BSMW Status Update

BSMW has been only sporadically updated for some time now. As I find less and less of the on-air sports media to be even remotely palatable, it is difficult for me to find the desire to write much about it. I toss around occasional ideas for revamping things here, but time is sparse. When the … Continue reading BSMW Status Update


Changing Things Up A Little

So, as you can see, things look a little different around here. The design I had been using had been in place since 2008, I believe. This is not a finished product, however. For one thing, the comment section is not working at the moment.  I've got a ticket in to troubleshoot that, and hopefully … Continue reading Changing Things Up A Little

Server Issues

We've been having issues with the site here going up and down all morning. At this point, it is unclear whether it is a server issue, or some sort of attack. You can check for updates on Twitter ( @bruceallen ) or on Google + - Boston Sports Media Watch Thanks for your patience.

BSMW In The New York Times

I'm under the weather here for another day, but well enough for a little shameless self-promotion, as BSMW got a nice mention, and I'm quoted in this Mike Tanier column in The New York Times. Talking Trash, Just to Be Heard I hope to be back with regular links for tomorrow.

Vacation Time

Yes, it's once again time for Bruce's ill-timed vacation. Each time I go away, something huge happens, and this will be no exception, as the NFL prepares to go back into business. Surely there will be some unexpected move which have the local sports media going crazy, and dwelling on for about a week too … Continue reading Vacation Time