Belichick just was being difficult and not releasing any details. They also had a short piece with Tony Clark, who didn’t say a whole lot, but that he has his cell phone on 24/7 these days and that the players have to keep their “emotional concerns” about September 11th separate from the labor talks. Kevin Paul Dupont joined the crew after McDonough left at 5:00.

Del Jones of the Patriot Ledger says Manny has not been the problem with this team. The Sox other Ramirez, Hanley has also been on an incredible tear and is eating up the league with the Lowell Spinners, Chaz Scoggins of the Lowell Sun reports on Ramirez. Bill Simmons reviews Hoosiers in detail. Today’s ESPN.com NFL Preview section looks at the coaches in the league. The section has a panel of ESPN experts each picking their top NFL coach, none of whom mention Belichick. John Madden, in his article does. If you’re wondering what Chad Ford says about the Celtics in the ESPN Insider section, it boils down to this, they shouldn’t have lost Rodney Rogers, they need a point guard, (He suggests they get Rafer Alston) and they need to give the ball to Kedrick Brown and get him in the rotation. Ford says Brown might be the teams best man on man defender and was the only player in the summer league to “put the clamps” on Richard Jefferson. Ford says Brown could be very very good.

Update to the Jamal Anderson

Update to the Jamal Anderson signing on WEEI: Belichick and Anderson have both agreed that Jamal is not physically fit enough to play and thus he will not be signed at this time. The team may still try to sign him in the future.