I’m under the weather here for another day, but well enough for a little shameless self-promotion, as BSMW got a nice mention, and I’m quoted in this Mike Tanier column in The New York Times.

Talking Trash, Just to Be Heard

I hope to be back with regular links for tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “BSMW In The New York Times

  1. New York Times, not bad Bruce. Couple of quotes really stood out. From Easterbrooks:>>; “To make opinion more noticeable, you have to make it outrageous,” Easterbrook said" ….That about sums it all up. Didn't Easterbrooks want Belichick executed or something like that for "Spygate"?…..From Bruce:>>; “People want this,” Allen said. “They want the controversy, the backlash, the bashing of athletes. They cannot get enough of it.”….. Personally, it's not what I want but it must be what the majority wants. How else can you explain the popularity of these shows?…..boggles the mind, to each his own I guess.


  2. The real problem with the 24/7 media as I see it…is that the mediots want to be part of the story. So instead of being outrageous because they are right…they say things like… "Look at me, mom…I'm on TV and the Radio….I must be someone because people are talking about the absolutely moronic thing I said". Easterbrook, the anti-semite, is tops on my list…but he is followed by other's like Bryant Gumbel, John Tomase, Dan Shaughnessey, Mike Felger, and a host of other nit-wits who think that because they have a newspaper column or a radio show or a TV gig they somehow are better/smarter than the viewer. They feel entitled to the spotlight as if they are the reason I watch football or baseball or whatever sport they are opining on. They don't realize that they distract from the product and the "sports economy" by becoming part of the story.

    Having said that I have also long believed that the real people at fault are the editors, program directors and station managers who keep these people employed. Gone are journalistic notions of 2 sources, replaced by anonymous tips and spin designed to 'control" the story. Team, player and league PR staffs feed the no longer independent media to control the story because they can…because editors no longer demand their reporters, journalists, commentators go out and discover the story. The examples are countless…PED's in all sports, alcohol in the Sox dugout, Kobe Bryant raping a woman…ditto Ben Rothlesberger, Michael Jordan's gambling, Frank McCourt's lack of financial wherewithal when he bought the Dodgers, NBA refs, NFL injury reports…etc. No accountability because the media covering missed these stories. Did you hear about the baseball writer who was fired because he knew about the PED problem in baseball going back to 1994 and did not report on it? Me either…it did not happen. Being a sports reporter is akin to being a weatherman…no one cares if you get it wrong or even make it up…look at John Tomase.

    The media got coopted a long time ago by the leagues, teams and players they cover. It is the greatest scam since organized religion. You have independent businesses getting Billions of dollars in free advertising from the purported independent watchdogs. The only people fooled are the fans. No wonder they think we are dumber than dirt.


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