So, as you can see, things look a little different around here. The design I had been using had been in place since 2008, I believe.

This is not a finished product, however. For one thing, the comment section is not working at the moment.  I’ve got a ticket in to troubleshoot that, and hopefully that will be resolved. I still need to move some things around in the sidebars and after the posts, so that will be done gradually.

I wanted a bit of a more modern look, with better fonts and to be mobile responsive, which this design is. On a desktop, this will look best on a widescreen monitor. For tablets and phones, the site should adjust to be easily readable on those platforms as well.

There’s a lot more to do, but I wanted to get the layout up and start the process of tweaking things around.

Suggestions are welcome. In lieu of comments, you can send me an old-fashioned email at, hit me up on Twitter @BruceAllen, or even text me at 603-513-2410.


Update: Comments are now working!


15 thoughts on “Changing Things Up A Little

  1. Bruce,

    Love the redesign. Its hard to make something even better but I think you have (unlike ESPNBoston’s redesign which just sucks). As a loyal follower I appreciate all the effort you put into the site. Thanks again for staying modern. It really does look great.


  2. “Tony, I’ve got no clue what Bruce is thinking here. We all know that Format is Crap, and the real issue this site needs to address are the fonts. Everyone in the league knows that Bruce repeatedly puts up fonts that are just garbage. Just garbage. Poor kerning, no serif, hard to read on dark backgrounds, I mean…. this is a professional website builder. He can’t surround his Hall of Fame HTML3 with fonts that are totally unworthy of the style sheets and expect to get page hits. Fact, not opinion.”
    “You’re absolutely right, Mike.”


  3. Didn’t we learn when Rob Bradford tried this? (Read the comments if you want some laughs)


  4. Did I wake up in an alternate universe this morning? One where Gerry Callahan is critical of how BPD handled that shooting? What planet am I on?!


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