Just wondering…a couple weeks ago Buckley made such a big deal about the Derek Lowe/Barry Zito matchup as being the best at Fenway in 30 years. Tonight’s matchup might be better. Pedro Martinez (16-3, 2.20) against Jarodd Washburn (15-4, 3.24) Not a word of it.

WEEI’s Jimmy Fund event has been entertaining as well as moving with a plethora of guests and stories being told. Buckley and Radatz are on the Big Show. With Eddie off today WWZN had Jageler and Tony Massarotti talking mostly little league baseball. The McDonough group with Sean joined by Butch Stearns and Michael Smith also talked little league.

Bill Simmons rambles. Michael Silverman gives an updated Red Sox report for The Sporting News. Leonard Shapiro and Rudy Martzke as well as Fritz Quindt look at ESPN’s Sportcenter in preparation for Sunday’s 25,000th episode. Tonight, on the 6:00 PM Sportscenter, look for a segment on Top 10 All-Time Best Pitching Seasons, I have a feeling a Pedro season will be in there. Somehow I missed Peter King’s postcard from Patriots Camp last Monday.