Mixed bag this morning. Sean McAdam thinks that if the Red Sox aren’t focused on these games because of the strike, then shame on them. The headline writer at the Projo must’ve gotten some extra caffeine in. Some titles of other articles: Execution kills the Sox and Irony of the situation: Lowes highs were lows. The Herald devotes two articles to Chone Figgins today, one by Rich Thompson and another by George Kimball. Meanwhile,Dan Shaughnessy focuses on the plethora of hits that Lowe gave up and pulls a Buckley, comparing his performance to others in Red Sox history, like when Reggie Cleveland scattered 18 hits in a 12-5 victory in ’77, or when Luis Tiant used 163 pitches to beat the Reds in the ’75 World Series. When I’m their age am I going to be looking back at the day Derek Lowe gave up 13 hits and the manager left him in the game in the ninth inning back in ’02? Jeff Horrigan also looks at Lowe’s performance. Horrigan has an extensive notebook, as does Bob Hohler.

Nick Carfardo tosses around a Belichick/Spurrier matchup. Michael Felger says the O-line is still being shuffled, and concludes with some highlights of Steelers quotes from this summer directed at a the Patriots. Both Notebooks from the Globe and the Herald are rather brief today and both mention Jamal Anderson. Tom Curran has a longer notebook with Tedy Bruschi thinking that he’s going to be alright. Among all the talk about Vikings and fried food in Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column, is his opinion that the Patriots have “hit the jackpot” at tight end.

The Eddie Andelman page is up. It’s turned out to be more about your thoughts on Eddie, rather than specific tales about his gaffes and weird segments. (though there are quite a few of those, too.) It will be an on-going collection, so if you think of anything else you’d like to see added, send it in, and it’ll likely be appended onto the page.

NESN has Red Sox/Angels at 7:00. ABC has Browns/Packers at 8:00. (Terry Glenn hoping to play tonight) ESPN has Diamondbacks/Dodgers at 10:00. At 1:00 this afternoon, you can also watch the Yankees and Rangers live on MLB.com for free. The entire game is to be streamed on the Internet, the first time this has happened in baseball. The coverage can’t be accessed if you’re in the home television markets of either of the teams.