Haven’t been able to listen to WWZN on-line streaming today, but perhaps it’s just as well. Eddie has the WB56 sports team in studio, which coincidentally (or not) includes Eddie’s son, Michael. So now that’s two of Eddie’s kids that he’s managed to get onto his program in the last couple weeks. Thanks Dad.

With no streaming options available, I’m trying out the MLB game cast of the Yankees/Rangers game. You need to punch in a credit card number, even though they don’t charge anything to it, and claim that the number is not retained. This is to verify that you do not reside within one of the TV markets of the participating teams. The feed is from the Yankees YES network, annoying to hear the Yankees announcers, but the feed is clear, and image is pretty sharp. The screen size is small as you might imagine, but an interesting experiment.

Sean McAdam filled in for Dale alongside Bob Neumeier on the WEEI midday show. Much of the talk revolved around the Red Sox, and just what ails this current edition. Much finger pointing at Grady Little was done by callers, while McAdam pointed out that Jimy Williams had the Red Sox 17 games over .500 in August last year without Nomar, Pedro and Varitek, and that this team seemed to have plugged all the holes that it had, # two starter, defensive second baseman, etc, and still is seven games out of first. It is very strange that this team is at the top of all positive statistical categories, has a couple of stud starters, good set up guys in Howry and Embree, a decent closer in Urbina, has a nice lineup without any glaring holes, has speed at the top of the order and plays good defense, and yet struggles. Doesn’t make sense. McAdam again said that he thinks the labor situation will be resolved 11:30 Thursday night.

The Big Show was hosted by Greg Dickerson, and was broadcast live from Gillette Stadium as part of Patriots Monday. Dickerson was joined by Steve Nelson and Fred Smerlas.

Art Martone is back from vacation and breaks down some numbers on the Sox. ESPN.com has the first of its NFL Preview section up, with articles on Drew Bledsoe, and also team chemistry. Rob Bradford from the Lowell Sun checks in with Antoine Walker. E-mailer Kirk sent that article on to me and noted: “Not that this is the greatest story ever written, but compare it to the Globe on Sunday and it’s horrifying how bad Shira Springer is.” John Molori’s Media Blitz has Patriots prognostications, Radio rants and info on Jay Mohr’s departure from ESPN.