For those of you wondering what David Scott (formerly of Scott’s Shots here on BSMW) has been up to, the UMass grad is now in charge of PR for News Content at ESPN.

After finishing up Scott’s Shots, David co-authored John Calipari’s book “Bounce Back” and served as the coach’s social media and business manager for his first two seasons at the University of Kentucky.

Scott joined ESPN last month, and posted today on the Front Row blog.

Scott’s Shots ran here at BSMW for over seven years, from 2002 to 2009, and was a must-visit part of the site on a weekly basis for many.

Congratulations and best wishes to David on his new position!


7 thoughts on “Former BSMW “Scott’s Shots” Blogger Lands at ESPN

  1. I actually enjoyed Scott's Shots. For the most part his criticism was pretty accurate. For you Dale Arnold haters, Scott despised him. I disagreed, but I digress. There were three moments that stuck out.

    1) He had a pretty serious feud with Pete Sheppard in which Sheppard threatened to beat up Scott for being critical of him.

    2) Inexplicably, chastised writers who believed that MLB players were taking steroids. He specifically defended Mark McGuire saying no one had actually seen McGuire use. This even after McGuire had Andro in his locker. It was a Tim Kirkjian argument that probably would have surprised Tim Kirkjian.

    3) Scott did have a really thin skin. I was banned from posting because I hammered him for getting in bed with notorious scoundrel, John Calipari. By the way, Calipari would do the same thing to Memphis that was done to UMass, when things got hot, Cal was on a flight headed to the next program to ruin.


  2. His work with Calipari tells me all I need to know about him. What's that saying about lying down with dogs.


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