John Tomase has a terrific interview and article with Carl Everett. I wish the Eagle-Tribune would post its stories for the day earlier in the day.

All Manny radio, all the time, at least in the early afternoon today. Both WWZN and WEEI appeared to have the Red Sox outfielder squarely in their sights. Dale Arnold was joined by Kevin Mannix today, and despite Dale’s insistence that Manny alone is not responsible for the teams struggles, callers wanted blood. Mannix talked about Manny loafing in the outfield and wants an injured Cliff Floyd out there instead. On WWZN, Eddie in all seriousness said that the Red Sox should file a lawsuit against Manny for non-performance. Grady Little was also a big topic there, and Jimy Williams supporter Tony Massarotti continued to sing praises to Jimy on the show today. Ron Borges was with Kip Lewis on the McDonough group. Borges continued to do all he can to discredit Belichick and Brady. His latest is that Brady failed on the winning drive in the Super Bowl last year. He should’ve gotten them much closer than in range for a 48 yard field goal. Field goal attempts from that distance fail more often than not. If the kick is missed and then the Rams go and score as soon as they get the ball in OT, which Borges says we all know for sure they would have, then no one thinks Brady or Belichick is any good. WWZN also pushed an exclusive interview with Carl Everett, which I didn’t get to hear.

Steve Buckley says his article today about the QB controversy was just meant to goof on those who really think there should be a controversy. He and Steve DeOssie teamed up on the Big Show with Glen Ordway.

Chris Mortenson and Len Pasquarelli team up to report on Jamal Anderson visiting the Pats, being “intrigued” and the Pats preparing a contract offer for him. Peter May reports for from the World Championships. A feel-good story this week involving the Red Sox? Well, Pete Thamel reports on the Worcester Little Leaguers link with the Red Sox. Mike Fine with a story on how A-Rod has connections with the Red Sox.