So, has the national media figured out yet that the Patriots have plenty of good players not named Tom Brady on the roster? Think they’ve realized yet that this team is going to be pretty good (better than the Jets I would bet) this season?

A run through the pre-game shows yesterday looked this way:

On FOX, Michael Strahan pronounced that “The Patriots Were Exposed During the Super Bowl.” He said that even without the injury to Brady, the AFC was going to be wide open this season.

On CBS’ NFL Today,  Shannon Sharpe pronounced the Jets the new favorites in the AFC East, while Bill Cowher picked the Bills.

On ESPN, Keyshawn Johnson took on Tom Jackson’s assertion that the New England offense was in trouble since 95% of it was designed for Tom Brady. Jackson also said that it was a “fallacy” to believe the Patriots could get to the Super Bowl without Brady.

There was plenty of Brett Favre love on NFL Network.

Michael McCarthy says that reports of the Patriots demise were exaggerated.

Tom Curran has the motivated Patriots teaching the Jets and media a lesson.

Michael Lombardi and Pete Prisco hand out some week two grades.

With the Red Sox on TBS nationally yesterday, announcers Chip Caray and Buck Martinez had plenty to say during the game.

Michael Silver goes around the NFL in his Morning Rush.


5 thoughts on “Notes From Sunday’s Coverage

  1. … and let’s not forget the glee some people in the local media had when it looked like the Pats were going to be awful this year. There’s some unhappy people at the Globe and Herald today. Tee hee!


  2. …It’s gotten to the point where I don’t watch ANY of the pre-game shows….These ass clowns don’t “analyze” anything. They just look for the simplistic “storyline” and run with it….I mean really, “BRADY IS OUT SO PATRIOTS WILL STINK!”…how simple minded is that?…….these Pre-Game shows are basicly a bunch of LOUDMOUTHED BLOWHARDS trying to out do one-another with their USELESS PREDICTIONS, just a bunch of noise pollution……wake me up at GAMETIME


  3. I’m with you. Too much bluster and back slapping and goofiness. My fiancee hates football enough with out further antagonizing her further with the Sunday morning parade of goobers.


  4. Keyshawn Johnson is the only level-headed analyst that ESPN puts on the air. He knows his stuff and doesn’t just throw out canned assessments like the other goofballs.


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