Pedro Martinez will not be starting tonight. Dustin Hermanson will be the starting pitcher instead. The move was made because the team is worried about rain wiping out the start tonight, losing a Pedro effort. Pedro will pitch tomorrow, and is still in line to pitch against the Yankees next week. Let’s hope Hermanson doesn’t slip on a wet mound tonight…

An E-mail by a John in Cambridge to WWZN criticizing the media was read by Sean McDonough. The letter was very articulate and thought out, talked about all the time there is to fill on radio and TV on this town by sportswriters, talked about Carl Everett’s comments yesterday about the media’s role in this town stirring up the fans and actually making it hard for teams to win here. Kevin Paul Dupont and Steve Burton disagreed with the e-mailer. (John, if you happen to be reading this, could you send me a copy of that e-mail?)

WEEI has launched its “Audio vault” where you can listen to recent interviews that have been encoded and archived. It’s not live streaming, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Bill Simmons drools over a Patriots Super Bowl ring. Chad Finn looks looks at a clutch hitting Red Sox team with heart that he watched on TV the other night. Jim Caple goes behind the Green Monster. The Union Leader has a story where you can exchange your Red Sox tickets for a Nashua Pride game as a way of striking back at a work stoppage.

E-mailer Jason takes time out of his busy day at one of the largest papers in the country to write:

As for all the Manny bashing, those morons don’t get this:

OBP .432 Best in AL
SLG .576 7th in AL (same as Giambi)
OPS 1.007 4th in AL (Same as Giambi)